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Xin, L., Qiao, R., Chen, X. et al. A streamlined platform for analyzing tera-scale DDA and DIA mass spectrometry data enables highly sensitive immunopeptidomics. Nat Commun 13, 3108 (2022).

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  • Xin, L., Qiao, R., Chen, X. et al. A streamlined platform for analyzing tera-scale DDA and DIA mass spectrometry data enables highly sensitive immunopeptidomics. Nat Commun 13, 3108 (2022).

Deep learning-enabled de novo sequencing:

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PEAKS GlycanFinder:

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Below are a collection of research papers written by users and third-party members, who cite the usage or methods present in PEAKS Software.

2024/02/22Impact of Bioinformatics Search Parameters for Peptides’ Identification and Their Post-Translational Modifications: A Case Study of Proteolysed Gelatines from Beef, Pork, and Fish2024-02-22 09:45:44
2024/02/07Comprehensive characterization and detection of nut allergens in bakery foods using Q-TOF mass spectrometry and bioinformatics2024-02-07 09:42:11
2023/12/20TOF IMS mass spectrometry-based immunopeptidomics refines tumor antigen identification2023-12-20 15:24:36
2023/12/06Proteomic and toxicological characterization of the venoms of the most enigmatic group of rattlesnakes: The long-tailed rattlesnakes2023-12-06 14:49:57
2023/11/29Some structural features of the peptide profile of myelin basic protein-hydrolyzing antibodies in schizophrenic patients2023-11-29 11:05:01
2023/10/26Isolation of Pseudomonas oleovorans Carrying Multidrug Resistance Proteins MdtA and MdtB from Wastewater2023-10-26 11:31:09
2023/10/26Novel Antioxidant Peptides from Pearl Shell Meat Hydrolysate and Their Antioxidant Activity Mechanism2023-10-26 11:30:21
2023/10/26Proteomic Fingerprint of Lung Fibrosis Progression and Response to Therapy in Bleomycin-Induced Mouse Model2023-10-26 11:25:29
2023/10/26Identification of Potential Bioactive Peptides in Sheep Milk Kefir through Peptidomic Analysis at Different Fermentation Times2023-10-26 11:25:04
2023/10/26Plasma Exosome Proteins ILK1 and CD14 Correlated with Organ-Specific Metastasis in Advanced Gastric Cancer Patients2023-10-26 10:46:38
2023/10/26Marine-Derived Bioactive Peptides Self-Assembled Multifunctional Materials: Antioxidant and Wound Healing2023-10-26 10:46:12
2023/10/26RALF peptides modulate immune response in the moss Physcomitrium patens2023-10-26 10:45:47
2023/10/26Release of an encrypted, highly potent ACE-inhibitory peptide by enzymatic hydrolysis of moth bean (Vigna aconitifolia) protein2023-10-26 10:45:26
2023/10/26A novel bacteriocin isolated from Lactobacillus plantarum W3-2 and its biological characteristics2023-10-26 10:45:05
2023/10/26Plasma enzymatic activity, proteomics and peptidomics in COVID-19-induced sepsis: A novel approach for the analysis of hemostasis2023-10-26 10:44:44
2023/10/26Activation mechanism and activity of globupain, a thermostable C11 protease from the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge hydrothermal system2023-10-26 10:44:19
2023/10/26Roles for the Synechococcus elongatus RNA-Binding Protein Rbp2 in Regulating the Circadian Clock2023-10-26 10:43:50
2023/10/26Exploring the Immunogenicity of Noncanonical HLA-I Tumor Ligands Identified through Proteogenomics2023-10-26 10:43:08
2023/10/26Preparation, identification, and inhibitory mechanism of dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitory peptides from goat milk whey protein2023-10-26 10:42:37
2023/10/26High angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activity, bioaccessibility and bioavailability of milk protein hydrolysate by commercial proteases formulated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa protease2023-10-26 10:42:19
2023/10/26In silico analysis of the interaction of de novo peptides derived from Salvia hispanica with anticancer targets 2023-10-26 10:41:55
2023/10/26Bioactive peptides derived from Radix Angelicae sinensis inhibit ferroptosis in HT22 cells through direct Keap1–Nrf2 PPI inhibition2023-10-26 10:41:20
2023/10/26The plasma degradome reflects later development of NASH fibrosis after liver transplant2023-10-26 10:40:48
2023/10/26TRIM28 modulates nuclear receptor signaling to regulate uterine function2023-10-26 10:40:15
2023/10/26IF1 ablation prevents ATP synthase oligomerization, enhances mitochondrial ATP turnover and promotes an adenosine-mediated pro-inflammatory phenotype2023-10-26 10:39:54
2023/10/26Organic Matrix Derived from Host–Microbe Interplay Contributes to Pathological Renal Biomineralization2023-10-26 10:37:38
2023/10/26Quantitative Acetylomics Reveals Substrates of Lysine Acetyltransferase GCN5 in Adult and Aging Drosophila2023-10-26 10:37:12
2023/10/26Detection of Known and Novel Small Proteins in Pseudomonas stutzeri Using a Combination of Bottom-Up and Digest-Free Proteomics and Proteogenomics2023-10-26 10:36:28
2023/10/26Exploring the potential of katsuobushi grounds as a source of bioactive peptides through fermentation with Aspergillus sydowii2023-10-26 10:36:05
2023/10/26Valorization of soursop (Annona muricata) seeds as alternative oil and protein source using novel de-oiling and protein extraction techniques2023-10-26 10:35:38
2023/10/26Anti-inflammatory therapeutic biomarkers identified of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell therapy on aging mice by serum proteomics and peptidomics study2023-10-26 10:35:11
2023/10/26Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor and galectin-3-binding protein are raised in biliary atresia: Reveals a proteomic-based study2023-10-26 10:34:43
2023/10/26Contribution of whey protein denaturation to the in vitro digestibility, biological activity and peptide profile of milk protein concentrate2023-10-26 10:34:08
2023/10/26Surface adsorption properties of peptides produced by non-optimum pH pepsinolysis of proteins: A combined experimental and self-consistent-field calculation study2023-10-26 10:33:40
2023/10/26Immunoglobulin repertoire restriction characterizes the serological responses of patients with predominantly antibody deficiency2023-10-26 10:33:00
2023/10/26Extraction and characterization of polysaccharide from fermented mycelia of Coriolus versicolor and its efficacy for treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease2023-10-26 10:32:08
2023/10/26The redox-sensing mechanism of Agrobacterium tumefaciens NieR as a thiol-based oxidation sensor for hypochlorite stress2023-10-26 10:31:37
2023/10/26A multi-centre peptidomics investigation of food digesta: current state of the art in mass spectrometry analysis and data visualisation2023-10-26 10:30:57
2023/10/26Meat and plant-based meat analogs: Nutritional profile and in vitro digestion comparison2023-10-26 10:30:32
2023/10/26A screening strategy for identifying umami peptides with multiple bioactivities from Stropharia rugosoannulata using in silico approaches and SPR sensing2023-10-26 10:30:10
2023/10/26Relationship between peptides and the change in quality characteristics of beef strip loin (M. longissimus lumborum) and tenderloin (M. psoas major)2023-10-26 10:29:44
2023/10/26Comparison of the generation of α-glucosidase inhibitory peptides derived from prolamins of raw and cooked foxtail millet: In vitro activity, de novo sequencing, and in silico docking2023-10-26 10:29:15
2023/10/26A pseudotargeted peptidomics strategy for screening natural signature peptides in animal-derived drugs: Taking Pheretima as a case2023-10-26 10:28:49
2023/10/26Proteomic analysis of the responses to chelerythrine in the fungal pathogen Ustilaginoidea virens2023-10-26 10:28:11
2023/10/26Fabrication of Insoluble Elastin by Enzyme-Free Cross-Linking2023-10-26 10:27:41
2023/10/26Monoclonal antibody-based systematic identification of SUMO1-modification sites reveals TFII-I SUMOylation is involved in tumor growth2023-10-26 10:27:14
2023/09/08Two Novel Mosquitocidal Peptides Isolated from the Venom of the Bahia Scarlet Tarantula (Lasiodora klugi)2023-09-08 10:11:08
2023/09/08Crude Enzyme Concentrate of Filamentous Fungus Hydrolyzed Chitosan to Obtain Oligomers of Different Sizes2023-09-08 10:10:29
2023/09/08Dietary Supplementation with Boswellia serrata, Verbascum thapsus, and Curcuma longa in Show Jumping Horses: Effects on Serum Proteome, Antioxidant Status, and Anti-Inflammatory Gene Expression2023-09-08 10:10:03
2023/09/08Nisin S, a Novel Nisin Variant Produced by Ligilactobacillus salivarius P1CEA32023-09-08 10:09:22
2023/09/08Peptidomics as a Tool to Assess the Cleavage of Wine Haze Proteins by Peptidases from Drosophila suzukii Larvae2023-09-08 10:08:13
2023/09/08Proteomic and Global DNA Methylation Modulation in Lipid Metabolism Disorders with a Marine-Derived Bioproduct2023-09-08 10:07:44
2023/09/08Insight into Antioxidant Activity and Peptide Profile of Jinhua Ham Broth Peptides at Different Cooking Times2023-09-08 10:07:07
2023/09/08A Study on the Protein Composition of Dry Blood Spots of Healthy Volunteers in an Experiment with Hypomagnetic Conditions2023-09-08 10:06:46
2023/09/08Investigating the effects of arginine methylation inhibitors on microdissected brain tumour biopsies maintained in a miniaturised perfusion system2023-09-08 10:06:27
2023/09/08Myosin heavy chain-derived peptide of Gadus morhua promotes proliferation and differentiation in osteoblasts and bone formation and maintains bone homeostasis in ovariectomized mice2023-09-08 10:06:07
2023/09/08Shotgun proteomics identification of proteins expressed in the Descemet’s membrane of patients with Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy2023-09-08 10:05:44
2023/09/08Combination of Lactobacillus fermentum NS9 and aronia anthocyanidin extract alleviates sodium iodate-induced retina degeneration2023-09-08 10:02:13
2023/09/08Spiders’ digestive system as a source of trypsin inhibitors: functional activity of a member of atracotoxin structural family2023-09-08 10:01:36
2023/09/08DeepFLR facilitates false localization rate control in phosphoproteomics2023-09-08 10:01:17
2023/09/08Cerebrospinal Fluid and Brain Proteoforms of the Granin Neuropeptide Family in Alzheimer’s Disease2023-09-08 10:00:57
2023/09/08Identification of a Novel Post-digestion Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptide from Silver Prussian Carp (Carassius auratusgibelio) Roe2023-09-08 10:00:25
2023/09/08Identification of Cross-Species Marker Peptides for the Detection of Mammalian and Poultry Meat in Vegan and Vegetarian Foods2023-09-08 09:59:39
2023/09/08Novel Hypocholesterolemic Peptides Derived from Silver Carp Muscle: The Modulatory Effects on Enterohepatic Cholesterol Metabolism In Vitro and In Vivo2023-09-08 09:59:20
2023/09/08Effect of Nitric Oxide and Its Induced Protein S-Nitrosylation on the Structures and In Vitro Digestion Properties of Beef Myofibrillar Protein2023-09-08 09:59:00
2023/09/08Using mass spectrometry to identify neoantigens in autoimmune diseases: The type 1 diabetes example2023-09-08 09:58:37
2023/09/08Proline hydroxylase 2 (PHD2) promotes brown adipose thermogenesis by enhancing the hydroxylation of UCP12023-09-08 09:58:13
2023/09/08Mode of action of antifouling compound albofungin in inhibiting barnacle larval settlement2023-09-08 09:57:19
2023/09/08Isolation and characterization of the first phosphodiesterase (Bj-PDE) from the venom of Bothrops jararacussu snake2023-09-08 09:56:58
2023/09/08Production and identification of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides from discarded cowhide collagen2023-09-08 09:56:25
2023/09/08Antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of bioactive peptides from soursop (Annona muricata) leaf biomass2023-09-08 09:55:34
2023/09/08Comparative Study of Different Protein Extraction Technologies Applied on Mushrooms By-products2023-09-08 09:55:12
2023/09/08Nitration of Tyrosine and Tyrosyl Residues in Myoglobin by the Action of Visible Light in the Presence of Riboflavin and Nitrite2023-09-08 09:54:53
2023/09/08Turnover of the extracellular polymeric matrix of granules performing biological phosphate removal2023-09-08 09:54:10
2023/09/08Immunoaffinity extraction followed by enzymatic digestion for the isolation and identification of proteins employing automated μSPE reactors and mass spectrometry2023-09-08 09:53:45
2023/09/08Quantitative assessment confirms deep proteome analysis by integrative top–down proteomics2023-09-08 09:53:17
2023/07/26Simulated in vitro digestion of α-lactalbumin modified by phosphorylation: Detection of digestive products and allergenicity2023-07-26 14:31:18
2023/07/17Contribution of Proteins and Peptides to the Impact of a Soy Protein Isolate on Oxidative Stress and Inflammation-Associated Biomarkers in an Innate Immune Cell Model2023-07-17 09:25:11
2023/07/17Purification, Identification, and Inhibitory Mechanisms of a Novel ACE Inhibitory Peptide from Torreya grandis2023-07-17 09:21:21
2023/07/17Fangs in the Ghats: Preclinical Insights into the Medical Importance of Pit Vipers from the Western Ghats2023-07-17 09:20:57
2023/07/17Preparation and activity evaluation of angiotensin-I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from protein hydrolysate of mulberry leaf2023-07-17 09:20:00
2023/07/17Characterization of the biochemical activity and tumor-promoting role of the dual protein methyltransferase METL-13/METTL13 in Caenorhabditis elegans2023-07-17 09:19:39
2023/07/17Fam20c regulates the calpain proteolysis system through phosphorylating Calpasatatin to maintain cell homeostasis2023-07-17 09:19:18
2023/07/17Salivary proteins offer insights into keratinocyte death during aphthous stomatitis. A case-crossover study2023-07-17 09:18:41
2023/07/17LINC00659 Inhibits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Malignant Progression by Blocking Aerobic Glycolysis through FUS Recruitment and SLC10A1 Modulation2023-07-17 09:18:05
2023/07/17K235 acetylation couples with PSPC1 to regulate the m6A demethylation activity of ALKBH5 and tumorigenesis2023-07-17 09:17:38
2023/07/17Global Neuropeptidome Profiling in Response to Predator Stress in Rat: Implications for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder2023-07-17 09:17:10
2023/07/17Reduced Allergenicity of Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) by Altering the Protein Fold, Digestion Susceptibility, and Allergen Epitopes2023-07-17 09:16:48
2023/07/17Identification of Novel Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitory Peptides in Chickpea Protein Hydrolysates2023-07-17 09:16:26
2023/07/17A peptide of PilZ domain-containing protein controls wastewater-treatment-membrane biofouling by inducing bacterial attachment2023-07-17 09:14:14
2023/07/17Click chemistry-based thiol redox proteomics reveals significant cysteine reduction induced by chronic ethanol consumption2023-07-17 09:03:07
2023/07/17Valorization of bioethanol by-products to produce unspecific peroxygenase with Agrocybe aegerita: Technological and proteomic perspectives2023-07-17 09:02:21
2023/07/17Identification of umami peptides from Wuding chicken by Nano-HPLC-MS/MS and insights into the umami taste mechanisms2023-07-17 09:01:47
2023/07/17Multi-omics analysis provides insights intro lysine accumulation in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) sprouts2023-07-17 09:01:22
2023/07/17Oxidation and side-chain modifications decrease gastrointestinal digestibility and transport of proteins from salted bighead carp fillets after frozen storage2023-07-17 09:00:57
2023/07/17Identification and characterisation of taste-enhancing peptides from oysters (Crassostrea gigas) via the Maillard reaction2023-07-17 09:00:31
2023/07/17Tuna trimmings (Thunnas albacares) hydrolysate alleviates immune stress and intestinal mucosal injury during chemotherapy on mice and identification of potentially active peptides2023-07-17 09:00:05
2023/07/17Discovery of species-specific peptide markers and development of quality-evaluation strategies for deer horn gelatin using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and a label-free methodology2023-07-17 08:59:30
2023/07/17Metalloenzymes play major roles to achieve high-rate nitrogen removal in N-damo communities: Lessons from metaproteomics2023-07-17 08:59:10
2023/07/17A snapshot of Bothrops jararaca snake venom gland subcellular proteome2023-07-17 08:58:49
2023/07/17Development and systematic evaluation of decellularization protocols in different application models for diaphragmatic tissue engineering2023-07-17 08:58:17
2023/07/17Identification and quantification of degradome components in human synovial fluid reveals an increased proteolytic activity in knee osteoarthritis patients vs controls2023-07-17 08:57:30
2023/07/17Quantification of peptide components in cinobufacini injection and toad skin by Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry2023-07-17 08:57:10
2023/07/17Overexpression of RAB31 in gastric cancer is associated with released exosomes and increased tumor cell invasion and metastasis2023-07-17 08:56:45
2023/07/17Characterisation of the E. coli HMS174 and BLR host cell proteome to guide purification process development2023-07-17 08:56:04
2023/07/11Contamination of aquatic environment with anticancer reagents influences Daphnia magna – Ecotoxicogenomics approach2023-07-11 12:41:14
2023/07/05Mistranslation of the genetic code by a new family of bacterial transfer RNAs2023-07-05 13:04:35
2023/06/21Next-Generation Sequencing for Venomics: Application of Multi-Enzymatic Limited Digestion for Inventorying the Snake Venom Arsenal2023-06-21 09:22:47
2023/06/21Mass-Spectrometry-Based Lipidome and Proteome Profiling of Hottentotta saulcyi (Scorpiones: Buthidae) Venom2023-06-21 09:22:26
2023/06/21Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Ejiao-Related Animal Gelatins through Peptide Markers Using LC-QTOF-MS/MS and Scheduled Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) by LC-QQQ-MS/MS2023-06-21 09:22:06
2023/06/21Cottonseed Meal Protein Isolate as a New Source of Alternative Proteins: A Proteomics Perspective2023-06-21 09:21:43
2023/06/21Molecular Docking Revealed the Potential Anti-Oxidative Stress Mechanism of the Walnut Polypeptide on HT22 Cells2023-06-21 09:21:15
2023/06/21Novel Plant-Protein (Quinoa) Derived Bioactive Peptides with Potential Anti-Hypercholesterolemic Activities: Identification, Characterization and Molecular Docking of Bioactive Peptides2023-06-21 09:19:03
2023/06/21In-Silico Analysis and Antidiabetic Effect of α-Amylase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Peptides from Lupin Protein Hydrolysate: Enzyme-Peptide Interaction Study Using Molecular Docking Approach2023-06-21 09:18:30
2023/06/21Proteomics of the Oomycete Phytophthora parasitica Strain INRA 3102023-06-21 09:18:00
2023/06/21Biomarkers of Response to Low-Dose Aspirin in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Patients2023-06-21 09:17:37
2023/06/21Quantitative metaproteomics reveals composition and metabolism characteristics of microbial communities in Chinese liquor fermentation starters2023-06-21 09:17:03
2023/06/21Fibronectin leucine-rich transmembrane protein 2 drives monocyte differentiation into macrophages via the UNC5B-Akt/mTOR axis2023-06-21 09:16:28
