In vitro metabolism of synthetic Elabela/Toddler (ELA-32) peptide in human plasma and kidney homogenates analyzed with mass spectrometry and validation of endogenous peptide quantification in tissues by ELISA

Studies about cardiovascular diseases have shown the Elabela/Toddler (ELA) ligand to be a beneficial apelin Rc. agonist. In a recent paper, Nyimanu et al. used LC-MS/MS methods to examine how the different forms of ELA individually impact signaling networks in the human body.

Monitoring the M-protein of multiple myeloma patients treated with a combination of monoclonal antibodies: the laboratory solution to eliminate interference

In this study, Noori et al show that MS-based MRD monitoring is over 15-fold more sensitive than conventional diagnostic measures. More importantly, MS-based MRD monitoring with PEAKS de novo sequencing can be used with heterogeneous patient populations, and does not have to be adapted when novel t-mAb are approved for use in patients.

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