PEAKS Studio X+ Overview (Oct. 24, 2019)

On Thursday, October 24th, the PEAKS team will be hosting a free public webinar at 10am EST/1600h CET to present a general overview of the new PEAKS Studio X+ software features.

Key areas of discussion include:

  • Spectral library generation and search
  • Spectral library, PEAKS DB, and de novo workflow
  • DeepNovo integration into PEAKS de novo sequencing
  • ID-directed label-free quantification (LFQ)
  • New quality control (QC) function
  • Improved support for DIA, SWATH, and diaPASEF

No matter how you approach the summit, PEAKS will get you to the top of your research. Upgrade to PEAKS Studio X+ for an all-in-one, vendor-neutral software package for DDA and DIA proteomics.

With the release of PEAKS X+, the PEAKS Studio software includes support for spectral library searching which can be further integrated into the PEAKS workflow for in-depth identification.

The new PEAKS X+ spectral library search uses m/z, intensity values, normalized retention time (RT) plus ion-mobility collisional cross section data (CCS), and is designed to work with both DDA and DIA spectral library searches.

Spectral libraries generated in PEAKS are comprehensive libraries. This means that the library contains both matched and unmatched peaks, the RT information, and the associated database protein. By producing comprehensive libraries, users can easily perform further downstream analysis. Once the library is generated, configuration of the library in PEAKS Studio X+ automatically generates quality control charts for library validation.

The addition of the spectral library search to the current functions in PEAKS Studio allows users to perform their whole pipeline in one software tool, from creating a spectral library to spectral library searching, and even de novo sequencing and database searching with the remaining peptide features.

Visit the PEAKS Studio X+ webpage for more details about this and other new features.

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