2023/06/21Localized ablative immunotherapy drives de novo CD8+ T-cell responses to poorly immunogenic tumors2023-06-21 09:16:03
2023/06/21Proteomics and immunoblotting analyses reveal antigens that optimize the immunodiagnosis of the infection by Toxocara spp2023-06-21 09:15:26
2023/06/21Sulfide promotes tolerance to drought through protein persulfidation in Arabidopsis 2023-06-21 09:15:03
2023/06/21Salivary peptidome analysis and protease prediction during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances2023-06-21 09:13:57
2023/06/21The U2AF65/circNCAPG/RREB1 feedback loop promotes malignant phenotypes of glioma stem cells through activating the TGF-β pathway2023-06-21 09:13:30
2023/06/21Molecular Mechanism of Organic Pollutant-Induced Reduction of Carbon Fixation and Biomass Yield in Oryza sativa L.2023-06-21 09:12:56
2023/06/21Unlocking the bioactivity of meat proteins: Comparison of meat and meat hydrolysate via simulated gastrointestinal digestion2023-06-21 09:12:35
2023/06/21PROTREC: A probability-based approach for recovering missing proteins based on biological networks2023-06-21 09:09:54
2023/06/21Novel hemoglobin-derived xanthine oxidase inhibitory peptides: Enzymatic preparation and inhibition mechanisms2023-06-21 09:09:28
2023/06/21Successive extraction using natural deep eutectic solvents and pressurized liquids for a greener and holistic recovery of proteins from pomegranate seeds2023-06-21 09:09:09
2023/06/21Changes in chemical composition and antioxidant activity of royal jelly produced at different floral periods during migratory beekeeping2023-06-21 09:08:42
2023/06/21A novel bacteriocin RSQ01 with antibacterial activity and its application and metabolomic mechanism in milk preservation2023-06-21 09:08:21
2023/06/21A semi-rational mutagenesis approach for improved substrate activity of microbial transglutaminase2023-06-21 09:07:54
2023/06/21Novel antihypertensive peptides from lupin protein hydrolysate: An in-silico identification and molecular docking studies2023-06-21 09:07:33
2023/06/21Isolation, identification and characterization of a novel antimicrobial peptide from Moringa oleifera seeds based on affinity adsorption2023-06-21 09:07:05
2023/06/21Exploration of corn distillers solubles from selective milling technology as a novel source of plant-based ACE inhibitory protein hydrolysates2023-06-21 09:06:24
2023/06/21Snapshot of proteomic changes in Aspergillus oryzae during various stages of fermentative processing of pea protein isolate2023-06-21 09:05:58
2023/06/21Proteolytic ectodomain shedding of muscle-specific tyrosine kinase in myasthenia gravis2023-06-21 09:05:31
2023/06/21Phosphorylation of interferon regulatory factor 9 (IRF9)2023-06-21 09:04:44
2023/06/21Batroxin I: A Novel Bradykinin-Potentiating Peptide with Cytotoxic Activity Isolated from Bothrops atrox Snake Venom2023-06-21 09:04:03
2023/06/21Proteomic analysis of the excretory-secretory products from Strongyloides venezuelensis infective larvae: new insights for the immunodiagnosis of human strongyloidiasis2023-06-21 09:03:40
2023/06/21Identification of peptides of cinobufacini by gel filter chromatography and peptidomics2023-06-21 09:02:59
2023/06/14Modification of the structural stability of human serum albumin in rheumatoid arthritis2023-06-14 09:41:42
2023/05/11Analysis of Ku70 S155 Phospho-Specific BioID2 Interactome Identifies Ku Association with TRIP12 in Response to DNA Damage2023-05-11 09:26:56
2023/05/11Identification of Novel Peptides with Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) Activating Ability in Chickpea Protein Hydrolysates2023-05-11 09:26:30
2023/05/11Optimization of Coconut Milk Kefir Beverage by RSM and Screening of Its Metabolites and Peptides2023-05-11 09:26:00
2023/05/11Frequent use of IGHV3-30-3 in SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody responses2023-05-11 09:25:41
2023/05/11Integration of proteomic and metabolomic analyses: New insights for mapping informal workers exposed to potentially toxic elements2023-05-11 09:25:15
2023/05/11Identification and virtual screening of novel anti-inflammatory peptides from broccoli fermented by Lactobacillus strains2023-05-11 09:24:52
2023/05/11Complete genome assembly and methylome dissection of Methanococcus aeolicus PL15/Hp2023-05-11 09:24:33
2023/05/11Isolated anti-Ro52 identifies a severe subset of Sjögren’s syndrome patients2023-05-11 09:24:05
2023/05/11Translatome analyses by bio-orthogonal non-canonical amino acid labeling reveal that MR1-activated MAIT cells induce an M1 phenotype and antiviral programming in antigen-presenting monocytes2023-05-11 09:23:39
2023/05/11Altered ureido protein modification profiles in seminal plasma extracellular vesicles of non-normozoospermic men2023-05-11 09:23:18
2023/05/11Anchovy’s protein as a potential precursor of Angiotensin-I Converting Enzyme(ACE) inhibitory peptide and Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitorypeptide by an in silico approach2023-05-11 09:22:41
2023/05/11Three novel umami peptides derived from the alcohol extract of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas): Identification, characterizations and interactions with T1R1/T1R3 taste receptors2023-05-11 09:20:55
2023/05/11Crotonylation of GAPDH regulates human embryonic stem cell endodermal lineage differentiation and metabolic switch2023-05-11 09:20:19
2023/05/11Novel lncRNA AL033381.2 Promotes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression by Upregulating PRKRA Expression2023-05-11 09:19:42
2023/05/11Heterologous expression of the lectin CmRlec from Cordyceps militaris (Cordycipitaceae, Ascomycota) in Escherichia coli2023-05-11 09:19:13
2023/05/11The mechanism of chronic unpredictable mild stress induced high blood pressure in rats: a proteomic and targeted metabolomic analysis2023-05-11 09:18:46
2023/05/11Purification and activity evaluation of novel anti-inflammatory peptides from pearl oyster (Pinctada martensii) hydrolysates2023-05-11 09:18:23
2023/05/11Multi-omics analyses of the ulcerative colitis gut microbiome link Bacteroides vulgatus proteases with disease severity2023-05-11 09:17:57
2023/05/11Identification of Binding Sites in the Nucleotide-Binding Domain of P-Glycoprotein for a Potent and Nontoxic Modulator, the Amine-Containing Monomeric Flavonoid FM042023-05-11 09:17:32
2023/05/11Purification, Identification, and Mechanistic Investigation of Novel Selenium-Enriched Antioxidant Peptides from Moringa oleifera Seeds2023-05-11 09:17:09
2023/05/11Casein calcium-binding peptides: Preparation, characterization, and promotion of calcium uptake in Caco-2 cell monolayers2023-05-11 09:16:47
2023/05/11Benchmarking Bioinformatics Pipelines in Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry for Immunopeptidomics2023-05-11 09:16:25
2023/05/11Mechanism study on enhanced emulsifying properties of phosvitin and calcium-binding capacity of its phosphopeptides by lactic acid bacteria fermentation2023-05-11 09:15:57
2023/05/11Corn gluten meal peptides inhibit prolyl oligopeptidase and modulate α-synuclein aggregation in KCl-treated SH-SY5Y cells2023-05-11 09:13:03
2023/05/11Insights into Ionic liquids-resistance mechanism and lignocellulose-degradation model of Aspergillus terreus in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate2023-05-11 09:12:39
2023/05/11Mining of kokumi peptides in chicken broth with peptidomics2023-05-11 09:12:12
2023/05/11Delactosed permeate as a source for extracting oligosaccharides and peptides: compositional variation and processing strategies2023-05-11 09:11:48
2023/05/11Differential effects of milk proteins on amino acid digestibility, post-prandial nitrogen utilization and intestinal peptide profiles in rats2023-05-11 09:11:16
2023/05/11Identification and application of species-specific peptide biomarkers from soft-shelled turtles (Pelodiscus sinensis) using post-translational modification detection-based peptidomics analysis2023-05-11 09:10:34
2023/05/11Nutritional composition, ultrastructural characterization, and peptidome profile of antioxidant hemp protein hydrolysates2023-05-11 09:10:06
2023/05/11Effects of protease-assisted aqueous extraction on almond protein profile, digestibility, and antigenicity2023-05-11 09:09:34
2023/05/11Behavioural, genomics and proteomic approach to examine Alzheimer’s disease in zebrafish2023-05-11 09:09:02
2023/05/11The anti-melanogenic properties of Swietenia macrophylla king2023-05-11 09:08:32
2023/05/11Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) reduces pulmonary endothelial dysfunction and inflammation due to changes in protein expression during exposure to particulate matter air pollution2023-05-11 09:07:46
2023/05/11Proteomic analysis of the hepatopancreas of Exopalaemon carinicauda in response to Metschnikowia bicuspidate infection2023-05-11 09:06:42
2023/05/11Connection of Dried Blood Spot Proteomic Composition Dynamics and Heart Rate Variability in 3-day Female Dry Immersion2023-05-11 09:06:18
2023/05/11Proteomic Profiling Reveals Specific Molecular Hallmarks of the Pig Claustrum2023-05-11 09:05:55
2023/05/11Discovery of Elaphuri Davidiani Cornu–specific peptide biomarkers by peptidomics analysis–based method2023-05-11 09:05:28
2023/04/20Therapeutic Vaccines Targeting Neoantigens to Induce T-Cell Immunity against Cancers2023-04-20 11:25:56
2023/04/20Identification of a Novel ACE Inhibitory Hexapeptide from Camellia Seed Cake and Evaluation of Its Stability2023-04-20 11:25:35
2023/04/20Complementarity determining regions in SARS-CoV-2 hybrid immunity2023-04-20 11:25:15
2023/04/20Protein profiling of forehead epidermal corneocytes distinguishes frontal fibrosing from androgenetic alopecia2023-04-20 11:24:53
2023/04/20PAD-2-mediated citrullination of nucleophosmin provides an effective target for tumor immunotherapy2023-04-20 11:24:36
2023/04/20Isolation, identification and characterization of taste peptides from fermented broad bean paste2023-04-20 11:23:50
2023/04/20The effect of calcium–magnesium mixtures in sol–gel coatings on bone tissue regeneration2023-04-20 11:23:31
2023/04/20A genetic platform to investigate the functions of bacterial drug efflux pumps2023-04-20 11:23:03
2023/04/20Extraction and Characterization of Protein Concentrates from Limpets (Patella vulgata) and Peptide Release Following Gastrointestinal Digestion2023-04-20 11:22:41
2023/04/20Cyanobacterial Phycobilisome Allostery as Revealed by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry2023-04-20 11:17:29
2023/04/20Identification of Pinelliae Rhizoma and its counterfeit species based on enzymatic signature peptides from toxic proteins2023-04-20 11:17:07
2023/04/20Mass Spectrometry–Driven Discovery of Neuropeptides Mediating Nictation Behavior of Nematodes2023-04-20 11:16:25
2023/04/20Discovery Of Increased Production Of Histone Variant H3.3 And Characterization Of Its Associated Post-Translational Modifications In Osteoarthritis2023-04-20 11:16:04
2023/04/20Identification, molecular docking, and kinetic studies of six novel angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides derived from Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) seed2023-04-20 11:15:39
2023/04/20Isolation, taste characterization and molecular docking study of novel umami peptides from Lactarius volemus (Fr.)2023-04-20 11:15:11
2023/04/20Generation of novel antioxidant peptides from silver carp muscle hydrolysate: Gastrointestinal digestion stability and transepithelial absorption property2023-04-20 11:14:45
2023/04/20Effects of short-term hyposalinity stress on four commercially important bivalves: A proteomic perspective2023-04-20 11:14:23
2023/04/20De novo assisted AFB1-Specific monoclonal antibody sequence assembly and comprehensive molecular characterization2023-04-20 11:13:59
2023/04/03Evaluation of the proteomic landscape of HPV E7‑induced alterations in human keratinocytes reveal therapeutically relevant pathways for cervical cancer2023-04-03 10:03:54
2023/04/03Revealing Natural Intracellular Peptides in Gills of Seahorse Hippocampus reidi2023-04-03 10:03:29
2023/04/03Plasma Proteomic Changes of Atherosclerosis after Exercise in ApoE Knockout Mice2023-04-03 10:03:09
2023/04/03Proteomic Characterization of Dry Blood Spots of Healthy Women During Simulation the Microgravity Effects Using Dry Immersion2023-04-03 10:02:45
2023/04/03Gastrointestinal Stability and Cytotoxicity of Bacteriocins From Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria: A Comparative in vitro Study2023-04-03 10:02:10
2023/04/03Selenium-enriched peptides isolated from Cardamine violifolia are potent in suppressing proliferation and enhancing apoptosis of HepG2 cells2023-04-03 10:01:49
2023/04/03An angled-shape tip-based strategy for highly sensitive proteomic profiling of a low number of cells2023-04-03 10:01:22
2023/04/03Quantifying In Situ Structural Stabilities of Human Blood Plasma Proteins Using a Novel Iodination Protein Stability Assay2023-04-03 10:00:56
2023/04/03Revealing the Secret of Umami Taste of Peptides Derived from Fermented Broad Bean Paste2023-04-03 10:00:30
2023/04/03Pulsed Electric Field-Assisted Alcalase Treatment Reduces the Allergenicity and Eliminates the Antigenic Epitopes of Ovomucoid2023-04-03 10:00:12
2023/04/03Two Novel Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory Peptides from Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bran Protein2023-04-03 09:59:53
2023/04/03Proteomic and Biochemical Evidence Involving Root Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Modification, Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle, and Glutathione Metabolism in Cultivar-Dependent Cd Accumulation of Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica)2023-04-03 09:59:29
2023/04/03mNeuCode Empowers Targeted Proteome Analysis of Arginine Dimethylation2023-04-03 09:59:09
2023/04/03Evaluating Peptide Fragment Ion Detection Using Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Signal-Enhanced MSE (SEMSE)2023-04-03 09:58:49
2023/04/03Looking for lipases and lipolytic organisms in low-temperature anaerobic reactors treating domestic wastewater2023-04-03 09:58:27
2023/04/03Tacrolimus-resistant SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell products to prevent and treat severe COVID-19 in immunosuppressed patients2023-04-03 09:58:05
2023/04/03In vitro-in silico screening strategy and mechanism of angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from α-lactalbumin2023-04-03 09:57:33
2023/04/03The role of starch granule-associated proteins in enhancing the strength of indica rice starch gels2023-04-03 09:57:10
2023/04/03Co-metabolic biodegradation of structurally discrepant dyestuffs by Klebsiella sp. KL-1: A molecular mechanism with regards to the differential responsiveness2023-04-03 09:56:51
2023/04/03Stable production of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain in mammalian cells with co-expression of a fluorescent reporter and its validation as antigenic target for COVID-19 serology testing2023-04-03 09:56:24
2023/04/03Regeneration of vascular endothelium with early proatherogenic changes induced by bacterial components in the presence of high fat substances2023-04-03 09:55:53
2023/04/03Increased RAAS activation is associated with calcified plaque burden, adverse plaque characteristics and FFR significant coronary artery disease2023-04-03 09:55:33
2023/04/03Immunoproteomics approach for the discovery of antigens applied to the diagnosis of canine visceral leishmaniasis2023-04-03 09:55:11
2023/04/03Using multi-omics approach to investigate the effect of a moon soil simulant on Vigna radiata seedling root and shoot growth, stress responses, and photosynthesis2023-04-03 09:54:46
2023/04/03Combination of mathematics and label-free proteomics for discovering keratin-derived specific peptide biomarkers to distinguish animal horn-derived traditional Chinese medicines2023-04-03 09:54:10
2023/03/29GIP_HUMAN[22–51] is a new proatherogenic peptide identified by native plasma peptidomics2023-03-29 14:26:41
2023/03/09An Efficient Peptidomics Screening for Exogenous Substrates and Inhibitory Peptides of the Dipeptidase ACE from Milk Hydrolysate2023-03-09 09:04:26
2023/03/09Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes Reprogram Macrophages toward an Inflammatory Phenotype2023-03-09 09:04:04
2023/03/09Identification of ACE I-Inhibitory Peptides Released by the Hydrolysis of Tub Gurnard (Chelidonichthys lucerna) Skin Proteins and the Impact of Their In Silico Gastrointestinal Digestion2023-03-09 09:03:45
2023/03/09Investigation of Protein Corona Formed around Biologically Produced Gold Nanoparticles2023-03-09 09:03:26
2023/03/09Isolation and Identification of Lipid-Lowering Peptides from Sacha Inchi Meal2023-03-09 09:03:04
2023/03/09Oxidative Stress Amelioration of Novel Peptides Extracted from Enzymatic Hydrolysates of Chinese Pecan Cake2023-03-09 09:02:40
2023/03/09Optimization and Molecular Mechanism of Novel α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Peptides Derived from Camellia Seed Cake through Enzymatic Hydrolysis2023-03-09 09:02:21
2023/03/09Structural Property, Immunoreactivity and Gastric Digestion Characteristics of Glycated Parvalbumin from Mandarin Fish (Siniperca chuaisi) during Microwave-Assisted Maillard Reaction2023-03-09 09:02:02
2023/03/09Proteomic Profile of M. longissimus thoracis from Commercial Lambs Reared in Different Forage Systems2023-03-09 09:01:43
2023/03/09Systemic Biomarkers and Unique Pathways in Different Phenotypes of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction2023-03-09 09:01:24
2023/03/09ITRAQ-Based Proteomic Analysis of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Spikes in Response to Tilletia controversa Kühn and Tilletia foetida Kühn Infection, Causal Organisms of Dwarf Bunt and Common Bunt of Wheat2023-03-09 09:01:04
2023/03/09Sex-Dependent Responses to Maternal Exposure to PM2.5 in the Offspring2023-03-09 09:00:40
2023/03/09Stings on wings: Proteotranscriptomic and biochemical profiling of the lesser banded hornet (Vespa affinis) venom2023-03-09 09:00:19
2023/03/09Identification and antioxidative mechanism of novel mitochondria-targeted MFG-E8 polypeptides in virtual screening and in vitro study2023-03-09 08:59:55
2023/03/09Proteomics-based diagnostic peptide discovery for severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome virus in patients2023-03-09 08:59:36
2023/03/09Aqueous Lumican Correlates with Central Retinal Thickness in Patients with Idiopathic Epiretinal Membrane: A Proteome Study2023-03-09 08:58:39
2023/03/09Identification of neoantigens in oesophageal adenocarcinoma2023-03-09 08:58:13
2023/03/09Tumour-associated antigenic peptides are present in the HLA class I ligandome of cancer cell line derived extracellular vesicles2023-03-09 08:57:40
2023/03/09Comparative proteome analysis of different Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains during growth on sucrose and glucose2023-03-09 08:57:22
2023/03/09Metal-induced oxidative stress and human plasma protein oxidation after SARS-CoV-2 infection2023-03-09 08:57:02
2023/03/09Measurements of heterogeneity in proteomics analysis of the nanoparticle protein corona across core facilities2023-03-09 08:56:35
2023/03/09Active conformation of the p97-p47 unfoldase complex2023-03-09 08:56:16
