MS/MS Server/Cluster Solution: PEAKS Online 2.0 Release

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc, (BSI) producer of the highly accredited, globally popular PEAKS peptide mass spectrometry software, announced today its latest server/cluster solution, PEAKS Online 2.0. PEAKS gives greater coverage and confidence — a more complete understanding of protein samples — in one shot, using renowned de novo sequencing and protein identification algorithms. Ideal as a shared resource, this latest release of PEAKS Online, the high throughput webserver/cluster, now includes industry grade security and user management. System administrators can empower users and research groups to share resources without compromising security. PEAKS Online provides a forum for efficient collaboration. Free trial users can process multiple tests at once by harnessing the powerful PEAKS public server. Load in a private or public database and see the results on your own data using built-in and customizable enzymes and modifications.

To read RAW data, inChorus (automatically compare results with Mascot, Sequest, X!Tandem, etc), manual de novo sequences or find homologous peptides using SPIDER, connect PEAKS Client to PEAKS Online.