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Upcoming Webinar Topics

Over the last few years, BSI has been hosting free public webinars in the interest of demonstrating new features and versatile solutions found within our software. An additional advantage of these webinars is the ability to understand our user’s needs better.

Examples of previous topics include the following:

  • General overview of the software (de novo, database search, SPIDER, PTM, Quantification)
  • Introduction of new features after the release of a version update
  • Invited Speakers who are users themselves
  • New Methods for Post-Translational Modification Analysis by LC-MS/MS
  • Label-Free Quantification: tips for accurate determination of up/down-regulated proteins
  • SILAC Quantification: methods for confident quantification with isotopic labels
  • TMT/iTRAQ Quantification: large and small scale quantification with isobaric labels

If you have an idea of a topic which you would like to see presented, please let us know.