2023/03/09The Parallel Reaction Monitoring-Parallel Accumulation–Serial Fragmentation (prm-PASEF) Approach for Multiplexed Absolute Quantitation of Proteins in Human Plasma2023-03-09 08:55:55
2023/03/09Biological characterization of bristle extract of Lonomia descimoni caterpillar (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae) and effectiveness of Lonomia antivenom to neutralize experimental envenomation in rats2023-03-09 08:55:18
2023/03/09Improving Statistical Certainty of Glycosylation Similarity between Influenza A Virus Variants Using Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry2023-03-09 08:54:56
2023/03/09Biofilm formation risk assessment for psychrotrophic Pseudomonas in raw milk by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry2023-03-09 08:54:31
2023/03/09Identification and Quantification of Degradome Components in Synovial Fluid2023-03-09 08:54:07
2023/03/09Purification and characterization of a novel thermostable anticoagulant protein from medicinal leech Whitmania pigra Whitman2023-03-09 08:52:38
2023/03/09Pressurized liquids vs. high intensity focused ultrasounds for the extraction of proteins from a pomegranate seed waste2023-03-09 08:48:56
2023/03/09A rapid selection strategy for umami peptide screening based on machine learning and molecular docking2023-03-09 08:47:02
2023/03/09Identification of allergen encoding sequences in a novel food ingredient from Moringa oleifera leaves2023-03-09 08:45:49
2023/03/09Evidence for a non-fusogenic aquareovirus encoding a transmembrane protein2023-03-09 08:43:42
2023/03/09Isolation and identification of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitory peptides from Sacha inchi meal2023-03-09 08:39:26
2023/03/07Proteomic Profiling of Aqueous Humor Exosomes from Age-related Macular Degeneration Patients2023-03-07 15:18:45
2023/03/07Nosustrophine: An Epinutraceutical Bioproduct with Effects on DNA Methylation, Histone Acetylation and Sirtuin Expression in Alzheimer’s Disease2023-03-07 15:18:17
2023/03/07Screening and Molecular Mechanisms of Novel ACE-Inhibitory Peptides from Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis2023-03-07 15:17:57
2023/03/07Simultaneous Mass Spectrometric Detection of Proteins of Ten Oilseed Species in Meat Products2023-03-07 15:17:36
2023/03/07The Protective Action of Metformin against Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine-Induced Human Islet Cell Damage and the Mechanisms Involved2023-03-07 15:17:11
2023/03/07Low-Dose Anti-HIV Drug Efavirenz Mitigates Retinal Vascular Lesions in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease2023-03-07 15:16:51
2023/03/07Nascent Glycoproteome Reveals That N-Linked Glycosylation Inhibitor-1 Suppresses Expression of Glycosylated Lysosome-Associated Membrane Protein-22023-03-07 15:16:29
2023/03/07Effects of Collagen Hydrolysate From Large Hybrid Sturgeon on Mitigating Ultraviolet B-Induced Photodamage2023-03-07 15:16:08
2023/03/07Functional and structural deficiencies of Gemin5 variants associated with neurological disorders2023-03-07 15:15:46
2023/03/07HLA-A*11:01-restricted CD8+ T cell immunity against influenza A and influenza B viruses in Indigenous and non-Indigenous people2023-03-07 15:15:15
2023/03/07First comprehensive identification of cardiac proteins with putative increased O-GlcNAc levels during pressure overload hypertrophy2023-03-07 15:14:50
2023/03/07Identification of circular RNA BTBD7_hsa_circ_0000563 as a novel biomarker for coronary artery disease and the functional discovery of BTBD7_hsa_circ_0000563 based on peripheral blood mononuclear cells: a case control study2023-03-07 15:14:31
2023/03/07Comparative Genomic, Transcriptomic, and Proteomic Analysis of the Limosilactobacillus fermentum U-21 Strain Promising for the Creation of a Pharmabiotic2023-03-07 15:13:55
2023/03/07Constitutive protein kinase G activation exacerbates stress-induced cardiomyopathy2023-03-07 15:13:30
2023/03/07Evolution, Expression Patterns, and Distribution of Novel Ribbon Worm Predatory and Defensive Toxins2023-03-07 15:12:56
2023/03/07An odorant-binding protein in the elephant’s trunk is finely tuned to sex pheromone (Z)-7-dodecenyl acetate2023-03-07 15:12:36
2023/03/07Identification of Daboia siamensis venome using integrated multi-omics data2023-03-07 15:12:02
2023/03/07PAI-1 is a potential transcriptional silencer that supports bladder cancer cell activity2023-03-07 15:11:34
2023/03/07Transcriptome and proteome analysis of innate immune responses to inactivated Leptospira and bivalent Leptospira vaccines in canine 030-D cells2023-03-07 15:11:09
2023/03/07Eosinophilic esophagitis auxiliary diagnosis based on a peptide ligand to eosinophil cationic protein in esophageal mucus of pediatric patients2023-03-07 15:10:45
2023/03/07Tau modification by the norepinephrine metabolite DOPEGAL stimulates its pathology and propagation2023-03-07 15:10:23
2023/03/07Pseudouridine-modified tRNA fragments repress aberrant protein synthesis and predict leukaemic progression in myelodysplastic syndrome2023-03-07 15:10:01
2023/03/07Complex regulation of Gephyrin splicing is a determinant of inhibitory postsynaptic diversity2023-03-07 15:09:32
2023/03/07A general approach to explore prokaryotic protein glycosylation reveals the unique surface layer modulation of an anammox bacterium2023-03-07 15:09:11
2023/03/07Sensoproteomic Discovery of Taste-Modulating Peptides and Taste Re-engineering of Soy Sauce2023-03-07 15:08:49
2023/03/07Proteomic insight into the venom composition of the largest European rear-fanged snake, Malpolon monspessulanus monspessulanus2023-03-07 15:08:28
2023/03/07Venom profile of the European carpenter bee Xylocopa violacea: Evolutionary and applied considerations on its toxin components2023-03-07 15:08:05
2023/03/07MAPT genotype-dependent mitochondrial aberration and ROS production trigger dysfunction and death in cortical neurons of patients with hereditary FTLD2023-03-07 15:07:36
2023/03/07Effect of Environmental Temperatures on Proteome Composition of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium2023-03-07 15:07:14
2023/03/07Larval Exposure to Parasitic Varroa destructor Mites Triggers Specific Immune Responses in Different Honey Bee Castes and Species2023-03-07 15:06:50
2023/03/07Fibrosis resolution in the mouse liver: Role of Mmp12 and potential role of calpain 1/22023-03-07 15:06:30
2023/03/07Lake charr (Salvelinus namaycush) clotting response may act as a plasma biomarker of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) parasitism: Implications for management and wound assessment2023-03-07 15:06:10
2023/03/0716pdel lipid changes in iPSC-derived neurons and function of FAM57B in lipid metabolism and synaptogenesis2023-03-07 15:05:46
2023/03/07Whey protein hydrolysate alleviated atherosclerosis and hepatic steatosis by regulating lipid metabolism in apoE-/- mice fed a Western diet2023-03-07 15:05:28
2023/03/07Effect of sprouting on the proteome of chickpea flour and on its digestibility by ex vivo gastro-duodenal digestion complemented with jejunal brush border membrane enzymes2023-03-07 15:05:10
2023/03/07Proteomic datasets of HeLa and SiHa cell lines acquired by DDA-PASEF and diaPASEF2023-03-07 15:04:45
2023/03/07Deciphering the efficient cellulose degradation by the thermophilic fungus Myceliophthora thermophila focused on the synergistic action of glycoside hydrolases and lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases2023-03-07 15:04:05
2023/03/07Carbonic anhydrase amyloid fibrils composed of laterally associated protofilaments show reduced cytotoxicity2023-03-07 15:03:45
2023/03/07Characterization of the Proteins Secreted by Equine Muscle-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Exposed to Cartilage Explants in Osteoarthritis Model2023-03-07 15:02:39
2023/03/07Bundling the removal of emerging contaminants with the production of ligninolytic enzymes from residual streams2023-03-07 15:01:52
2023/03/07Comparative interactome analysis of the PRE DNA-binding factors: purification of the Combgap-, Zeste-, Psq-, and Adf1-associated proteins2023-03-07 15:01:33
2023/03/07Identification of potential antigenic peptides of Brucella through proteome and peptidome2023-03-07 15:01:13
2023/03/07Proteomic and phosphoproteomic landscape of salivary extracellular vesicles to assess OSCC therapeutical outcomes2023-03-07 15:00:45
2023/03/07Proteomics and UHPLC-DAD-Q/Orbitrap-MS used to identify impurities in andrographolide2023-03-07 15:00:27
2023/03/07Rapid screening based on machine learning and molecular docking of umami peptides from porcine bone2023-03-07 14:59:52
2023/03/07Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of protoporphyrin IX and the safety of a protoporphyrin IX-rich algal biomass2023-03-07 14:59:22
2023/03/07Dynamics of allosteric regulation of the phospholipase C-γ isozymes upon recruitment to membranes2023-03-07 14:51:23
2023/03/07The Middle Eastern Cousin: Comparative Venomics of Daboia palaestinae and Daboia russelii2023-03-07 14:50:26
2023/03/07Proteomic Study of Response to Copper, Cadmium, and Chrome Ion Stress in Yarrowia lipolytica Strains Isolated from Andean Mine Tailings in Peru2023-03-07 14:50:02
2023/03/07INFOGEST Digestion Assay of Raw and Roasted Hazelnuts and Its Impact on Allergens and Their IgE Binding Activity2023-03-07 14:49:40
2023/03/07Phycoremediation of Copper by Chlorella protothecoides (UTEX 256): Proteomics of Protein Biosynthesis and Stress Response2023-03-07 14:49:19
2023/03/07Proteomic Investigation Reveals Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 5A Involvement in Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Infection in vitro2023-03-07 14:48:55
2023/03/07RopB protein of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae adopts amyloid state during symbiotic interactions with pea (Pisum sativum L.)2023-03-07 14:48:35
2023/03/07Isolation and Characterization of Two Postsynaptic Neurotoxins From Indian Cobra (Naja Naja) Venom2023-03-07 14:47:58
2023/03/07Isolation and Pharmacological Characterization of α-Elapitoxin-Oh3a, a Long-Chain Post-Synaptic Neurotoxin From King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) Venom2023-03-07 14:47:38
2023/03/07Molecular Architecture of the Antiophidic Protein DM64 and its Binding Specificity to Myotoxin II From Bothrops asper Venom2023-03-07 14:47:05
2023/03/07Proteomic Profile of Procoagulant Extracellular Vesicles Reflects Complement System Activation and Platelet Hyperreactivity of Patients with Severe COVID-192023-03-07 14:46:40
2023/03/07Comparative venomic profiles of three spiders of the genus Phoneutria2023-03-07 14:46:15
2023/03/07Coelenterazine sulfotransferase from Renilla muelleri2023-03-07 14:45:33
2023/03/07Diverse susceptibilities and responses of human and rodent cells to orthohantavirus infection reveal different levels of cellular restriction2023-03-07 14:44:45
2023/03/07Unraveling axonal mechanisms of traumatic brain injury2023-03-07 14:43:43
2023/03/07Integration of transcriptomic and proteomic analyses reveals several levels of metabolic regulation in the excess starch and early senescent leaf mutant lses1 in rice2023-03-07 14:41:41
2023/03/07Development of a cell-free strategy to recover aged skeletal muscle after disuse2023-03-07 14:40:44
2023/03/07Antioxidant, antihypertensive and antidiabetic potential of peptidic fractions obtained from tarwi (Lupinus mutabilis) protein hydrolysate and identification of promising multifunctional bioactive peptides2023-03-07 14:40:21
2023/03/07Multiomics approach reveals a role of translational machinery in shaping maize kernel amino acid composition2023-03-07 14:38:32
2023/03/07Cytoplasmic switch of ARS2 isoforms promotes nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and arsenic sensitivity2023-03-07 14:37:46
2023/03/07Large-scale discovery of non-conventional peptides in grape (Vitis vinifera L.) through peptidogenomics2023-03-07 14:37:22
2023/03/07The byssal-producing glands and proteins of the silverlip pearl oyster Pinctada maxima (Jameson, 1901)2023-03-07 14:37:01
2023/03/07The life history of Drosophila sperm involves molecular continuity between male and female reproductive tracts2023-03-07 14:34:50
2023/03/07HK1 from hepatic stellate cell–derived extracellular vesicles promotes progression of hepatocellular carcinoma2023-03-07 14:33:59
2023/03/07Effectiveness of enzymatic hydrolysis for reducing the allergenic potential of legume by-products2023-03-07 14:32:18
2023/03/07Semen Ziziphi Spinosae attenuates blood–brain barrier dysfunction induced by lipopolysaccharide by targeting the FAK-DOCK180-Rac1-WAVE2-Arp3 signaling pathway2023-03-07 14:30:24
2023/03/07ATAD3A oligomerization promotes neuropathology and cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease models2023-03-07 14:30:00
2023/03/07An efficient urine peptidomics workflow identifies chemically defined dietary gluten peptides from patients with celiac disease2023-03-07 14:29:34
2023/03/07Chronic inhibition of the mitochondrial ATP synthase in skeletal muscle triggers sarcoplasmic reticulum distress and tubular aggregates2023-03-07 14:22:54
2023/03/07Multiomics Profiling of Toxins in the Venom of the Amazonian Spider Acanthoscurria juruenicola2023-03-07 14:22:03
2023/03/07Efficiency of Protein Renewal Is Limited by Feed Intake and Not by Protein Lifetime in Aging Caenorhabditis elegans2023-03-07 14:21:35
2023/03/07Proteolysis and changes in meat quality of chicken pectoralis major and iliotibialis muscles in relation to muscle fiber type distribution2023-03-07 14:20:42
2023/03/07Probing the sORF-Encoded Peptides of Deinococcus radiodurans in Response to Extreme Stress2023-03-07 14:20:10
2023/03/07Immunopeptidomic Analyses of Colorectal Cancers With and Without Microsatellite Instability2023-03-07 14:18:02
2023/03/07Tuning DO:DM Ratios Modulates MHC Class II Immunopeptidomes2023-03-07 14:15:28
2023/03/07Muscle fiber type-specific proteome distribution and protease activity in relation to proteolysis trends in beef striploin (M. longissimus lumborum) and tenderloin (M. psoas major)2023-03-07 14:14:36
2023/03/07Identification, in silico screening, and molecular docking of novel ACE inhibitory peptides isolated from the edible symbiot Boletus griseus-Hypomyces chrysospermus2023-03-07 14:11:44
2023/03/07Schistocerca neuropeptides – An update2023-03-07 14:10:53
2023/03/07Immunopeptidome of hepatocytes isolated from patients with HBV infection and hepatocellular carcinoma2023-03-07 14:04:40
2023/03/07Protein Kinase CK2 Acts as a Molecular Brake to Control NADPH Oxidase 1 Activation and Colon Inflammation2023-03-07 14:03:37
2023/03/07Ovi-protective mothers: exploring the proteomic profile of weevil (Gonipterus) egg capsules2023-03-07 14:02:57
2023/03/07Deep learning drives efficient discovery of novel antihypertensive peptides from soybean protein isolate2023-03-07 14:00:33
2023/03/07Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) by-product hydrolysates: A new nitrogen source for Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis BB-122023-03-07 14:00:09
2023/03/07Dynamic change of oligopeptides and free amino acids composition in five types of tea with different fermentation degree processed from the same batch of fresh tea (Camelilia Sinensis. L.) leaves2023-03-07 13:59:44
2023/03/07Improving ACE inhibitory activity of hazelnut peptide modified by plastein: Physicochemical properties and action mechanism2023-03-07 13:59:19
2023/03/07Mechanisms of fish protein degradation caused by grass carp spoilage bacteria: A bottom-up exploration from the molecular level, muscle microstructure level, to related quality changes2023-03-07 13:58:53
2023/03/07Identification of vicilin, legumin and antimicrobial peptide 2a as macadamia nut allergens2023-03-07 13:56:46
2023/03/07Unravelling the neuroprotective mechanisms of carotenes in differentiated human neural cells: Biochemical and proteomic approaches2023-03-07 13:56:10
2023/03/07Discovery of a cysteine-rich peptide with glycation modification from Achyranthes bidentata Blume2023-03-07 13:55:42
2023/03/07Production of hydrolysates and peptides from a new protein source: Diplodus annularis2023-03-07 13:54:26
2023/03/07Comparative study of factors affecting the recovery of proteins from malt rootlets using pressurized liquids and ultrasounds2023-03-07 13:53:11
2023/03/07Induced pluripotent stem cells display a distinct set of MHC I-associated peptides shared by human cancers2023-03-07 13:52:08
2023/03/07MT9, a natural peptide from black mamba venom antagonizes the muscarinic type 2 receptor and reverses the M2R-agonist-induced relaxation in rat and human arteries2023-03-07 13:51:42
2023/03/07Identification of damage associated molecular patterns and extracellular matrix proteins as major constituents of the surface proteome of lung implantable silicone/nitinol devices2023-03-07 13:50:57
2023/03/07Covalent coupling of HIV-1 glycoprotein trimers to biodegradable calcium phosphate nanoparticles via genetically encoded aldehyde-tags2023-03-07 13:50:26
2023/03/07Structural characterization of SARS-CoV-2 dimeric ORF9b reveals potential fold-switching trigger mechanism2023-03-07 13:49:50
2023/03/07A TMT-based shotgun proteomics uncovers overexpression of thrombospondin 1 as a contributor in pyrrolizidine alkaloid-induced hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome2023-03-07 13:49:14
2023/02/01Extending the Mass Spectrometry-Detectable Landscape of MHC Peptides by Use of Restricted Access Material2023-02-01 15:22:00
2023/01/18Immunopeptidomics-based design of mRNA vaccine formulations against Listeria monocytogenes2023-01-18 16:38:55
2022/12/21Astragalus–Scorpion Drug Pair Inhibits the Development of Prostate Cancer by Regulating GDPD4-2/PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathway and Autophagy2022-12-21 11:18:08
2022/12/21Insights into structure and function of CdcVEGFs, the vascular endothelial growth factor from Crotalus durissus collilineatus snake venom2022-12-21 11:17:43
2022/12/21Production and characterization of bioactive peptides in novel functional soybean chhurpi produced using Lactobacillus delbrueckii WS42022-12-21 11:16:44
2022/12/21Corn distillers solubles as a novel bioresource of bioactive peptides with ACE and DPP IV inhibition activity: characterization, in silico evaluation, and molecular docking2022-12-21 11:16:14
2022/12/21Cellular assays identify barriers impeding iron-sulfur enzyme activity in a non-native prokaryotic host2022-12-21 11:15:42
2022/12/21Suppression of RIP1 activity via S415 dephosphorylation ameliorates obesity-related hepatic insulin resistance2022-12-21 11:14:51
2022/12/21Molecular Features of CA-074 pH-Dependent Inhibition of Cathepsin B2022-12-21 11:14:09
2022/12/21Analysis of laccase-like enzymes secreted by fungi isolated from a cave in northern Spain2022-12-21 11:13:47
2022/12/21Deleterious effects of Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi seed flour on cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.), larval development2022-12-21 11:13:20
2022/12/21Dynamic changes in molecular composition of black soldier fly prepupae and derived biomasses with microbial fermentation2022-12-21 11:12:43
