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Dear all,

I’m a new user of PEAKS and I have a question regarding mutation filtering. I run a search to identify mutations in a purified protein and upon analysis I see that the major filter playing a role in the identification of mutation is using either minimal intensity or minimal Ascore. Given that I would like to identify only very robustly identified mutations because I need to produce this protein, which filter would you use between these two? And eventually which threshold would you use? 20% of ion intensity!? 20 as minimal Ascore?!

Thanks a lot in advance

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    Hi Gianluca,

    Thank you for your question. AScore is a score originally created for PTMs. Technically it is not designed for mutations. AScore can be used, but I recommend using ion intensity to determine the localization of a mutation. Generally speaking, a minimum ion intensity of 5% or greater is a good cutoff. This means one major fragment ion must be found with at least 5% relative intensity before the mutation site and one must be found after. If not, it is still likely that a mutation is found within the peptide. However, the location of the mutation is questionable. If you have any more questions I'll be happy to help you.

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