Server Software Release: PEAKS Online 5.2

Waterloo, Ontario – Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) has released the latest version of the much anticipated proteomic mass spectrometry server software, PEAKS Online. After many years in development, the server/cluster solution of PEAKS provides almost an identical resource for in depth investigation as the desktop solution (PEAKS Studio) with all the advantages a high throughput processing server has to offer.

For many years, PEAKS Online offered a web based interface for users to send and receive data between their desktop and server. PEAKS Client continues to provide a direct connection to the server (PEAKS Online) with support for direct import of instrument files as well as highly detailed results views; although this time all processing is performed by the server.

Additional features to PEAKS Online’s famous de novo sequencing and protein identification search engine include inChorus, SPIDER and PTM Finder. inChorus is a multi-engine protein ID tool, enabling existing results from PEAKS, Mascot, OMSSA, and X!Tandem to be combined into a single consensus report. The advantage to users is high confidence results through agreement between engines and the removal of false positives. The SPIDER homology search tool utilizes confident de novo sequence tags to search for homologous proteins in a database. Reconstruction of the sequence can account for mutations and/or sequencing errors and increase protein coverage by up to 18%. Furthermore, using PTM Finder can increase identification scores by considering user-defined modifications while optimizing processing time, as this is a post-database search utility.

For a guided tour of the software, please contact our sales team or join one of our regularly scheduled public webinars. Additionally, PEAKS Studio is available on a 30 day free trial basis. Customers also have the ability to join the public webinars or request personally guided (private) sessions to improve their understanding of the tools found in PEAKS. PEAKS provides many unique and innovative tools with an emphasis on high confidence and accuracy. PEAKS, welcome to the top!/p>