2022/12/216-Hydroxydopamine Induces Neurodegeneration in Terminally Differentiated SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells via Enrichment of the Nucleosomal Degradation Pathway: a Global Proteomics Approach2022-12-21 11:12:08
2022/12/21A proximity-based in silico approach to identify redox-labile disulfide bonds: The example of FVIII2022-12-21 11:11:19
2022/12/21Evaluating the Properties of Ginger Protease-Degraded Collagen Hydrolysate and Identifying the Cleavage Site of Ginger Protease by Using an Integrated Strategy and LC-MS Technology2022-12-21 11:10:48
2022/12/21How to adjust α-lactalbumin and β-casein ratio in milk protein formula to give a similar digestion pattern to human milk?2022-12-21 11:10:23
2022/12/21Multivariate mining of an alpaca immune repertoire identifies potent cross-neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 nanobodies2022-12-21 11:09:42
2022/12/21Metagenomic and proteomic approaches in elucidating aflatoxin B1 detoxification mechanisms of probiotic Lactobacillus casei Shirota towards intestine2022-12-21 11:08:50
2022/12/21Physiological and proteomic responses of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to arsenate and lead mixtures2022-12-21 11:08:16
2022/12/21Neprilysins regulate muscle contraction and heart function via cleavage of SERCA-inhibitory micropeptides2022-12-21 11:07:47
2022/12/21Histone deacetylase 5 is a phosphorylation substrate of protein kinase D in osteoclasts2022-12-21 11:06:51
2022/12/21In Vivo and In Vitro Comparison of the DPP-IV Inhibitory Potential of Food Proteins from Different Origins after Gastrointestinal Digestion2022-12-21 11:05:49
2022/12/15Covalent Immune Proximity-Induction Strategy Using SuFEx-Engineered Bifunctional Viral Peptides2022-12-15 12:27:28
2022/12/0210-Hydroxydec-2-Enoic Acid Reduces Hydroxyl Free Radical-Induced Damage to Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells by Rescuing Protein and Energy Metabolism2022-12-02 15:53:38
2022/12/02Stoichiometry of the Gene Products From the Tetrachloroethene Reductive Dehalogenase Operon pceABCT2022-12-02 15:52:48
2022/12/02NBS-LRR-WRKY genes and protease inhibitors (PIs) seem essential for cowpea resistance to root-knot nematode2022-12-02 15:52:24
2022/12/02Hibiscus syriacus L. cultivated in callus culture exerts cytotoxicity in colorectal cancer via Notch signaling-mediated cholesterol biosynthesis suppression2022-12-02 15:51:58
2022/12/02Widespread alterations upon exposure to the estrogenic endocrine disruptor ethinyl estradiol in the liver proteome of the marine male fish Cyprinodon variegatus2022-12-02 15:50:38
2022/12/02Abrogation of self-tolerance by misfolded self-antigens complexed with MHC class II molecules2022-12-02 15:49:58
2022/12/02Variation in both proteome and N-glycoproteome of goat MFGM over lactation2022-12-02 15:49:36
2022/12/02Multiwell photocatalytic microreactor device integrating drug biotransformation modeling and sample preparation on a MALDI target2022-12-02 15:49:10
2022/12/02Intracellular production of recombinant GnRH1 in yeast, Pichia pastoris, and its potential as oral treatment to advance gonadal development in juvenile orange-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides2022-12-02 15:48:45
2022/12/02Rational design, optimization, and biological evaluation of novel α-Phosphonopropionic acids as covalent inhibitors of Rab geranylgeranyl transferase2022-12-02 15:47:43
2022/12/02A Combined Proteomic and Metabolomic Strategy for Allergens Characterization in Natural and Fermented Brassica napus Bee Pollen2022-12-02 15:47:11
2022/12/02Ancient proteins resolve controversy over the identity of Genyornis eggshell2022-12-02 15:45:59
2022/12/02Inhibitory Bacterial Diversity and Mucosome Function Differentiate Susceptibility of Appalachian Salamanders to Chytrid Fungal Infection2022-12-02 15:45:38
2022/12/02Untargeted Mass Spectrometry Approach to Study SARS-CoV-2 Proteins in Human Plasma and Saliva Proteome2022-12-02 15:45:19
2022/12/02Characterization of Two Dehydrogenases from Gluconobacter oxydans Involved in the Transformation of Patulin to Ascladiol2022-12-02 15:44:52
2022/12/02A vicilin-like protein extracted from Clitoria fairchildiana cotyledons was toxic to Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)2022-12-02 15:44:01
2022/12/02The Promoter of the Immune-Modulating Gene TIR-Containing Protein C of the Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Strain CFT073 Reacts to the Pathogen’s Environment2022-12-02 15:43:32
2022/12/02Neuropilin-1 is present on Foxp3+ T regulatory cell-derived small extracellular vesicles and mediates immunity against skin transplantation2022-12-02 15:43:14
2022/12/02Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Functional Genomics Screening to Discover Novel Archaeal DNA Modifying Enzymes2022-12-02 15:41:37
2022/12/02A deeper insight into the sialome of male and female Ochlerotatus triseriatus mosquitoes2022-12-02 15:41:04
2022/12/02Dysregulation of Neuropeptide and Tau Peptide Signatures in Human Alzheimer’s Disease Brain2022-12-02 15:38:02
2022/12/02Apoptotic vesicles activate autophagy in recipient cells to induce angiogenesis and dental pulp regeneration2022-12-02 15:37:17
2022/12/02A systematic evaluation of yeast sample preparation protocols for spectral identifications, proteome coverage and post-isolation modifications2022-12-02 15:36:33
2022/12/02The bisphenol A metabolite MBP causes proteome alterations in male Cyprinodon variegatus fish characteristic of estrogenic endocrine disruption2022-12-02 15:35:12
2022/12/02Isolation and identification of thrombin-inhibiting peptides derived from soybean protein2022-12-02 15:34:47
2022/12/02Recombinant expression of hen egg white lysozyme with the assistance of xylanase fusion partner in Pichia pastoris2022-12-02 15:34:18
2022/12/02A Drosophila melanogaster model for TMEM43-related arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy type 52022-12-02 15:32:29
2022/12/02Comparative Proteomic Analysis of the Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum Reveals New Insights Into Intra- and Extra-Cellular Protein Contents of Its Oval, Fusiform, and Triradiate Morphotypes2022-12-02 15:26:17
2022/12/02Investigation of the N-Glycosylation of the SARS-CoV-2 S Protein Contained in VLPs Produced in Nicotiana benthamiana2022-12-02 15:25:54
2022/12/02Cleavage of LOXL1 by BMP1 and ADAMTS14 Proteases Suggests a Role for Proteolytic Processing in the Regulation of LOXL1 Function2022-12-02 15:25:35
2022/12/02TECRL deficiency results in aberrant mitochondrial function in cardiomyocytes2022-12-02 15:24:52
2022/12/022 deoxy-D-glucose augments the mitochondrial respiratory chain in heart2022-12-02 15:24:16
2022/12/02Identification and characterization of phosphoproteins in the striated and smooth adductor muscles of Yesso scallop Patinopecten yessoensis2022-12-02 15:23:49
2022/12/02Polypyrimidine tract binding proteins PTBP1 and PTBP2 interact with distinct proteins under splicing conditions2022-12-02 15:23:26
2022/12/02Characterisation of Endogenous Peptides Present in Virgin Olive Oil2022-12-02 15:23:02
2022/12/02Native chemical ligation approach to sensitively probe tissue acyl-CoA pools2022-12-02 15:22:41
2022/12/02Characterization of Glycoproteoforms of Integrins α2 and β1 in Megakaryocytes in the Occurrence of JAK2V617F Mutation-Induced Primary Myelofibrosis2022-12-02 15:21:59
2022/12/02Caspase-2 Inhibitor Blocks Tau Truncation and Restores Excitatory Neurotransmission in Neurons Modeling FTDP-17 Tauopathy2022-12-02 15:20:51
2022/12/02Comprehensive Identification of Short and Medium-Sized Peptides from Pixian Broad Bean Paste Protein Hydrolysates Using UPLC-Q–TOF–MS and UHPLC-Q Exactive HF-X2022-12-02 15:20:28
2022/12/02Absolute and relative quantitation of amylase/trypsin-inhibitors by LC-MS/MS from wheat lines obtained by CRISPR-Cas9 and RNAi2022-12-02 15:19:58
2022/12/02Quantitative Proteomics Reveals Metabolic Reprogramming in Host Cells Induced by Trophozoites and Intermediate Subunit of Gal/GalNAc Lectins from Entamoeba histolytica2022-12-02 15:19:37
2022/12/02In Silico Prediction and Design of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Alpha-Hemolysin Generate a Soluble and Hemolytic Recombinant Toxin2022-12-02 15:18:58
2022/12/02Activity- and Enrichment-Based Metaproteomics Insights into Active Urease from the Rumen Microbiota of Cattle2022-12-02 15:18:32
2022/12/02Hepatobiliary Tumor Organoids Reveal HLA Class I Neoantigen Landscape and Antitumoral Activity of Neoantigen Peptide Enhanced with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors2022-12-02 15:18:06
2022/12/02Proteomics of isolated sieve tubes from Nicotiana tabacum: sieve element–specific proteins reveal differentiation of the endomembrane system2022-12-02 15:17:44
2022/12/02Photoswitching of Feedback Inhibition by Tryptophan in Anthranilate Synthase2022-12-02 15:16:50
2022/12/02Proteomic characterization of phagocytic primary human monocyte-derived macrophages2022-12-02 15:13:43
2022/12/02Oyster protein hydrolysates alleviated chronic alcohol-induced liver injury in mice by regulating hepatic lipid metabolism and inflammation response2022-12-02 15:12:41
2022/12/02The fiber diameter traits of Tibetan cashmere goats are governed by the inherent differences in stress, hypoxic, and metabolic adaptations: an integrative study of proteome and transcriptome2022-12-02 15:12:19
2022/12/02Target identification of baicalein derivative using DNA-programmed photoaffinity labeling2022-12-02 15:11:10
2022/12/02Polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel through one of two binding sites2022-12-02 15:08:00
2022/12/02Characterization of novel umami-active peptides from Stropharia rugoso-annulata mushroom and in silico study on action mechanism2022-12-02 15:07:17
2022/12/02Identification of Putative Neuropeptides That Alter the Behaviour of Schistosoma mansoni Cercariae2022-12-02 15:06:48
2022/12/02Peptide Biomarkers Discovery for Seven Species of Deer Antler Using LC-MS/MS and Label-Free Approach2022-12-02 15:06:24
2022/12/02The Preclinical Evaluation of a Second-Generation Antivenom for Treating Snake Envenoming in India2022-12-02 15:05:56
2022/11/23A Comprehensive Study of Gradient Conditions for Deep Proteome Discovery in a Complex Protein Matrix2022-11-23 10:36:40
2022/11/16Nascent Proteome and Glycoproteome Reveal the Inhibition Role of ALG1 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Migration2022-11-16 10:02:15
2022/11/16Digestomic data of proteolysis during whether post rumen digestion after tannin supplementation2022-11-16 10:01:44
2022/11/16Anti-Cancer Activity of Buthus occitanus Venom on Hepatocellular Carcinoma in 3D Cell Culture2022-11-16 10:01:02
2022/11/16Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of Staphylococcus aureus response to cuminaldehyde stress2022-11-16 10:00:27
2022/11/16In Silico and In Vitro Antimalarial Screening and Validation Targeting Plasmodium falciparum Plasmepsin V2022-11-16 09:59:59
2022/11/16Wool fiber curvature is correlated with abundance of K38 and specific keratin-associated proteins2022-11-16 09:59:12
2022/11/16Characterization of the microRNA transcriptomes and proteomics of cochlear tissue-derived small extracellular vesicles from mice of different ages after birth2022-11-16 09:58:29
2022/11/16Identifying and antagonizing the interactions between layilin and glycosylated collagens2022-11-16 09:58:01
2022/11/16Reductive site-selective atypical C,Z-type/N2-C2 cleavage allows C-terminal protein amidation2022-11-16 09:57:38
2022/11/16Protein-coated nanostructured surfaces affect the adhesion of Escherichia coli2022-11-16 09:57:14
2022/11/16Energy homeostasis mediated by the LcSnRK1α–LcbZIP1/3 signaling pathway modulates litchi fruit senescence2022-11-16 09:56:21
2022/11/16Umami and umami-enhancing peptides from myofibrillar protein hydrolysates in low-sodium dry-cured Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus niphonius) under the action of Lactobacillus plantarum2022-11-16 09:55:37
2022/11/16Chasing the elusive viscacha in Precolumbian textiles at the intersection of art and science2022-11-16 09:54:31
2022/11/16FAST-IT: Find A Simple Test — In TIA (transient ischaemic attack): a prospective cohort study to develop a multivariable prediction model for diagnosis of TIA through proteomic discovery and candidate lipid mass spectrometry, neuroimaging and machine learning—study protocol2022-11-16 09:53:54
2022/11/16Decellularization Detergents As Methodological Variables in Mass Spectrometry of Stromal Matrices2022-11-16 09:53:00
2022/11/16Metabolic conjugation reduces in vitro toxicity of the flavonoid nevadensin2022-11-16 09:52:17
2022/11/16Proteogenomics and Differential Ion Mobility Enable the Exploration of the Mutational Landscape in Colon Cancer Cells2022-11-16 09:50:59
2022/11/16Looking for peptides from rice starch processing by-product: Bioreactor production, anti-tyrosinase and anti-inflammatory activity, and in silico putative taste assessment2022-11-16 09:50:10
2022/11/16DNA Base Pairing-Inspired Supramolecular Nanodrug Camouflaged by Cancer-Cell Membrane for Osteosarcoma Treatment2022-11-16 09:49:27
2022/11/16Mitigating off-target distribution and enhancing cytotoxicity in breast cancer cells with alpha-ketoglutaric acid-modified Fe/Mg-CA nanoparticles2022-11-16 09:48:41
2022/11/16Identification and Characterization of a Potential Antimicrobial Peptide Isolated from Soil Brevibacillus sp. WUL10 and Its Activity against MRSA Pathogens2022-11-16 09:47:39
2022/11/16Venomics and antivenomics of Indian spectacled cobra (Naja naja) from the Western Ghats2022-11-16 09:46:53
2022/11/16In silico and in vitro assessment of bioactive peptides from Arthrospira platensis phycobiliproteins for DPP-IV inhibitory activity, ACE inhibitory activity, and antioxidant activity2022-11-16 09:46:05
2022/11/16Binding of the extracellular matrix laminin-1 to Clostridioides difficile strains2022-11-16 09:44:21
2022/11/16Spacer length and serum protein adsorption affect active targeting of trastuzumab-modified nanoparticles2022-11-16 09:42:37
2022/11/16Solid-Phase Extraction Approaches for Improving Oligosaccharide and Small Peptide Identification with Liquid Chromatography-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: A Case Study on Proteolyzed Almond Extract2022-11-16 09:42:10
2022/11/16Identification and release kinetics of peptides from tilapia skin collagen during alcalase hydrolysis2022-11-16 09:41:46
2022/11/16Discovery of a Multifunctional Octapeptide from Lingzhi with Antioxidant and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity2022-11-16 09:41:20
2022/11/16A novel peptide identified from visceral ganglia induces oocyte maturation, spermatozoa active motility, and spawning in the pen shell Atrina pectinata2022-11-16 09:40:39
2022/11/16Tumor-Specific CircRNA-Derived Antigen Peptide Identification for Hepatobiliary Tumors2022-11-16 09:40:08
2022/11/16Structure of Lacticaseicin 30 and Its Engineered Variants Revealed an Interplay between the N-Terminal and C-Terminal Regions in the Activity against Gram-Negative Bacteria2022-11-16 09:39:41
2022/11/16First trimester serum biomarker discovery study for early onset, preterm onset and preeclampsia at term2022-11-16 09:37:40
2022/11/16Low-Dose-Rate Radiation-Induced Secretion of TGF-β3 Together with an Activator in Small Extracellular Vesicles Modifies Low-Dose Hyper-Radiosensitivity through ALK1 Binding2022-11-16 09:36:00
2022/11/16Full humanization of the glycolytic pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae2022-11-16 09:35:28
2022/11/09Regulation of Schwann Cell and DRG Neurite Behaviors within Decellularized Peripheral Nerve Matrix2022-11-09 10:42:41
2022/11/02Expression profiles of venom components in some social hymenopteran species over different post-capture periods2022-11-02 11:30:51
2022/11/02Proteins from eggs of the spittlebug Mahanarva spectabilis (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) reveal clues about its diapause regulation2022-11-02 11:30:25
2022/11/02A novel bacteriocin against Staphylococcus aureus from Lactobacillus paracasei isolated from Yunnan traditional fermented yogurt: Purification, antibacterial characterization, and antibiofilm activity2022-11-02 11:29:55
2022/11/02Temperature-dependent dissociation of human micellar β-casein: Implications of its phosphorylation degrees and casein micelle structures2022-11-02 11:29:26
2022/11/02Identification of mutant p53-specific proteins interaction network using TurboID-based proximity labeling2022-11-02 11:28:51
2022/11/02TRPV1 SUMOylation suppresses itch by inhibiting TRPV1 interaction with H1 receptors2022-11-02 11:28:05
2022/11/02The Protective Effect of Pilose Antler Peptide on CUMS-Induced Depression Through AMPK/Sirt1/NF-κB/NLRP3-Mediated Pyroptosis2022-11-02 11:27:36
2022/11/02The Unusual Metalloprotease-Rich Venom Proteome of the Australian Elapid Snake Hoplocephalus stephensii2022-11-02 11:27:05
2022/11/02Humanization and expression of IgG and IgM antibodies in plants as potential diagnostic reagents for Valley Fever2022-11-02 11:26:27
2022/11/02An exploration of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides derived from gastrointestinal protease hydrolysate of milk using a modified bioassay-guided fractionation approach coupled with in silico analysis2022-11-02 11:25:45
2022/11/02Proteomics, Phosphoproteomics and Mirna Analysis of Circulating Extracellular Vesicles through Automated and High-Throughput Isolation2022-11-02 11:25:22
2022/11/02A new monomeric α-amylase inhibitor from the tetraploid emmer wheat is mostly active against stored product pests2022-11-02 11:24:55
2022/11/02Profiling the serum proteome during Schistosoma mansoni infection in the BALB/c mice: A focus on the altered lipid metabolism as a key modulator of host-parasite interactions2022-11-02 11:24:26
2022/11/02A strategy for the enrichment and characterization of disulfide bond-contained proteins from Chinese cobra (Naja atra) venom2022-11-02 11:24:04
2022/11/02Meta-proteomic analysis of two mammoth’s trunks by EVA technology and high-resolution mass spectrometry for an indirect picture of their habitat and the characterization of the collagen type I, alpha-1 and alpha-2 sequence2022-11-02 11:23:41
2022/11/02Intein-based Design Expands Diversity of Selenocysteine Reporters2022-11-02 11:22:55
2022/11/02Reproductive behaviour, cutaneous morphology, and skin secretion analysis in the anuran Dermatonotus muelleri2022-11-02 11:22:21
2022/11/02Screening and identification of high bioavailable oligopeptides from rapeseed napin (Brassica napus) protein-derived hydrolysates via Caco-2/HepG2 co-culture model2022-11-02 11:21:51
2022/11/02Directed Evolution of Methanomethylophilus alvus Pyrrolysyl-tRNA Synthetase Generates a Hyperactive and Highly Selective Variant2022-11-02 11:21:28
2022/11/02Nutritional evaluation of whey protein hydrolysate: chemical composition, peptide profile, and osmolarity2022-11-02 11:21:06
2022/11/02Potential Tear Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease—A Pilot Study2022-11-02 11:20:41
2022/11/02High voltage electrical discharges followed by deep eutectic solvents extraction for the valorization of pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum L.)2022-11-02 11:20:09
