Anja Schwenzer


I want to use PEAKS as Viewer. When I start Peaks the “Welcome to Peaks” Window opens and I can click on “Use Peaks as viewer”. Then the a new window opens with the message “starting server” and then”Initiating UI” and then the window just freezes and nothing happens. Would be grateful if someone could help me to resolve this problem.

Many thanks.

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    Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.


    Thank you for your interest in PEAKS. This may be a permission issue. Can you try right-clicking on the link to start PEAKS and select 'run as administrator'? If that doesn't work, can you send me an email? We can try some other troubleshooting options. My address is

    Kind regards,
    Dan Maloney
    Application Scientist
    519-885-8288 ex 1014