Shelly Kalaora


I would like to export for each identified peptide (DB search) the MS/MS fragmentation information, meaning the b and y ions that match to this peptide. I saw that in the export option you can download the figures with the fermentation but didn’t found any option to get it as text.
Can you please direct me to this option?


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    Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

    Hello Shelly,

    Thank you for using PEAKS. You can get that information in an export. To do that, go to the summary view, click 'export', then go to 'text formats', and select 'peptide-spectrum match ions'. That will give you all the matched fragment ions for each spectrum along with other details such as the mass error for each assignment. If you have any more questions about PEAKS I'll be happy to help.

    Kind regards,
    Dan Maloney
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