2022/11/02Preparation, purification, and identification of novel antioxidant peptides derived from Gracilariopsis lemaneiformis protein hydrolysates2022-11-02 11:19:28
2022/11/02Millet bran globulin hydrolysate derived tetrapeptide-ferrous chelate: Preparation, structural characterization, security prediction in silico, and stability against different food processing conditions2022-11-02 11:19:04
2022/11/02Regulation of action sites for reducing the allergenicity of pea protein based on enzymatic hydrolysis with Alcalase2022-11-02 11:18:33
2022/11/02Characterization of Purified Mulberry Leaf Glycoprotein and Its Immunoregulatory Effect on Cyclophosphamide-Treated Mice2022-11-02 11:18:11
2022/11/02Elucidation of in Vitro Chlorinated Tyrosine Adducts in Blood Plasma as Selective Biomarkers of Chlorine Exposure2022-11-02 11:17:37
2022/11/02Characterization of AMA1-RON2L complex with native gel electrophoresis and capillary isoelectric focusing2022-11-02 11:17:15
2022/11/02Quantitative proteomic dataset of the moss Physcomitrium patens SMG1 KO mutant line2022-11-02 11:16:40
2022/11/02Immunogenicity of the Envelope Surface Unit of Human Endogenous Retrovirus K18 in Mice2022-11-02 11:15:59
2022/11/02A Novel Antihypertensive Pentapeptide Identified in Quinoa Bran Globulin Hydrolysates: Purification, In Silico Characterization, Molecular Docking with ACE and Stability against Different Food-Processing Conditions2022-11-02 11:15:24
2022/11/02Response boosting-based approach for absolute quantification of gelatin peptides using LC-MS/MS2022-11-02 11:14:51
2022/10/26Bovine Bone Gelatin-Derived Peptides: Food Processing Characteristics and Evaluation of Antihypertensive and Antihyperlipidemic Activities2022-10-26 16:26:09
2022/10/12Overexpressing CrePAPS Polyadenylate Activity Enhances Protein Translation and Accumulation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii2022-10-12 11:11:59
2022/10/06Species identification of silks by protein mass spectrometry reveals evidence of wild silk use in antiquity2022-10-06 09:11:24
2022/10/06Plasma biomarkers of hemoglobin loss in Plasmodium falciparum–infected children identified by quantitative proteomics2022-10-06 09:11:13
2022/10/06Hydroxyl radical footprinting analysis of a human haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex2022-10-06 09:11:00
2022/10/06Identification of dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitory peptides derived from gac seed protein hydrolysate using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography2022-10-06 09:10:49
2022/10/06Development of a Diagnostic Approach Based on the Detection of Post-Translation Modifications of Fibrinogen Associated with Oxidative Stress by the Method of High Efficiency Liquid Chromatography2022-10-06 09:10:37
2022/10/06Top-Down Detection of Oxidative Protein Footprinting by Collision-Induced Dissociation, Electron-Transfer Dissociation, and Electron-Capture Dissociation2022-10-06 09:10:24
2022/10/06Hepatocyte-like cells differentiated from methylmalonic aciduria cblB type induced pluripotent stem cells: A platform for the evaluation of pharmacochaperoning2022-10-06 09:10:07
2022/10/06Comprehensive quantitation of multi-signature peptides originating from casein for the discrimination of milk from eight different animal species using LC-HRMS with stable isotope labeled peptides2022-10-06 09:09:56
2022/10/06Proteomic analysis reveals rattlesnake venom modulation of proteins associated with cardiac tissue damage in mouse hearts2022-10-06 09:09:40
2022/10/06Architecture of outer shell and inner blocklets of rice starch granule is related to starch granule-associated proteins2022-10-06 09:09:26
2022/10/06The effect of hypochlorite- and peroxide-induced oxidation of plasminogen on damage to the structure and biological activity2022-10-06 09:09:10
2022/10/06Isotopic N,N-dimethyl leucine tags for absolute quantification of clusterin and apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer’s disease2022-10-06 09:08:29
2022/10/06A sustainable and efficient recycling strategy of feather waste into keratin peptides with antimicrobial activity2022-10-06 09:08:12
2022/10/06Mass spectrometry profiling and quantitation of changes in circulating hormones secreted over time in Cancer borealis hemolymph due to feeding behavior2022-10-06 09:07:59
2022/10/06Utilization of Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins and Both Bottom-up and Top-down Mass Spectrometry for Structural Characterization of a Transcription Factor–dsDNA Complex2022-10-06 09:06:54
2022/10/06Cross-Kingdom Infection of Macrophages Reveals Pathogen- and Immune-Specific Global Reprogramming and Adaptation2022-10-06 09:06:43
2022/10/06PROX1 promotes breast cancer invasion and metastasis through WNT/β-catenin pathway via interacting with hnRNPK2022-10-06 09:06:30
2022/10/06Two Novel Antihypertensive Peptides Identified in Millet Bran Glutelin-2 Hydrolysates: Purification, In Silico Characterization, Molecular Docking with ACE and Stability in Various Food Processing Conditions2022-10-06 09:06:21
2022/10/06Global analysis of neuropeptides in cestodes identifies Attachin, a SIFamide homolog, as a stimulant of parasite motility and attachment2022-10-06 09:06:06
2022/10/06Effect of the protease from Staphylococcus carnosus on the proteolysis, quality characteristics, and flavor development of Harbin dry sausage2022-10-06 09:05:56
2022/10/06Novel potential XOD inhibitory peptides derived from Trachinotus ovatus: Isolation, identification and structure-function analysis2022-10-06 09:05:36
2022/09/30Rapid Screening of Novel Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitory Peptides from Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Protein Using Peptidomics and Molecular Docking2022-09-30 09:44:55
2022/09/30Uncovering translation roadblocks during the development of a synthetic tRNA2022-09-30 09:44:43
2022/09/30Protective effects of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) skin gelatin hydrolysates on osteoporosis rats induced by retinoic acid2022-09-30 09:44:32
2022/09/30Sulfamethoxazole Enhances Specific Enzymatic Activities under Aerobic Heterotrophic Conditions: A Metaproteomic Approach2022-09-30 09:44:18
2022/09/30Adaptation of anammox bacteria to low temperature via gradual acclimation and cold shocks: Distinctions in protein expression, membrane composition and activities2022-09-30 09:44:02
2022/09/30Comparative analyses of the venom components in the salivary gland transcriptomes and saliva proteomes of some heteropteran insects2022-09-30 09:43:49
2022/09/30Purification and identification of antioxidant and angiotensin converting enzyme-inhibitory peptides from Guangdong glutinous rice wine2022-09-30 09:43:38
2022/09/30Analyzing BMP2, FGFR, and TGF Beta Expressions in High-Grade Osteosarcoma Untreated and Treated Autografts Using Proteomic Analysis2022-09-30 09:43:23
2022/09/30Betaine Reduces Lipid Anabolism and Promotes Lipid Transport in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet by Influencing Intestinal Protein Expression2022-09-30 09:43:09
2022/09/30PTH1R translocation to primary cilia in mechanically-stimulated ostecytes prevents osteoclast formation via regulation of CXCL5 and IL-6 secretion2022-09-30 09:42:58
2022/09/30Retinal neurodegeneration in a mouse model of green-light-induced myopia2022-09-30 09:42:40
2022/09/30Exploring the role of antimicrobials in the selective growth of purple phototrophic bacteria through genome mining and agar spot assays2022-09-30 09:42:25
2022/09/30Novel peptides extracted from Muraenesox cinereus bone promote calcium transport, osteoblast differentiation, and calcium absorption2022-09-30 09:41:55
2022/09/30Quantitative proteomic dataset of the moss Physcomitrium patens PSEP3 KO and OE mutant lines2022-09-30 09:41:42
2022/09/30Cathepsin B Dipeptidyl Carboxypeptidase and Endopeptidase Activities Demonstrated across a Broad pH Range2022-09-30 09:41:30
2022/09/30Characterization of endogenous peptides from Dromedary and Bactrian camel milk2022-09-30 09:41:15
2022/09/30Hepatotoxic mechanism of diclofenac sodium on broiler chicken revealed by iTRAQ-based proteomics analysis2022-09-30 09:40:45
2022/09/30Identification of peptides from edible silkworm pupae (Bombyx mori) protein hydrolysates with antioxidant activity2022-09-30 09:40:23
2022/09/30Identification of the initial reactive sites of micellar and non-micellar casein exposed to microbial transglutaminase2022-09-30 09:40:10
2022/09/30Effects of Light on Growth and Metabolism of Rhodococcus erythropolis2022-09-30 09:39:53
2022/09/30CmLec4, a lectin from the fungus Cordyceps militaris, controls host infection and fruiting body formation2022-09-30 09:28:47
2022/09/30Ovariectomy Interferes with Proteomes of Brown Adipose Tissue in Rats2022-09-30 09:28:24
2022/09/30Purification, identification, and antioxidative mechanism of three novel selenium-enriched oyster antioxidant peptides2022-09-30 09:27:52
2022/09/30Proteome analysis reveals the molecular basis of honeybee brain and midgut response to sulfoxaflor2022-09-30 09:27:18
2022/09/30Antifreeze Peptides Preparation from Tilapia Skin and Evaluation of Its Cryoprotective Effect on Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus2022-09-30 09:26:59
2022/09/30A rational tool for the umami evaluation of peptides based on multi-techniques2022-09-30 09:26:22
2022/09/30Quantification, identification and comparison of oligopeptides on five tea categories with different fermentation degree by Kjeldahl method and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole-orbitrap ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry2022-09-30 09:25:57
2022/09/30Corn peptides improved obesity-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through relieving lipid metabolism, insulin resistance and oxidative stress2022-09-30 09:25:26
2022/09/30Complementary proteome and glycoproteome access revealed through comparative analysis of reversed phase and porous graphitic carbon chromatography2022-09-30 09:25:01
2022/09/30Comparative study on structural, biological and functional activities of hydrolysates from Adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) and mung bean (Vigna radiata) protein concentrates using Alcalase and Flavourzyme2022-09-30 09:24:31
2022/09/30Basic Science Session 1. Biomarkers for Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment Response and Joint Damage Progression: An Update on 2 Industry-GRAPPA Projects2022-09-30 09:23:58
2022/09/30Cheese ripening in nonconventional conditions: A multiparameter study applied to Protected Geographical Indication Canestrato di Moliterno cheese2022-09-30 09:23:19
2022/09/30Performance of cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) infesting seeds of different Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walpers genotypes: The association between bruchid resistance and chitin binding proteins2022-09-30 09:22:43
2022/09/30Distinguishing post-translational modifications in dominantly inherited frontotemporal dementias: FTLD-TDP Type A (GRN) vs Type B (C9orf72)2022-09-30 09:21:50
2022/09/30Novel ACE inhibitory peptides derived from whey protein hydrolysates: Identification and molecular docking analysis2022-09-30 09:20:58
2022/09/30Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Regulate Differentially Expressed Proteins in the Proximal Sciatic Nerve of Rats after Transection Anastomosis2022-09-30 09:20:13
2022/09/30Novel antioxidant peptides identified in millet bran glutelin-2 hydrolysates: Purification, in silico characterization and security prediction, and stability profiles under different food processing conditions2022-09-30 09:19:51
2022/09/30Isolation and screening of umami peptides from preserved egg yolk by nano-HPLC-MS/MS and molecular docking2022-09-30 09:19:22
2022/09/30Proteomic profiling reveals unique signatures of structural bioprosthetic valve deterioration2022-09-30 09:18:50
2022/09/30Proteomic profiling of endothelial cells treated with calciprotein particles2022-09-30 09:18:02
2022/09/21Understanding the constitutive presentation of MHC class I immunopeptidomes in primary tissues2022-09-21 14:35:42
2022/09/07Umami peptides screened based on peptidomics and virtual screening from Ruditapes philippinarum and Mactra veneriformis clams2022-09-07 09:23:28
2022/08/24Electronic cigarette liquids impair metabolic cooperation and alter proteomic profiles in V79 cells2022-08-24 13:42:20
2022/08/10Betaine Supplementation Causes an Increase in Fatty Acid Oxidation and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Livers of Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet: A Proteomic Analysis2022-08-10 16:00:00
2022/07/27The effect of steam cooking on the proteolysis of pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) proteins: Digestibility, allergenicity, and bioactivity2022-07-27 13:17:35
2022/07/15Cyclic immonium ion of lactyllysine reveals widespread lactylation in the human proteome2022-07-15 10:11:08
2022/06/29In-Depth Matrisome and Glycoproteomic Analysis of Human Brain Glioblastoma Versus Control Tissue2022-06-29 11:25:40
2022/06/15Matrisome changes in Parkinson’s disease2022-06-15 17:11:33
2022/06/01Proteomic analysis of Exosomes derived from the Aqueous Humor of Myopia Patients2022-06-01 10:38:00
2022/05/18Cannabis suppresses antitumor immunity by inhibiting JAK/STAT signaling in T cells through CNR22022-05-18 11:41:23
2022/05/04A vast pool of lineage-specific microproteins encoded by long non-coding RNAs in plants2022-05-04 16:30:30
2022/04/13A Novel Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitory Peptide from Takifugu flavidus2022-04-13 13:04:26
2022/03/24Salivary Proteomics Identifies Transthyretin as a Biomarker of Early Dementia Conversion2022-03-24 11:22:14
2022/03/09CPEB1 directs muscle stem cell activation by reprogramming the translational landscape2022-03-09 15:34:01
2022/02/16Validation of Trifluoromethylphenyl Diazirine Cholesterol Analogues As Cholesterol Mimetics and Photolabeling Reagents2022-02-16 11:44:58
2022/02/09Disturbed mitochondrial acetylation in accordance with the availability of acetyl groups in hepatocellular carcinoma2022-02-09 09:47:01
2022/02/02Influence of surface termination of ultrananocrystalline diamond films coated on titanium on response of human osteoblast cells: A proteome study2022-02-02 10:48:06
2022/01/27Rapid de novo discovery of peptidomimetic affinity reagents for human angiotensin converting enzyme 22022-01-27 09:42:55
2022/01/19Ion Mobility Coupled to a Time-of-Flight Mass Analyzer Combined With Fragment Intensity Predictions Improves Identification of Classical Bioactive Peptides and Small Open Reading Frame-Encoded Peptides2022-01-19 13:50:57
2022/01/12Liquid chromatography setup-dependent artefactual methionine oxidation of peptides: The importance of an adapted quality control process2022-01-12 13:39:53
2022/01/05Chemically acidified, live and heat-inactivated fermented dairy yoghurt show distinct bioactive peptides, free amino acids and small compounds profiles2022-01-05 13:35:49
2021/12/22Evaluation of Filter, Paramagnetic, and STAGETips Aided Workflows for Proteome Profiling of Symbiodiniaceae Dinoflagellate2021-12-22 10:05:52
2021/12/17Most non-canonical proteins uniquely populate the proteome or immunopeptidome2021-12-17 08:33:56
2021/12/08Suprabasin-derived bioactive peptides identified by plasma peptidomics2021-12-08 09:03:45
2021/12/03Proteogenomic Analysis Unveils the HLA Class I-Presented Immunopeptidome in Melanoma and EGFR-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma2021-12-03 09:33:49
2021/11/24Human Blood and Bird Egg Proteins Identified in Red Paint Covering a 1000-Year-Old Gold Mask from Peru2021-11-24 17:27:58
2021/11/17RHybridFinder: An R package to process immunopeptidomic data for putative hybrid peptide discovery2021-11-17 09:49:22
2021/11/10An Integrated Strategy for Mass Spectrometry-Based Multiomics Analysis of Single Cells2021-11-10 12:58:35
2021/11/09Milk Formula Diet Alters Bacterial and Host Protein Profile in Comparison to Human Milk Diet in Neonatal Piglet Model2021-11-09 09:08:31
2021/11/09Extraction and Chemical Characterization of Functional Phenols and Proteins from Coffee (Coffea arabica) By-Products2021-11-09 09:08:29
2021/11/09The legumain McPAL1 from Momordica cochinchinensis is a highly stable Asx-specific splicing enzyme2021-11-09 09:08:27
2021/11/09Episymbiotic Saccharibacteria suppresses gingival inflammation and bone loss in mice through host bacterial modulation2021-11-09 09:08:23
2021/11/09Data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry for site-specific glycoproteomics characterization of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein2021-11-09 09:08:21
2021/11/09Human plasma IgG1 repertoires are simple, unique, and dynamic2021-11-09 09:08:19
2021/11/09Visualizing transfer of microbial biomolecules by outer membrane vesicles in microbe-host-communication in vivo2021-11-09 09:08:19
2021/10/27Proteomics reveal cap-dependent translation inhibitors remodel the translation machinery and translatome2021-10-27 14:44:50
2021/10/20Transcriptome Profiling of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Visceral Ganglia over a Reproduction Cycle Identifies Novel Regulatory Peptides2021-10-20 14:55:57
2021/10/06Murine neuronatin deficiency is associated with a hypervariable food intake and bimodal obesity2021-10-06 15:20:58
2021/09/29Epigenetic inactivation of the autophagy–lysosomal system in appendix in Parkinson’s disease2021-09-29 14:13:31
2021/09/22In vitro metabolism of synthetic Elabela/Toddler (ELA-32) peptide in human plasma and kidney homogenates analyzed with mass spectrometry and validation of endogenous peptide quantification in tissues by ELISA2021-09-22 16:47:54
2021/09/15A complete workflow for discovering small bioactive peptides in foods by LC-MS/MS: A case study on almonds2021-09-15 14:39:51
2021/09/09Monitoring the M-protein of multiple myeloma patients treated with a combination of monoclonal antibodies: the laboratory solution to eliminate interference2021-09-09 17:59:53
2021/09/09A novel nonapeptide SSDAFFPFR from Antarctic krill exerts a protective effect on PC12 cells through the BCL-XL/Bax/Caspase-3/p53 signaling pathway2021-09-09 15:07:12
2021/09/09Cell affinity screening combined with nanoLC-MS/MS based peptidomics for identifying cancer cell binding peptides from Bufo Bufo gargarizans2021-09-09 15:07:07
2021/09/09Biorefinery of exhausted olive pomace through the production of polygalacturonases and omega-3 fatty acids by Crypthecodinium cohnii2021-09-09 15:07:00
2021/09/09Identification of urinary peptides associated with allergic rhinitis2021-09-09 15:06:45
2021/09/09Integrated Phosphoproteomics for Identifying Substrates of Human Protein Kinase A (PRKACA) and Its Oncogenic Mutant DNAJB 1 -PRKACA2021-09-09 15:06:35
2021/09/09Development of a Freshness Assay for Royal Jelly Based on the Temperature- and Time-Dependent Changes of Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Proteome Dynamics of Royal Jelly Proteins2021-09-09 15:06:10
2021/09/09Amyloid pathology and synaptic loss in pathological aging2021-09-09 15:05:36
2021/09/09Saltiness-Enhancing Peptides Isolated from the Chinese Commercial Fermented Soybean Curds with Potential Applications in Salt Reduction2021-09-09 15:05:32
