PEAKS Online 7 Released: Server Proteomics

Waterloo, ON – Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) makers of PEAKS software are proud to announce that PEAKS Online 7 is available for download. Notable highlights include:

    Improvements to de novo Sequencing

    • New Automatic de novo Result Validation – New statistical charts allow for accurate filtration of de novo sequencing results
    • Faster de novo Sequencing – Improved speed for de novo sequencing, especially on high charge spectra
    • Improved de novo residue local confidence score
    • CID/HCD/ETD Complementary Fragmentations Support – PEAKS allows de novo sequencing on spectral pairs or triplets that are generated using CID/HCD/ETD complementary fragmentations

    Projects, Processing & Review

    • Improved speed for PEAKS DB, PEAKS PTM and SPIDER

    • Further reduce false discovery on PEAKS PTM

    • Complex Projects – Project Wizard helps create and organize complex projects with a large number of samples and fractions, and set up an easy workflow for identification or quantification.