2008 – CASP Ranks RAPTOR 2nd

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. is proud to announce that RAPTOR, our protein structure prediction software, placed 2nd in this year’s CASP competition (CASP8). With more than 80 protein structure prediction servers and more than 100 human expert groups, the biennial CASP competition is the Olympic games of the protein structure prediction field. The object of this worldwide competition is to predict the 3D structure of a protein from a description of its contents at a molecular level. RAPTOR has participated in the CASP competition since 2002 and has consistently ranked in the top tier, indicating our commitment to a quality product. The RAPTOR software package is commercially available from Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). RAPTOR is a user-friendly program that uses three different threading engines as well as a homology modeling module derive protein structure.