2021/09/01Glucose starvation induces autophagy via ULK1-mediated activation of PIKfyve in an AMPK-dependent manner2021-09-01 12:49:03
2021/08/26A protocol for qualitative and quantitative measurement of endosomal processing using hot spot analysis2021-08-26 11:57:46
2021/08/19Integral Membrane Protein 2A Is a Negative Regulator of Canonical and Non-Canonical Hedgehog Signalling2021-08-19 14:27:23
2021/08/19Proteo-Transcriptomic Characterization of Sirex nitobei (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) Venom2021-08-19 14:27:19
2021/08/19Prepubertal arsenic exposure alters phosphoproteins profile, quality, and fertility of epididymal spermatozoa in sexually mature rats2021-08-19 14:27:18
2021/08/19FAK inhibitor PF-431396 suppresses IgE-mediated mast cell activation and allergic inflammation in mice2021-08-19 14:27:17
2021/08/19Ascaris suum Informs Extrasynaptic Volume Transmission in Nematodes2021-08-19 14:27:15
2021/08/18Investigation on P-Glycoprotein Function and Its Interacting Proteins under Simulated Microgravity2021-08-18 13:05:28
2021/08/11De Novo Sequencing of Antibody Light Chain Proteoforms from Patients with Multiple Myeloma2021-08-11 11:32:48
2021/08/04Synergistic sequence contributions bias glycation outcomes2021-08-04 10:28:12
2021/08/03Placental secretome characterization identifies candidates for pregnancy complications2021-08-03 08:57:39
2021/07/23Proteomic analysis of metabolic mechanisms associated with fatty acid biosynthesis during Styrax tonkinensis kernel development2021-07-23 09:25:08
2021/07/23Structural Analysis of a Novel Aspartic-Type Endopeptidase from Moringa oleifera Seeds and Its Milk-Clotting Properties2021-07-23 09:25:07
2021/07/23Burkholderia Pseudomallei Short-Chain Dehydrogenase/ Oxidoreductase: Potential Urine Biomarker Candidate for Acute Melioidosis2021-07-23 09:25:05
2021/07/23Protein Composition and Biomedical Potential of the Skin Secretion of Hylarana erythraea (Schlegel, 1837) (Anura: Ranidae) from Langkawi Archipelago, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia2021-07-23 09:24:56
2021/07/23Proteolysis-Targeting Chimeras Enhance T Cell Bispecific Antibody-Driven T Cell Activation and Effector Function through Increased MHC Class I Antigen Presentation in Cancer Cells2021-07-23 09:24:49
2021/07/23Bothrops moojeni Venom and Its Components Strongly Affect Osteoclasts’ Maturation and Protein Patterns2021-07-23 09:24:47
2021/07/23Using Peptidomics and Machine Learning to Assess Effects of Drying Processes on the Peptide Profile within a Functional Ingredient2021-07-23 09:24:44
2021/07/23Chlorella vulgaris phycoremediation at low Cu+2 contents: Proteomic profiling of microalgal metabolism related to fatty acids and CO2 fixation2021-07-23 09:24:43
2021/07/23Molecular mechanisms of growth depression in broiler chickens (Gallus Gallus domesticus) mediated by immune stress: a hepatic proteome study2021-07-23 09:24:35
2021/07/23Reciprocal interaction between SIRT6 and APC/C regulates genomic stability2021-07-23 09:24:26
2021/07/23Understanding nanoplastic toxicity and their interaction with engineered cationic nanopolymers in microalgae by physiological and proteomic approaches†2021-07-23 09:24:24
2021/07/23Complete loss of H3K9 methylation dissolves mouse heterochromatin organization2021-07-23 09:24:23
2021/07/23Exosomal annexin A6 induces gemcitabine resistance by inhibiting ubiquitination and degradation of EGFR in triple-negative breast cancer2021-07-23 09:24:21
2021/07/23Recent advances in mass-spectrometry based proteomics software, tools and databases2021-07-23 09:24:20
2021/07/23Multiomic analysis of Schistosoma mansoni reveals unique expression profiles in cercarial heads and tails2021-07-23 09:24:18
2021/07/23An Integrated Approach for Discovering Noncanonical MHC-I Peptides Encoded by Small Open Reading Frames2021-07-23 09:24:17
2021/06/21An essential role of the autophagy activating kinase ULK1 in snRNP biogenesis2021-06-21 09:06:03
2021/06/21Physio-ultrastructural footprints and iTRAQ-based proteomic approach unravel the role of Piriformospora indica-colonization in counteracting cadmium toxicity in rice2021-06-21 09:06:01
2021/06/21Anticancer activity of protein fractions from chia (Salvia hispanica L.)2021-06-21 09:05:59
2021/06/21Digging deeper into the immunopeptidome: characterization of post-translationally modified peptides presented by MHC I2021-06-21 09:05:50
2021/06/21Oxidation induced by dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma treatment reduces IgG/IgE binding capacity and improves the functionality of glycinin2021-06-21 09:05:48
2021/06/21Discovery of peptide biomarkers by label-free peptidomics for discrimination of horn gelatin and hide gelatin from Cervus nippon Temminck2021-06-21 09:05:44
2021/06/21Sensopeptidomic Kinetic Approach Combined with Decision Trees and Random Forests to Study the Bitterness during Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kinetics of Micellar Caseins2021-06-21 09:05:42
2021/06/21Relation between micro- and nanostructure features and biological properties of the decellularized rat liver2021-06-21 09:05:39
2021/06/04Colorectal cancer cell intrinsic fibroblast activation protein alpha binds to Enolase1 and activates NF-κB pathway to promote metastasis2021-06-04 09:10:15
2021/06/04Effects of Protein Source on Liposome Uptake by Cells: Corona Composition and Impact of the Excess Free Proteins2021-06-04 09:10:07
2021/06/04CD9 inhibition reveals a functional connection of extracellular vesicle secretion with mitophagy in melanoma cells2021-06-04 09:10:06
2021/06/04A Novel Method for Creating a Synthetic L-DOPA Proteome and In Vitro Evidence of Incorporation2021-06-04 09:10:04
2021/06/04The Resistance Responses of Potato Plants to Potato Virus Y Are Associated with an Increased Cellular Methionine Content and an Altered SAM:SAH Methylation Index2021-06-04 09:10:03
2021/06/04Mutant Presenilin 1 Dysregulates Exosomal Proteome Cargo Produced by Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Neurons2021-06-04 09:10:01
2021/06/04Effect of Cryoablation Treatment on the Protein Expression Profile of Low-Grade Central Chondrosarcoma Identified by LC-ESI-MS/MS2021-06-04 09:09:59
2021/06/04Proteomic Analysis on Anti-Proliferative and Apoptosis Effects of Curcumin Analog, 1,5-bis(4-Hydroxy-3-Methyoxyphenyl)-1,4-Pentadiene-3-One-Treated Human Glioblastoma and Neuroblastoma Cells2021-06-04 09:09:53
2021/06/04An Early Block in the Replication of the Atypical Bluetongue Virus Serotype 26 in Culicoides Cells Is Determined by Its Capsid Proteins2021-06-04 09:09:47
2021/06/04Proteogenomic Assessment of Intraspecific Venom Variability: Molecular Adaptations in the Venom Arsenal of Conus purpurascens2021-06-04 09:09:46
2021/06/04Generation of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species is controlled by ATPase inhibitory factor 1 and regulates cognition2021-06-04 09:09:40
2021/06/04The protein and volatile components of trail mucus in the Common Garden Snail, Cornu aspersum2021-06-04 09:09:39
2021/06/04Akt Kinase Intervenes in Flavivirus Replication by Interacting with Viral Protein NS52021-06-04 09:09:38
2021/06/01Protein function analysis of germinated Moringa oleifera seeds, and purification and characterization of their milk-clotting peptidase2021-06-01 14:38:56
2021/06/01The ATR-WEE1 kinase module inhibits the MAC complex to regulate replication stress response2021-06-01 14:38:55
2021/06/01Synergistically Bifunctional Paramagnetic Separation Enables Efficient Isolation of Urine Extracellular Vesicles and Downstream Phosphoproteomic Analysis2021-06-01 14:38:52
2021/06/01Isolation and identification of novel antibacterial peptides produced by Lactobacillus fermentum SHY10 in Chinese pickles2021-06-01 14:38:50
2021/06/01Extracellular vesicles released from the filarial parasite Brugia malayi downregulate the host mTOR pathway2021-06-01 14:38:49
2021/06/01Pannexin 1 mutation found in melanoma tumor reduces phosphorylation, glycosylation, and trafficking of the channel-forming protein2021-06-01 14:38:48
2021/06/01Comparative proteomic analysis of Celastrus hindsii Benth. phenotypes reveals an intraspecific variation2021-06-01 14:38:47
2021/06/01Anthem: a user customised tool for fast and accurate prediction of binding between peptides and HLA class I molecules2021-06-01 14:38:45
2021/06/01Purification, characterization and molecular docking study of angiotensin-I converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptide from shortfin scad (Decapterus macrosoma) protein hydrolysate2021-06-01 14:38:44
2021/06/01Mechanistic Insight into Royal Protein Inhibiting the Gram-Positive Bacteria2021-06-01 14:38:43
2021/06/01Isolation and identification of the umami peptides from Trachinotus ovatus hydrolysate by consecutive chromatography and Nano-HPLC-MS/MS2021-06-01 14:38:42
2021/06/01Myosin Binding Protein-C Forms Amyloid-Like Aggregates In Vitro2021-06-01 14:38:40
2021/05/03Celastrol targets adenylyl cyclase-associated protein 1 to reduce macrophages-mediated inflammation and ameliorates high fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome in mice2021-05-03 09:17:57
2021/05/03Proteomic Analysis of Differentially Expressed Proteins in the Placenta of Anticardiolipin Antibody- (ACA-) Positive Pregnant Mice after Anzi Heji Treatment2021-05-03 09:17:56
2021/05/03The Nature of Resistance of the Coagulation Factor XIII Structure to Hypochlorite-Induced Oxidation2021-05-03 09:17:46
2021/05/03Functional Significance of Conserved Cysteines in the Extracellular Loops of the ATP Binding Cassette Transporter Pdr11p2021-05-03 09:17:44
2021/05/03Yam (Dioscorea cayennensis) protein concentrate: Production, characterization and in vitro evaluation of digestibility2021-05-03 09:17:43
2021/05/03Rapid Sample Preparation Workflow for Serum Sample Analysis with Different Mass Spectrometry Acquisition Strategies2021-05-03 09:17:41
2021/05/03Proteomic Analyses Detect Higher Expression of C-Type Lectins in Imidacloprid-Resistant Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say2021-05-03 09:17:40
2021/05/03Platelet‐derived extracellular vesicles are increased in sera of Alzheimer’s disease patients, as revealed by Tim4‐based assays2021-05-03 09:17:39
2021/05/03Cancer‐secreted miRNAs regulate amino‐acid‐induced mTORC1 signaling and fibroblast protein synthesis2021-05-03 09:17:34
2021/05/03Unveil the Gold – Revealing Metal Threads and Decorative Materials of Early Twentieth Century Traditional Chinese Children’s Hats2021-05-03 09:17:28
2021/05/03Collagen derived species-specific peptides for distinguishing donkey-hide gelatin (Asini Corii Colla)2021-05-03 09:17:26
2021/05/03Failure to Degrade CAT-Tailed Proteins Disrupts Neuronal Morphogenesis and Cell Survival2021-05-03 09:08:39
2021/05/03Amino acids, fatty acids, and peptides in microalgae biomass harvested from phycoremediation of swine wastewaters2021-05-03 09:08:37
2021/05/03mTORC2 Assembly Is Regulated by USP9X-Mediated Deubiquitination of RICTOR2021-05-03 09:08:36
2021/05/03New Bioactive Peptides Identified from a Tilapia Byproduct Hydrolysate Exerting Effects on DPP-IV Activity and Intestinal Hormones Regulation after Canine Gastrointestinal Simulated Digestion2021-05-03 09:08:34
2021/05/03An efficient heterologous Escherichia coli-based expression system for lectin production from Pleurocybella porrigens2021-05-03 09:08:33
2021/05/03Integrated Omics in salmon skin mucus for determining consequences of chloramine treatment against parasite infestation2021-05-03 09:08:31
2021/05/03A novel bacteriocin from Lactobacillus salivarius against Staphylococcus aureus: Isolation, purification, identification, antibacterial and antibiofilm activity2021-05-03 09:08:29
2021/05/03Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Expressed Apple Allergen Mal d 12021-05-03 09:08:28
2021/05/03Identification of novel protein-coding sequences in Eucalyptus grandis plants by high-resolution mass spectrometry2021-05-03 09:08:26
2021/05/03Characterization of the Class I MHC Peptidome Resulting From DNCB Exposure of HaCaT Cells2021-05-03 09:08:24
2021/04/09Oligodendroglial glycolytic stress triggers inflammasome activation and neuropathology in Alzheimer’s disease2021-04-09 11:56:42
2021/04/09Macrophage-stimulating activity of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) peptides in RAW264.7 cells mediated via NF-κB and MAPK signaling pathways2021-04-09 11:56:30
2021/04/09Comprehensive Profiling of the Native and Modified Peptidomes of Raw Bovine Milk and Processed Milk Products2021-04-09 11:56:22
2021/04/09Proteins interacting with Leishmania major PUF1: A proteomic dataset2021-04-09 11:56:13
2021/04/09Post-Translational Modification Analysis of VDAC1 in ALS-SOD1 Model Cells Reveals Specific Asparagine and Glutamine Deamidation2021-04-09 11:56:04
2021/04/09An Update of the Virion Proteome of Kaposi Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus2021-04-09 11:55:54
2021/04/09Mapping and IgE-binding capacity analysis of heat/digested stable epitopes of mud crab allergens2021-04-09 11:53:09
2021/04/09Differential Diagnosis of Preeclampsia Based on Urine Peptidome Features Revealed by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry2021-04-09 11:52:58
2021/04/09Thermostability profiling of MHC-bound peptides: a new dimension in immunopeptidomics and aid for immunotherapy design2021-04-09 11:52:48
2021/04/09Plasmid replication-associated single-strand-specific methyltransferases2021-04-09 11:52:40
2021/04/09A comparative study on the leishmanicidal activity of the L-amino acid oxidases BjussuLAAO-II and BmooLAAO-II isolated from Brazilian Bothrops snake venoms2021-04-09 11:52:33
2021/04/09Identification and characterization of novel α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory peptides from camel whey proteins2021-04-09 11:51:06
2021/03/30Genomics- and Peptidomics-Based Discovery of Conserved and Novel Neuropeptides in the American Cockroach2021-03-30 10:46:04
2021/03/30Purification and stability analysis of antimicrobial proteins from Varuna litterata2021-03-30 10:45:54
2021/03/30Acclimation to prolonged aquatic hypercarbia or air enhances hemoglobin‑oxygen affinity in an amphibious fish2021-03-30 10:45:48
2021/03/30Natranaerofaba carboxydovora gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely haloalkaliphilic CO‐utilizing acetogen from a hypersaline soda lake representing a novel deep phylogenetic lineage in the class ‘Natranaerobiia’2021-03-30 10:45:41
2021/03/30Proteomic analysis and biochemical alterations in marine mussel gills after exposure to the organophosphate flame retardant TDCPP2021-03-30 10:45:34
2021/03/30LC-MS analysis reveals biological and metabolic processes essential for Candida albicans biofilm growth2021-03-30 10:45:20
2021/03/30Multifunctional bioactive peptides derived from quinoa protein hydrolysates: Inhibition of α-glucosidase, dipeptidyl peptidase-IV and angiotensin I converting enzymes2021-03-30 10:45:10
2021/03/30Organoid Sample Preparation and Extraction for LC-MS Peptidomics2021-03-30 10:44:45
2021/03/30The earless monitor lizard Lanthanotus borneensis – A venomous animal?2021-03-30 10:44:35
2021/03/30Identification and characterization of a tumor necrosis factor receptor like protein encoded by Cyprinid Herpesvirus 22021-03-30 10:44:19
2021/03/30Optogenetic Stimulation of Basal Forebrain Parvalbumin Neurons Activates the Default Mode Network and Associated Behaviors2021-03-30 10:44:10
2021/03/30Co-activation of Akt, Nrf2, and NF-κB signals under UPR ER in torpid Myotis ricketti bats for survival2021-03-30 10:43:47
2021/03/30Identification and Characterization of Edible Cricket Peptides on Hypertensive and Glycemic In Vitro Inhibition and Their Anti-Inflammatory Activity on RAW 264.7 Macrophage Cells2021-03-30 10:43:38
2021/03/30System-wide molecular dynamics of endothelial dysfunction in Gram-negative sepsis2021-03-30 10:43:27
2021/03/30An endogenous PI3K interactome promoting astrocyte mediated neuroprotection identifies a novel association with RNA binding protein ZC3H142021-03-30 10:43:18
2021/03/18Enzymatic valorization process of yellow cocoon waste for production of antioxidative sericin and fibroin film2021-03-18 16:10:06
2021/03/18An HDAC6-dependent surveillance mechanism suppresses tau-mediated neurodegeneration and cognitive decline2021-03-18 16:10:03
2021/03/18Glycosylation of Serum Clusterin in Wild-Type Transthyretin-Associated (ATTRwt) Amyloidosis: A Study of Disease-Associated Compositional Features Using Mass Spectrometry Analyses2021-03-18 16:09:59
2021/03/18Effect of pH and Heat Treatment on the Antioxidant Activity of Egg White Protein-Derived Peptides after Simulated In-Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion2021-03-18 16:09:55
2021/03/18Comparative study on formation of protein coronas under three different serum origins2021-03-18 16:09:51
2021/03/18Protein sequence comparison of human and non-human primate tooth proteomes2021-03-18 16:09:46
2021/03/18Proteolysis of tilapia skin collagen: Identification and release behavior of ACE-inhibitory peptides2021-03-18 16:09:37
2021/03/18Untangling the fibre ball: Proteomic characterization of South American camelid hair fibres by untargeted multivariate analysis and molecular networking2021-03-18 16:09:35
2021/03/18In Vitro Assessment of the Impact of Industrial Processes on the Gastrointestinal Digestion of Milk Protein Matrices Using the INFOGEST Protocol2021-03-18 16:09:30
2021/03/11Glass Fiber-Supported Hybrid Monolithic Spin Tip for Enrichment of Phosphopeptides from Urinary Extracellular Vesicles2021-03-11 14:22:32
2021/03/11Sulfoxidation regulation of transcription factor NAC42 influences its functions in relation to stress-induced fruit ripening in banana2021-03-11 14:22:29
2021/03/11Characterization of Novel Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV Inhibitory Peptides from Soft-Shelled Turtle Yolk Hydrolysate Using Orthogonal Bioassay-Guided Fractionations Coupled with In Vitro and In Silico Study2021-03-11 14:22:27
2021/03/11Using serum peptidomics to discovery the diagnostic marker for different stage of ulcerative colitis2021-03-11 14:22:24
2021/03/11Differential compartmental processing and phosphorylation of pathogenic human tau and native mouse tau in the line 66 model of frontotemporal dementia2021-03-11 14:22:22
2021/03/11Label-free proteomics uncovers SMC1A expression is Down-regulated in AUB-E2021-03-11 14:22:18
2021/03/11Purification and identification of dual-enzyme hydrolysates obtained from defatted walnut and its antioxidant effects on D-galactose-induced aging mice2021-03-11 14:22:14
2021/03/11Chemical and biological characteristics of hydrolysate of crucian carp swim bladder: Focus on preventing ulcerative colitis2021-03-11 14:22:11
2021/03/11Identification of New Antimicrobial Peptides from Mediterranean Medical Plant Charybdis pancration (Steinh.) Speta2021-03-11 14:22:07
2021/03/11Comprehensive identification of native medium-sized and short bioactive peptides in sea bass muscle2021-03-11 14:21:54
2021/03/02Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of mother-to-egg immune protection in the mealworm beetle Tenebrio molitor2021-03-02 16:45:33
2021/03/02The Pseudomonas aeruginosa protease LasB directly activates IL-1β2021-03-02 16:45:27
