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How do I load data from my SCIEX Triple TOF instrument?

SCIEX TripleTOF (i.e. 5600) data can be loaded directly into PEAKS provided the SCIEX MS Data Converter is installed on the same computer as PEAKS. Click here to download the SCIEX MS Data Converter.

Select the SCIEX MS Data Converter and follow the install wizard to install the software on your computer. Once it is installed:

  • Open PEAKS
  • Go to Preferences -> AB(.wiff)
  • Select AB SCIEX Data Converter
  • Use the browse button to find the location of the AB_SCIEX_MS_Converter.exe file on your computer.
  • Click OK and you will be able to load the wiff files into PEAKS automatically

For instructions on how to load your data (after it has been extracted) into PEAKS click here or see the PEAKS User Manual.