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“I was amazed to see that PEAKS is extremely well structured! It can be run intuitively. I was absolutely fascinated by the summary page that displays all the statistics. I have never come across anything as helpful as this. Very well done, indeed! …. We would like to expand the data that we get with [our existing software] with PEAKS to get a broader coverage of the proteome. At a first glance, we pull out phosphorylation sites that we would never accept with [our existing software], but since we get a clearcut result with PEAKS, we are certain of looking at correct phosphorylation site. I very much like PEAKS.”

Paul Jenö, University of Basel

“PEAKS has helped us to identify unmatched results or confirm ambiguous sequences found by standard database searching methods. As a whole, the sequence coverage increased dramatically for some of the proteins under investigation.”

Christian Schmelzer, Martin Luther University

“PEAKS [Studio] is really amazing! It is providing me with quality data almost on a daily basis!”

Daniel Carvalho Pimenta, Instituto Butantan

“An important factor when performing large-scale de novo sequencing experiments is the ease of use and flexibility of the software. In this respect, PEAKS, being a commercial quality program, was far superior and offered the most adaptive interface, with the ability to import various formats of data from a vast array of mass spectrometers. The sequencing result displayed by PEAKS was also considerably more useful.”

Scott Bringans, Proteomics International

“Best product for proteomics, after having struggled with many others, some with significant glitches including […] and more. Excellent product, intuitive, stable and probably the best in its class.”

Elizabeth Mazzio, Florida A&M University

“My lab has used several protein identification software products and found that PEAKS is clearly the best: Not only does it produce the most accurate and sensitive results, the graphical user interface is also by far the easiest to use. From loading the raw data to validating and visualizing the final results, PEAKS makes everything so easy.”

Lars Konermann, University of Western Ontario

“… the [PEAKS] results are really excellent as you can see from the number of high confidence PSM and from the narrow mass accuracy distribution…far better of what I could ever squeeze out of my data.”

Stefano Gotta, GSK

“…the most important thing is that PEAKS is a big time-saver when searching the MS results […] and that’s the big problem we meet in MASCOT.”

Jo Chang, National Cheng Kung University

“The PEAKS program is fantastic.”

Monica Carrera, Instituto De Investigaciones Marinas IIM-CSIC

“Thanks a lot, I more and more like the power of PEAKS, it is simply great.”

Manfred Raida, National University of Singapore

“I have started to use PEAKS Studio and SPIDER(comes within this software) for my research. From the start I could see the potential of the software… I am quite pleased with the guidance and support the team has given me throughout this time, specially one of the members. I can be open with them on the issues I come across, and they reply back with solutions and good background information for me to better understand the software… Thank you for that, and I hope I get to enjoy the improvements of the software.”

Ana Pereira, University of Sheffield

“I think that you are breaking the de novo speed limit; it is amazing how fast PEAKS is. Your program is also incredibly accurate. Really impressed!”

Andrew Guzzetta, IonSource.com

“Our research has always fought a “battle” against traditional MS/MS protein identification programs in that they were not flexible enough for our application. We look for endogenous peptides that are not cleaved at basic residues (necessarily) and they have multiple PTMs including amidation, acetylation, pyroglutamylation, etc. We don’t do tryptic digests, we let our cells do the digesting so to speak, and therefore, other algorithms didn’t allow us to search with the flexibility that PEAKS allows. Now we can identify our endogenous peptides with ease.”

Tim Richmond, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

“I am so happy with PEAKS, it is outstanding! It is so much better, easier, faster than [other software]…”

Kari Basso, University of Florida

“We believe that PEAKS Studio software is now a complete and powerful software package. It is now our reference software.”

Christophe Chambon and Didier Viala, INRA – Clermont

“The results I’ve been getting have been consistently very good. Thank you for this great piece of software!”

Jason W. H. Wong, University of New South Wales

“Your software is by far the fastest and more user-friendly I have found.”

Juan Luis, University of Georgia