2021/03/02De Novo Discovery of High-Affinity Peptide Binders for the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein2021-03-02 16:45:20
2021/03/02Baijiu vinasse as a new source of bioactive peptides with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity2021-03-02 16:45:17
2021/03/02Novel Formaldehyde-Induced Modifications of Lysine Residue Pairs in Peptides and Proteins: Identification and Relevance to Vaccine Development2021-03-02 16:45:13
2021/03/02Vulpeculin: a novel and abundant lipocalin in the urine of the common brushtail possum, Trichosurus vulpecula2021-03-02 16:45:10
2021/03/02Protein Biomarker Discovery for Methicillin-Sensitive, Heterogeneous Vancomycin-Intermediate and Vancomycin-Intermediate Staphylococcus aureus Strains Using Label-Free Data-Independent Acquisition Proteomics2021-03-02 16:45:06
2021/03/02TMT-based quantitative proteomic analysis of antitumor mechanism of Sporisorium reilianum polysaccharide WM-NP-60 against HCT116 cells2021-03-02 16:45:02
2021/03/02Mass Spectrometry Quantification, Localization, and Discovery of Feeding-Related Neuropeptides in Cancer borealis2021-03-02 16:44:56
2021/03/02Principal Component Analysis from Mass Spectrometry Data Combined to a Sensory Evaluation as a Suitable Method for Assessing Bitterness of Enzymatic Hydrolysates Produced from Micellar Casein Proteins2021-03-02 16:44:52
2021/03/02Antimalarial antibody repertoire defined by plasma IG proteomics and single B cell IG sequencing2021-03-02 16:44:48
2021/03/02Bovine Hemoglobin Enzymatic Hydrolysis by a New Ecoefficient Process—Part I: Feasibility of Electrodialysis with Bipolar Membrane and Production of Neokyotorphin (α137-141)2021-03-02 16:44:42
2021/02/25Rubisco activase requires residues in the large subunit N terminus to remodel inhibited plant Rubisco2021-02-25 09:08:20
2021/02/25Low molecular weight peptides generated from palm kernel cake via solid state lacto-fermentation extend the shelf life of bread2021-02-25 09:08:18
2021/02/25Biochemical and biophysical analyses of hypoxia sensing prolyl hydroxylases from Dictyostelium discoideum and Toxoplasma gondii2021-02-25 09:08:16
2021/02/25iTRAQ‐based quantitative proteomic analysis of Sargassum fusiforme in response to high temperature stress2021-02-25 09:08:14
2021/02/25A regulatory region on RIPK2 is required for XIAP binding and NOD signaling activity2021-02-25 09:08:12
2021/02/25Identification of Cytosolic Protein Targets of Catechol Estrogens in Breast Cancer Cells Using a Click Chemistry-Based Workflow2021-02-25 09:08:10
2021/02/25Gluten proteome comparison among durum wheat genotypes with different release date2021-02-25 09:08:07
2021/02/25In Vitro Assessment of Probiotic Potential and Functional Properties of Lactobacillus reuteri LR12021-02-25 09:08:03
2021/02/25Double-Stranded RNA Binding Proteins in Serum Contribute to Systemic RNAi Across Phyla—Towards Finding the Missing Link in Achelata2021-02-25 09:08:01
2021/02/25Assessment of Some Immune Components from The Bioactive Crude Extract Derived from The Epidermal Mucus of Climbing Perch Anabas Testudines2021-02-25 09:07:59
2021/02/17Proteomic and transcriptomic studies of BGC823 cells stimulated with Helicobacter pylori isolates from gastric MALT lymphoma2021-02-17 14:46:08
2021/02/17Quantitative Proteomic Profiling of Murine Ocular Tissue and the Extracellular Environment2021-02-17 14:46:03
2021/02/17The SUMO Conjugase Ubc9 Protects Dopaminergic Cells from Cytotoxicity and Enhances the Stability of α-Synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease Models2021-02-17 14:45:59
2021/02/17Identification and characterization of a polyurethanase with lipase activity from Serratia liquefaciens isolated from cold raw cow’s milk2021-02-17 14:45:56
2021/02/17Robust and sensitive peptidomics workflow for plasma based on specific extraction, lipid removal, capillary LC setup and multinozzle ESI emitter2021-02-17 14:45:51
2021/02/17Identification of a unique anti‐Ro60 subset with restricted serological and molecular profiles2021-02-17 14:45:47
2021/02/17Quantitative changes in peptides derived from proteins in beef tenderloin (psoas major muscle) and striploin (longissimus lumborum muscle) during cold storage2021-02-17 14:45:39
2021/02/17Photooxidative stress-inducible orange and pink water-soluble astaxanthin-binding proteins in eukaryotic microalga2021-02-17 14:45:35
2021/02/17Carbonate Apatite and Hydroxyapatite Formulated with Minimal Ingredients to Deliver SiRNA into Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo2021-02-17 14:45:30
2021/02/17Current knowledge on the extraction, purification, identification, and validation of bioactive peptides from seaweed2021-02-17 14:45:23
2021/02/01Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Promotes SLA-DR-Mediated Antigen Presentation of Nonstructural Proteins To Evoke a Nonneutralizing Antibody Response In Vivo2021-02-01 15:32:39
2021/02/01The Experimental Proteome of Leishmania infantum Promastigote and Its Usefulness for Improving Gene Annotations2021-02-01 15:32:37
2021/02/01Palaeoproteomics gives new insight into early southern African pastoralism2021-02-01 15:32:28
2021/02/01Effects of fermentation periods on antioxidant and angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory activities of peptides from fish sauce by-products2021-02-01 15:32:26
2021/02/01The anti-inflammatory potential of protein-bound anthocyanin compounds from purple sweet potato in LPS-induced RAW264.7 macrophages2021-02-01 15:32:24
2021/02/01Urinary Peptides Associated Closely with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus2021-02-01 15:32:20
2021/02/01Advanced protein adsorption properties of a novel silicate-based bioceramic: A proteomic analysis2021-02-01 15:32:19
2021/02/01The 10q26 Risk Haplotype of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Aggravates Subretinal Inflammation by Impairing Monocyte Elimination2021-02-01 15:32:17
2020/12/07Sex differences in changes of protein synthesis with rapamycin treatment are minimized when metformin is added to rapamycin2020-12-07 13:42:28
2020/12/07A Versatile Isobaric Tag Enables Proteome Quantification in Data-Dependent and Data-Independent Acquisition Modes2020-12-07 13:42:26
2020/12/07Enabling Routine MHC-II-Associated Peptide Proteomics for Risk Assessment of Drug-Induced Immunogenicity2020-12-07 13:42:23
2020/12/07Degradomics-Based Analysis of Tetanus Toxoids as a Quality Control Assay2020-12-07 13:42:21
2020/12/07Persistent or Transient Human β Cell Dysfunction Induced by Metabolic Stress: Specific Signatures and Shared Gene Expression with Type 2 Diabetes2020-12-07 13:42:19
2020/12/07Recifin A, Initial Example of the Tyr-Lock Peptide Structural Family, Is a Selective Allosteric Inhibitor of Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase I2020-12-07 13:42:13
2020/12/07Proteotranscriptomic Insights into the Venom Composition of the Wolf Spider Lycosa tarantula2020-12-07 13:42:10
2020/12/07Alterocin, an Antibiofilm Protein Secreted by Pseudoalteromonas sp. Strain 3J62020-12-07 13:42:09
2020/12/07Mechanism study on enhanced foaming properties of individual albumen proteins by Lactobacillus fermentation2020-12-07 13:42:06
2020/12/07Authentication of nine poultry species using high-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry2020-12-07 13:42:04
2020/12/07Editing of the Proteolytic System of Lactococcus lactis Increases Its Bioactive Potential2020-12-07 13:42:01
2020/12/07Mining, heterologous expression, purification and characterization of 14 novel bacteriocins from Lactobacillus rhamnosus LS-82020-12-07 13:41:59
2020/12/07Nuclear miR-30b-5p suppresses TFEB-mediated lysosomal biogenesis and autophagy2020-12-07 13:41:57
2020/12/07BAG5 Promotes Alpha-Synuclein Oligomer Formation and Functionally Interacts With the Autophagy Adaptor Protein p622020-12-07 13:41:54
2020/12/07Toposome: Source of antimicrobial molecules in the gonads of the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck, 1816)2020-12-07 13:41:51
2020/12/07A Multiomics Approach Unravels New Toxins With Possible In Silico Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Antitumoral Activities in the Venom of Acanthoscurria rondoniae2020-12-07 13:41:49
2020/12/07In Vivo Antifatigue Activity of Spirulina Peptides Achieved by Their Antioxidant Activity and by Acting on Fat Metabolism Pathway in Mice2020-12-07 13:41:40
2020/11/02A dynamic mouse peptidome landscape reveals probiotic modulation of the gut-brain axis2020-11-02 14:19:30
2020/11/02Multiple Signaling Roles of CD3ε and Its Application in CAR-T Cell Therapy2020-11-02 14:19:28
2020/11/02Identification of Flucloxacillin-Haptenated HLA-B*57:01 Ligands: Evidence of Antigen Processing and Presentation2020-11-02 14:19:06
2020/11/02Oxidative Modification of Coagulation Factor XIII: Structural and Functional Aspects2020-11-02 14:18:59
2020/11/02Discovery of treatment for nerve agents targeting a new metabolic pathway2020-11-02 14:18:57
2020/11/02Production of yeast hydrolysates by Bacillus subtilis derived enzymes and antihypertensive activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats2020-11-02 14:18:55
2020/11/02Naja sumatrana venom cytotoxin, sumaCTX exhibits concentration-dependent cytotoxicity via caspase-activated mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis without transitioning to necrosis2020-11-02 14:18:53
2020/11/02A glycomics and proteomics study of aging and Parkinson’s disease in human brain2020-11-02 14:18:50
2020/11/02Humanized antibody for treating or preventing cognitive disorders, process for producing the same, and agent for treating or preventing cognitive disorders using the same2020-11-02 14:18:46
2020/11/02Effects of Lactobacillus plantarum CD101 and Staphylococcus simulans NJ201 on proteolytic changes and bioactivities (antioxidant and antihypertensive activities) in fermented pork sausage2020-11-02 14:18:44
2020/11/02Analysis of the proteins secreted by Trichoderma harzianum P49P11 under carbon-limited conditions2020-11-02 14:18:41
2020/11/02Biochemical and functional characterization of a new recombinant phospholipase A2 inhibitor from Crotalus durissus collilineatus snake serum2020-11-02 14:18:38
2020/10/26Cell Proliferation Stimulation Ability and Osteogenic Activity of Low Molecular Weight Peptides Derived from Bovine Gelatin Hydrolysates2020-10-26 14:05:49
2020/10/26Functional Microbiota for Polypeptide Degradation during Hypertonic Moromi-Fermentation of Pixian Broad Bean Paste2020-10-26 14:05:41
2020/10/26Data on proteome of Mycoplasma hominis cultivated with arginine or thymidine as a carbon source2020-10-26 14:05:37
2020/10/26Persistence of peanut allergen-derived peptides throughout excessive dry thermal processing2020-10-26 14:05:33
2020/10/26Coordinate β-adrenergic inhibition of mitochondrial activity and angiogenesis arrest tumor growth2020-10-26 14:05:29
2020/10/26The Molecular Machinery of Gametogenesis in Geodia Demosponges (Porifera): Evolutionary Origins of a Conserved Toolkit across Animals2020-10-26 14:05:20
2020/10/26Extraction optimization for combined metabolomics, peptidomics, and proteomics analysis of gut microbiota samples2020-10-26 14:05:13
2020/10/26Expression and characterization of a new serine protease inhibitory protein in Escherichia coli2020-10-26 14:05:09
2020/10/26Copper bioavailability is a KRAS-specific vulnerability in colorectal cancer2020-10-26 14:05:03
2020/10/26A comparison of proteomic, genomic, and osteological methods of archaeological sex estimation2020-10-26 14:04:59
2020/10/26Pharmacological Targeting of Vacuolar H+-ATPase via Subunit V1G Combats Multidrug-Resistant Cancer2020-10-26 14:04:53
2020/10/26Integration of organ metabolomics and proteomics in exploring the blood enriching mechanism of Danggui Buxue Decoction in hemorrhagic anemia rats2020-10-26 14:04:29
2020/10/264‐Hydroxy‐2‐nonenal attenuates 8‐oxoguanine DNA glycosylase 1 activity2020-10-26 14:04:11
2020/10/26Formaldehyde treatment of proteins enhances proteolytic degradation by the endo-lysosomal protease cathepsin S2020-10-26 14:03:49
2020/10/26Health Promoting Bioactive Properties of Novel Hairless Canary Seed Flour after In Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion2020-10-26 14:03:43
2020/10/26Aging is associated with a decline in Atg9b‐mediated autophagosome formation and appearance of enlarged mitochondria in the heart2020-10-26 14:03:31
2020/10/26Proteomic analysis of serum-derived extracellular vesicles in ankylosing spondylitis patients2020-10-26 14:03:18
2020/10/26A Critical Review of Bottom-Up Proteomics: The Good, the Bad, and the Future of This Field2020-10-26 14:03:15
2020/10/26Orthosiphon stamineus Proteins Alleviate Pentylenetetrazol-Induced Seizures in Zebrafish2020-10-26 14:03:06
2020/09/08A Viable New Strategy for the Discovery of Peptide Proteolytic Cleavage Products in Plant-Microbe Interactions2020-09-08 10:50:55
2020/09/08iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis reveals the metabolic pathways of grain chalkiness in response to nitrogen topdressing in rice2020-09-08 10:50:55
2020/09/08Investigation of caprine milk serum proteome and glycated proteome changes during heat treatment using robust ion mobility time-of-flight proteomic techniques2020-09-08 10:50:54
2020/09/08Antarctic krill derived peptide as a nanocarrier of iron through the gastrointestinal tract2020-09-08 10:50:54
2020/09/08A Venomics Approach Coupled to High-Throughput Toxin Production Strategies Identifies the First Venom-Derived Melanocortin Receptor Agonists2020-09-08 10:50:53
2020/09/08Quantitative proteomics reveals rapid divergence in the postmating response of female reproductive tracts among sibling species2020-09-08 10:50:52
2020/09/08Functional and Mass Spectrometric Evaluation of an Anti-Tick Antigen Based on the P0 Peptide Conjugated to Bm86 Protein2020-09-08 10:50:51
2020/09/08Conserved cysteine dioxidation enhances membrane interaction of human Cl− intracellular channel 52020-09-08 10:50:50
2020/09/08Specific O-GlcNAc modification at Ser-615 modulates eNOS function2020-09-08 10:50:49
2020/09/08Matrix Rigidity Controls Epithelial-Mesenchymal Plasticity and Tumor Metastasis via a Mechanoresponsive EPHA2/LYN Complex2020-09-08 10:50:49
2020/07/27LUZP1, a novel regulator of primary cilia and the actin cytoskeleton, is a contributing factor in Townes-Brocks Syndrome2020-07-27 13:01:35
2020/07/27Excessive Polyamine Generation in Keratinocytes Promotes Self-RNA Sensing by Dendritic Cells in Psoriasis2020-07-27 12:57:31
2020/07/27Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) ORF3 protein is transported through the exocytic pathway2020-07-27 12:57:19
2020/07/27Venomics Approach Reveals a High Proportion of Lactrodectus-Like Toxins in the Venom of the Noble False Widow Spider Steatoda nobilis2020-07-27 12:57:05
2020/07/27The Structure of Blood Coagulation Factor XIII Is Adapted to Oxidation2020-07-27 12:56:53
2020/07/27Proteomic Analysis Identifies Distinct Glomerular Extracellular Matrix in Collapsing Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis2020-07-27 12:56:40
2020/07/27Identification of antioxidant and antibacterial activities for the bioactive peptides generated from bitter beans (Parkia speciosa) via boiling and fermentation processes2020-07-27 12:56:26
2020/06/23Fast venomic analysis of Crotalus durissus terrificus from northeastern Argentina2020-06-23 13:11:52
2020/06/23Identification and Characterization of Gd-Binding Proteins in NIH-3T3 Cells2020-06-23 13:08:23
2020/06/23Purification of Low‐abundance Lysozyme in Egg White via Free‐Flow Electrophoresis with Gel‐filtration Chromatography2020-06-23 13:06:48
2020/06/23Characterization of different alginate lyases for dissolving Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms2020-06-23 13:05:45
2020/06/23Bioactive Excreted/Secreted Products of Entomopathogenic Nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora Inhibit the Phenoloxidase Activity during the Infection2020-06-23 13:04:21
2020/06/23ADP binding by the Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito D7 salivary protein enhances blood feeding on mammals2020-06-23 13:03:30
2020/06/23Dynamic proteomic analysis of Aedes aegypti Aag-2 cells infected with Mayaro virus2020-06-23 13:02:26
2020/06/23Proteomic Profile of Mouse Brain Aging Contributions to Mitochondrial Dysfunction, DNA Oxidative Damage, Loss of Neurotrophic Factor, and Synaptic and Ribosomal Proteins2020-06-23 13:01:26
2020/06/23Screening trimethoprim primary metabolites for covalent binding to albumin2020-06-23 13:00:15
2020/06/23Extending the Comprehensiveness of Immunopeptidome Analyses Using Isobaric Peptide Labeling2020-06-23 12:59:24
2020/06/23Purification and Characterization of a New CRISP-Related Protein from Scapharca broughtonii and Its Immunomodulatory Activity2020-06-23 12:58:35
2020/06/23Developing a multivariable prediction model for functional outcome after reperfusion therapy for acute ischaemic stroke: study protocol for the Targeting Optimal Thrombolysis Outcomes (TOTO) multicentre cohort study2020-06-23 12:57:28
2020/06/23Melatonin enhances the cadmium tolerance of mushrooms through antioxidant-related metabolites and enzymes2020-06-23 12:56:31
2020/06/23The Recombinant Fragment of Human κ-Casein Induces Cell Death by Targeting the Proteins of Mitochondrial Import in Breast Cancer Cells2020-06-23 12:55:27
2020/06/23Dysfunctional oxidative phosphorylation shunts branched‐chain amino acid catabolism onto lipogenesis in skeletal muscle2020-06-23 12:54:34
2020/06/23Seven novel umami peptides from Takifugu rubripes and their taste characteristics2020-06-23 12:53:27
2020/06/23Olig2 SUMOylation protects against genotoxic damage response by antagonizing p53 gene targeting2020-06-23 12:52:27
2020/06/23Isolation of proteins from spent coffee grounds. Polyphenol removal and peptide identification in the protein hydrolysates by RP-HPLC-ESI-Q-TOF2020-06-23 12:51:20
2020/06/23Comparative characterization of Viperidae snake venoms from Perú reveals two compositional patterns of phospholipase A₂ expression2020-06-23 12:50:25
2020/06/23Dephosphorylation of cGAS by PPP6C impairs its substrate binding activity and innate antiviral response2020-06-23 12:48:43
2020/06/23Ectosomal PKM2 Promotes HCC by Inducing Macrophage Differentiation and Remodeling the Tumor Microenvironment2020-06-23 12:47:33
2020/06/23A network of RNA-binding proteins controls translation efficiency to activate anaerobic metabolism2020-06-23 12:46:41
2020/06/23Isolation and pharmacological characterization of α-Elapitoxin-Na1a, a novel short-chain postsynaptic neurotoxin from the venom of the Chinese Cobra (Naja atra)2020-06-23 12:45:07
2020/06/23Never boring: Non-invasive palaeoproteomics of mummified human skin2020-06-23 12:43:28
2020/06/23Evaluation of the relationship between the peptide profiles and the lipid-lowering properties of olive seed hydrolysates as a tool for tuning hypocholesterolemic functionality2020-06-23 12:39:30
2020/06/23Insight into the Lifestyle of Amoeba Willaertia magna during Bioreactor Growth Using Transcriptomics and Proteomics2020-06-23 12:36:44
2020/06/23Optimization of Method for Human Sex Determination Using Peptidome Analysis of Teeth Enamel from Teeth of Different Biological Generation, Archeological Age, and Degrees of Taphonomic Preservation2020-06-23 12:33:21
