PEAKS Training Workshop


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What we will be talking about

    1. Installation of PEAKS and quick walkthrough
    2. Protein/peptide identification with LC-MS
      • Database search
      • Consensus search
      • De novo sequencing
    3. Case Study 1 – Performance evaluation of LC-MS Set-Up
    4. In-depth proteomics analysis
      • PTM and mutation analysis
      • PTM quantification and profiling
      • Identification of novel genes and splice isoforms
    5. Case Study 2 – Identification of modifications
    6. Protein characterization
      • Antibody de novo sequencing
      • Therapeutic protein sequence validation
      • Comparative analysis of biosimilars
    7. Case Study 3 – Peptide mapping with full coverage
    8. Case Study 4 – Antibody sequencing by LC-MS
    9. Protein/peptide quantification
      • Label-free quantification
      • MS3 quantification with MultiNotch
      • Integration with identification and quantification
    10. Case Study 5 – Data analysis for label-free quantification
    11. Case Study 6 – Data analysis for TMT MS3 quantification