PEAKS Studio 4.5 (release)

Waterloo software developers, BSI (Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.) announced, today, their much anticipated release of PEAKS 4.5 for peptide mass spectrometry analysis. PEAKS, known for its leadership role in de novo sequencing (sequencing of peptides not present in any database) is once again guiding tandem mass spectrometry researchers into in a new era of data analysis through sequence reconstruction. Accurate sequence reconstruction is performed by the built in SPIDER tool, which has been demonstrated to increase peptide findings by upwards of approximately 20%. Other cutting-edge enhancements to PEAKS help researchers to identify peptides using predicted retention time. PEAKS provides all of the necessary tools for superior peptide sequence derivation and protein identification from tandem MS/MS spectra – all within an intuitive graphical interface. PEAKS Studio 4.5 provides fast, accurate results for spectra from both sequenced and unsequenced organisms. Instrument Capabilities: Researchers are now fully capable of processing raw data, straight from their instruments (Agilent, Bruker, Shimadzu, Thermo and Waters to name a few). Visit for more details.