2020/06/23Studies of ApoD -/- and ApoD -/- ApoE -/- Mice Uncover the APOD Significance for Retinal Metabolism, Function, and Status of Chorioretinal Blood Vessels2020-06-23 12:31:48
2020/05/26A micropeptide encoded by lncRNA MIR155HG suppresses autoimmune inflammation via modulating antigen presentation2020-05-26 09:28:08
2020/05/26Establishment of an in vitro RNA polymerase transcription system: a new tool to study transcriptional activation in Borrelia burgdorferi2020-05-26 09:27:15
2020/05/26Comparative proteomics reveals genetic mechanisms underlying secondary hair follicle development in fine wool sheep during the fetal stage2020-05-26 09:26:23
2020/05/26Characterization and antimicrobial activity of lectins purified from three Egyptian leguminous seeds2020-05-26 09:23:51
2020/05/26Proteomic characterization of damaged single hairs recovered after an explosion for protein-based human identification2020-05-26 09:22:44
2020/05/26Design and experimental evaluation of a minimal, innocuous watermarking strategy to distinguish near-identical DNA and RNA sequences2020-05-26 09:21:56
2020/05/26Shedding Light on the Venom Proteomes of the Allergy-Relevant Hymenoptera Polistes dominula (European Paper Wasp) and Vespula spp. (Yellow Jacket)2020-05-26 09:20:56
2020/05/26An Integrated Proteomic and Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals the Venom Complexity of the Bullet Ant Paraponera clavata2020-05-26 09:19:22
2020/05/26Glucose-dependent partitioning of arginine to the urea cycle protects β-cells from inflammation2020-05-26 09:18:03
2020/05/26Tryptic Mapping Based Structural Insights of Endo-1, 4-β-Xylanase from Thermomyces lanuginosus VAPS-242020-05-26 09:16:19
2020/05/19Marker peptide combination for source identification of gelatins obtained from Equidae hides by LC–MS/MS detection2020-05-19 10:21:00
2020/05/19Antibiotic selective pressure in microcosms: Pollution influences the persistence of multidrug resistant Shigella flexneri 2a YSH6000 strain in polluted river water samples2020-05-19 10:19:48
2020/05/19Prion protein N1 cleavage peptides stimulate microglial interaction with surrounding cells2020-05-19 10:18:31
2020/05/19Fasting inhibits aerobic glycolysis and proliferation in colorectal cancer via the Fdft1-mediated AKT/mTOR/HIF1α pathway suppression2020-05-19 10:15:30
2020/05/19Cryo-EM structure in situ reveals a molecular switch that safeguards virus against genome loss2020-05-19 10:14:01
2020/05/19Modulation of stress and immune response by Amblyomin-X results in tumor cell death in a horse melanoma model2020-05-19 10:10:16
2020/05/19Functional diversity between HSP70 paralogs due to variable interactions with specific co-chaperones2020-05-19 10:08:45
2020/05/19Valuable Furan Fatty Acids in Soybeans and Soy Products2020-05-19 10:05:47
2020/05/19In-depth mining of the immunopeptidome of an acute myeloid leukemia cell line using complementary ligand enrichment and data acquisition strategies2020-05-19 09:55:48
2020/05/19Novel nonclassic progesterone receptor PGRMC1 pulldown-precipitated proteins reveal a key role during human decidualization2020-05-19 09:54:26
2020/05/19Transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) receptor signaling regulates kinase networks and phosphatidylinositol metabolism during T-cell activation2020-05-19 09:39:17
2020/05/19Protein kinase Cι promotes UBF1–ECT2 binding on ribosomal DNA to drive rRNA synthesis and transformed growth of non-small cell lung cancer cells2020-05-19 09:37:35
2020/05/19Characterization of Disulfide (Cystine) Oxidation by HOCl in a Model Peptide: Evidence for Oxygen Addition, Disulfide Bond Cleavage and Adduct Formation with Thiols2020-05-19 09:34:14
2020/05/19Proteogenomics Analysis Unveils a TFG-RET Gene Fusion and Druggable Targets in Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas2020-05-19 09:30:46
2020/04/16Laccase activity of the ascomycete fungus Nectriella pironii and innovative strategies for its production on leaf litter of an urban park2020-04-16 09:34:28
2020/04/14Identification of neuropeptides in gastropod mollusks.-Classical and brand-new approaches2020-04-14 15:12:04
2020/04/13Spectroscopic and molecular docking studies on the interaction of phycocyanobilin with peptide moieties of C-phycocyanin2020-04-13 10:17:36
2020/04/10Dataset on phenotypic characterization, on protein and genome analysis of three florescent Pseudomonas strains from mid-mountain water2020-04-10 16:47:59
2020/04/10Data-Independent Acquisition Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics and Software Tools: A Glimpse in 20202020-04-10 16:37:07
2020/04/08PRESnovo: Prescreening Prior to de novo Sequencing to Improve Accuracy and Sensitivity of Neuropeptide Identification2020-04-08 16:49:45
2020/04/06Adipose specific aptamer adipo-8 recognizes and interacts with APMAP to ameliorates fat deposition in vitro and in vivo2020-04-06 15:08:23
2020/04/05Recovery and Identification bio-active peptides from protein isolate of Spirulina platensis and their in vitro effectiveness against oxidate stress-induced erythrocyte hemolysis2020-04-05 15:07:27
2020/04/04Anti-diabetic effect by walnut (Juglans mandshurica Maxim.)-derived peptide LPLLR through inhibiting a-glucosidase and a-amylase, and alleviating insulin resistance of hepatic HepG2 cells2020-04-04 15:09:34
2020/04/01iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomic profiling of the immune response of the South African abalone, Haliotis midae2020-04-01 09:00:52
2020/04/01Delineating the venom toxin arsenal of Malabar pit viper (Trimeresurus malabaricus) from the Western Ghats of India and evaluating its immunological cross-reactivity and in vitro cytotoxicity2020-04-01 09:00:23
2020/03/30Physiological responses of pepper seedlings to various ratios of blue, green, and red light using led LAMPS2020-03-30 17:20:31
2020/03/30Characterization of the protein and peptide of excipient zein by the multi-enzyme digestion coupled with nano-LC-MS/MS2020-03-30 17:18:38
2020/03/27Purification and characterization of angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides isolated from why proteins of milk fermented with Lactobacillus plantarum QS26702020-03-27 13:49:10
2020/03/27Mapping the Tooth Enamel Proteome and Amelogenin Phosphorylation Onto Mineralizing Porcine Tooth Crowns2020-03-27 10:07:06
2020/03/25A mycobacterial ABC transporter mediates the uptake of hydrophilic compounds2020-03-25 13:54:17
2020/03/24Metraproteomics characterizes human gut microbiome function in colorectal cancer2020-03-24 10:52:40
2020/03/23The MHC-II peptidome of pancreatic islets identifies key features of autoimmune peptides2020-03-23 11:30:07
2020/03/19A Novel Lactic Acid Bacteria and Its Applications2020-03-19 13:53:13
2020/03/18Proteogenomic analysis of Granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor autoantibodies in the blood of a patient with autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis2020-03-18 14:53:34
2020/03/18Identification of peptides potentially responsible for in vivo Hypolipidemic activity of a Hydrolysate from Olive Seeds2020-03-18 14:51:13
2020/03/16Oxidative damage to the TCA cycle enzyme MDH1 dysregulates bioenergetic enzymatic activity in the aged murine brain2020-03-16 14:52:23
2020/03/11Improved Protocol for the Production of the Low-Expression Eukaryotic Membrane Protein Human Aquaporin 2 in Pichia pastoris for Solid-State NMR2020-03-11 16:13:11
2020/03/10Photoinduced damage of AsLOV2 domain is accompanied by increased singlet oxygen production due to flavin dissociation2020-03-10 16:10:33
2020/03/10Discrete Hf18 Metal‐oxo Cluster as a Heterogeneous Nanozyme for Site‐Specific Proteolysis2020-03-10 13:30:41
2020/03/10Dibutyl phthalate contamination accelerates the uptake and metabolism of sugars by microbes in black soil2020-03-10 13:19:47
2020/03/10Proteomic profiling of stem cell tissues during regeneration of deer antler – a model of mammalian organ regeneration2020-03-10 10:07:19
2020/03/07Improved Utilization of Croaker Skin waste and Freshwater Carps Visceral Waste: Conversion of Waste to Health benefitting Peptides2020-03-07 16:12:54
2020/03/06Cathepsin g Degrades Both Glycosylated and Unglycosylated Regions of Lubricin, a Synovial Mucin2020-03-06 16:10:58
2020/03/06Mass Spectrometry–based Identification of MHC-bound Peptides for Immunopeptidomics2020-03-06 08:50:37
2020/03/05Protoinduced damage of AsLOV2 domain is accompanied by increased signlet oxygen production due to flavin dissociation2020-03-05 16:14:12
2020/03/04Enzymatically derived sunflower protein hydrolysate and peptides inhibit NFkB and promote monocyte differentiation to a dendritic cell phenotype2020-03-04 10:52:48
2020/03/04Purification, Characterization and Mechanistic Evaluation of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptides Derived from Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit2020-03-04 10:50:54
2020/03/03Identification of signature proteins of processed Bombyx batryticatus by comparative proteomic analysis2020-03-03 10:57:57
2020/03/02Purification and identification of antioxidant peptides from duck plasma proteins2020-03-02 10:56:41
2020/03/02A soluble truncated tau species related to cognitive dysfunction is elevated in the brain of cognitively impaired human individuals2020-03-02 10:49:23
2020/03/02Sustainable extraction of proteins and bioactive substances from pomegranate peel (Punica granatum L.) using pressurized liquids and deep eutectic solvents2020-03-02 09:00:19
2020/03/01Shotgun proteomics analysis reveals sub-lethal effects in Daphnia magna exposed to cell-bound microcystins produced by Microcystis aeruginosa2020-03-01 08:54:41
2020/02/28Ortho-Substituted α-Phenyl Mannoside Derivatives Promoted Early-Stage Adhesion and Biofilm Formation of E. coli 839722020-02-28 12:56:28
2020/02/28Proteomics Profiling of Autologous Blood and Semen Exosomes from HIV-infected and Uninfected Individuals Reveals Compositional and Functional Variabilities2020-02-28 10:07:58
2020/02/27BoaγPLI: Structural and functional characterization of the gamma phospholipase A2 plasma inhibitor from the non-venomous Brazilian snake Boa constrictor.2020-02-27 12:46:04
2020/02/25Proteomic Genotyping: Using Mass Spectrometry to Infer SNP Genotypes in Pigmented and Non-Pigmented Hair2020-02-25 12:55:13
2020/02/22Fluorescent Pseudomonas strains from mid-mountain water able to release antioxidant proteins directly into water2020-02-22 12:53:58
2020/02/22Label-free peptide quantification coupled with in silico mapping of proteases for identification of potential serum biomarkers in gastric adenocarcinoma patients2020-02-22 12:49:17
2020/02/21Proteomic Identification of Protein Glutathionylation in Cardiomyocytes2020-02-21 16:13:37
2020/02/20Mfsd8 localizes to endocytic compartments and influences the secretion of Cln5 and cathepsin D in Dictyostelium2020-02-20 09:00:13
2020/02/19Method to Characterize and Monitor Covalent Interactions of Flavor Compounds with Beta lactoglobulin using Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics2020-02-19 16:30:55
2020/02/18Shellfish Tropomyosin IgE Cross‐Reactivity Differs Among Edible Insect Species2020-02-18 12:50:50
2020/02/17Tuning Liposome Composition to Modulate the Corona Forming in Human Serum and Uptake by Cells2020-02-17 16:38:37
2020/02/16Starch-degrading enzymes from the brown-rot fungus Fomitopsis palustris2020-02-16 16:39:53
2020/02/14Combination of Proteogenomics with Peptide De Novo Sequencing Identifies New Genes and Hidden Posttranscriptional Modifications2020-02-14 09:26:21
2020/02/13Integrative proteomic and functional analyses provide novel insights into the action of the repurposed drug candidate nitroxoline in AsPC-1 cells2020-02-13 16:21:56
2020/02/13Integrative proteomic and functional analyses provide novel insights into the action of the repurposed drug candidate nitroxoline in AsPC-1 cells2020-02-13 12:47:43
2020/02/12Identification of a potent Angiotensin-I converting enzyme inhibitory peptide from Black cumin seed hydrolysate using orthogonal bioassay-guided fractionations coupled with in silico screening2020-02-12 16:19:00
2020/02/11Quantitative SUMO proteomics identifies PIAS1 substrates involved in cell migration and motility2020-02-11 15:41:30
2020/02/10Hemoglobin Reassembly of Antimicrobial Fragments from the Midgut of Triatoma infestans2020-02-10 15:38:31
2020/02/07Proteomic profiling and identification of significant markers from high-grade osteosarcoma after cryotherapy and irradiation2020-02-07 15:36:31
2020/02/05Synthetic analogues of 2-oxo acids discriminate metabolic contribution of the 2-oxoglutarate and 2-oxoadipate dehydrogenases in mammalian cells and tissues2020-02-05 15:35:02
2020/02/05Structural Dynamics of Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenase during Catalysis2020-02-05 15:28:55
2020/02/04F0F1 ATP synthase regulates extracellular calcium influx in human neutrophils by interacting with Cav2.3 and modulates neutrophil accumulation in the lipopolysaccharide-challenged lung2020-02-04 15:31:03
2020/02/03Secretin Release After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Reveals a Population of Glucose-Sensitive S Cells in Distal Small Intestine2020-02-03 17:53:23
2020/02/01The ENOS-Dependent S-Nitrosylation of the NF-ΚB Subunit p65 Has Neuroprotective Consequences in Excitotoxicity2020-02-01 15:33:05
2020/02/01Proteomics analysis of differentially expressed proteins in uterus of primary dysmenprrhea mice following administration of nuangong zhitong2020-02-01 10:54:04
2020/02/01Generation and Characterization of Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV inhibitory peptides from trypsin-hydrolyzed α-lactalbumin-rich whey proteins2020-02-01 08:59:48
2020/01/30Insights into the evolution of myosin light chain isoforms and its effect on sensory defects of dry-cured ham2020-01-30 09:00:10
2020/01/30SERPINA1 Peptides in Urine as A Potential Marker of Preeclampsia Severity2020-01-30 08:58:18
2020/01/30Expression of elastolytic cathepsins in human skin and their involvement in age-dependent elastin degradation2020-01-30 08:54:49
2020/01/28The Toxicological Intersection between Allergen and Toxin: A Structural Comparison of the Cat Dander Allergenic Protein Fel d1 and the Slow Loris Brachial Gland Secretion Protein2020-01-28 11:30:12
2020/01/27Peptides as Potential Biomarkers for Authentication of Mountain-cultivated Ginseng and Cultivated Ginseng of Different Ages Using UPLC-HRMS2020-01-27 11:31:19
2020/01/27Shotgun proteomics, in-silico evaluation and immunoblotting assays for allergenicity assessment of lesser mealworm, black soldier fly and their protein hydrolysates2020-01-27 11:28:59
2020/01/25Protein fraction from Artocarpus altilis pulp exhibits antioxidant properties and reverses anxiety behavior in adult zebrafish via the serotoninergic system2020-01-25 11:24:29
2020/01/23Murine and related chapparvoviruses are nephro-tropic and produce novel accessory proteins in infected kidneys2020-01-23 11:27:25
2020/01/21A crucial RNA binding lysine residue in the Nab3 RRM domain undergoes SET1 and SET3-responsive methylation2020-01-21 14:40:03
2020/01/21Tb1, a Neurotoxin from Tityus bahiensis Scorpion Venom, Induces Epileptic Seizures by Increasing Glutamate Release2020-01-21 11:22:52
2020/01/21Identification and characterisation of peptides from a boarfish (Capros aper) protein hydrolysate displaying in vitro dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory and insulinotropic activity2020-01-21 09:00:37
2020/01/20Antihypertensive Effects of Virgin Olive Oil (Unfiltered) Low Molecular Weight Peptides with ACE Inhibitory Activity in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats2020-01-20 14:37:28
2020/01/19Quantitative Characterization of the Neuropeptide Level Changes in Dorsal Horn and Dorsal Root Ganglia Regions of the Murine Itch Models2020-01-19 11:10:17
2020/01/18Gp4 is a nuclease required for morphogenesis of T4-like bacteriophages2020-01-18 14:39:22
2020/01/16A draft genome sequence of the elusive giant squid, Architeuthis dux2020-01-16 14:32:52
2020/01/16Comparative proteomic analysis of different stages of breast cancer tissues using ultra high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometer2020-01-16 11:06:58
2020/01/15Radical scavenging activities of peptide from Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) and its protective effects on oxidative damage induced by hydrogen peroxide in HepG2 cells2020-01-15 14:34:18
2020/01/14The antifungal peptide CGA-N12 inhibits cell wall synthesis of Candida tropicalis by interacting with KRE92020-01-14 14:30:00
2020/01/12Protein-bound Anthocyanin Compounds of Purple Sweet Potato (p-BAC-PSP) Ameliorate Hyperglycemia by Regulating Hepatic Glucose Metabolism in High Fat Diet (HFD)/Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced Diabetic Mice2020-01-12 14:19:06
2020/01/12Three Newly Isolated Calcium-Chelating Peptides from Tilapia Bone Collagen Hydrolysate Enhance Calcium Absorption Activity in Intestinal Caco-2 Cells2020-01-12 14:17:18
2020/01/11Comparative Analysis of Aggregation of Thermus thermophilus Ribosomal Protein bS1 and Its Stable Fragment2020-01-11 10:55:29
2020/01/10Identification novel angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides from wheat gluten hydrolysate by the protease of Pseudomonas aeruginosa2020-01-10 08:52:11
2020/01/08Genome wide identification of neuropeptides and their receptor genes in Bemisia tabaci and their transcript accumulation change in response to temperature stresses2020-01-08 08:48:50
2020/01/07Human Plasma Protein Corona of Aβ Amyloid and Its Impact on IAPP Cross-Seeding2020-01-07 08:50:22
2020/01/06Antibacterial activity of the venom of the Ponerine ant Pachycondyla striata (Formicidae: Ponerinae)2020-01-06 08:46:43
2020/01/01Differences in peptide generation following in vitro gastrointestinal digestion of yogurt and milk from cow, sheep and goat2020-01-01 16:27:06
2020/01/01Intracellular calcium mishandling leads to cardiac dysfunction and ventricular arrhythmias in a mouse model of propionic acidemia2020-01-01 16:23:30
2020/01/01Screening proteins related to the cultivar-dependent cadmium accumulation of Brassica parachinensis2020-01-01 09:21:36
2019/12/30Diurnal regulation of the function of the rat brain glutamate dehydrogenase by acetylation and its dependence on thiamine administration2019-12-30 13:52:04
2019/12/30Modulation of the Liver Protein Carbonylome by the Combined Effect of Marine Omega-3 PUFAs and Grape Polyphenols Supplementation in Rats Fed an Obesogenic High Fat and High Sucrose Diet2019-12-30 13:51:23
2019/12/29Evaluation of different secretomes produced by Clonostachys byssicola as tools to holocellulose breakdown2019-12-29 19:38:55
2019/12/27Molecular Dynamics model of peptide-protein conjugation: case study of covalent complex between Sos1 peptide and N-terminal SH3 domain from Grb22019-12-27 14:05:49
2019/12/26Differential Post-translational Amino Acid Isomerization Found Among Neuropeptides in Aplysia californica2019-12-26 14:06:46
2019/12/25Toxicity study and blood pressure–lowering efficacy of whey protein concentrate hydrolysate in rat models, plus peptide characterization2019-12-25 19:37:06