PEAKS 5.3 Released (Accuracy & Sensitivity)

Waterloo, Ontario – Bioinformatics Solutions Inc, makers of PEAKS software, released the latest version of PEAKS Studio 5.3. The significantly increased accuracy and sensitivity of PEAKS DB (database search engine) performed excellently in the ABRF PRG 2011 study, as well on early evaluator’s data.

“A big step forward” & “Far better than I could ever squeeze out of my data” nicely represent two researcher’s experiences.

In addition to PEAKS being the preferred de novo sequencing software, the latest version (5.3) provides a superior database search engine offering greater coverage, confidence and low false discovery rates. Greater confidence is achieved utilizing PEAKS DB’s built-in result validation, offering quality assurance at a glance.

The unique new “de novo only” view of PEAKS DB displays many potentially novel peptides found in your sample, otherwise missed by exclusively database searching.

Whether studying an unsequenced organism, sequencing synthetic peptides or analyzing known proteomes, PEAKS is the right tool for you.

The release was announced during the BSI team’s annual meeting at ASMS, this year in Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton Hotel – Downtown.