Virtual Tech Lab

For users who would like assistance with their data, BSI offers a team of researchers familiar with all techniques of data acquisition, as well as data processing. Whether you are looking to get better results or have a question about your results, we are happy to offer our experience. In addition to de novo sequencing we will also perform a database search, PTM analysis, homology search, multi-engine database search and can additionally perform quantification if desired. 

To make sure we do the best job possible, below is a quick questionnaire that will help us understand how the data was obtained. Copy these parameters into an email, addressed to We will then send you a password protected FTP link to post your data.

We look forward to processing your data. If you have any other comments please let us know.

Project Parameters

  1. What instrument does the data come from?
  2. What fragmentation type?
  3. What enzyme was used?
  4. What database would you like to search?
  5. What taxonomy would you like to select?
  6. What fixed modifications would you like to select?
  7. What variable modifications would you like to select?
  8. Most importantly,what is the goal of this search/quantification run?

Data Sharing

Our policy is to keep the data/results private and confidential. That said, we often prefer to keep the data for future testing. Please let us know if:

  1. You would like us to delete the data/results after the test.
  2. We may keep the data for internal use only, thereby helping us test and improve future releases of our software.
  3. We may keep the data for internal use, and informally share them for the greater benefit of the PEAKS user community.