Transcriptome Profiling of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Visceral Ganglia over a Reproduction Cycle Identifies Novel Regulatory Peptides

Using 4D proteomics, Realis-Doyelle, E., et al. were able to identify 25 neuropeptide precursors involved in the regulation of reproduction in Pacific oysters. By using PEAKS IMS, the researchers were able to take advantage of the 4th-dimension of data generated by the timsTOF Pro.

Murine neuronatin deficiency is associated with a hypervariable food intake and bimodal obesity

To study how a change in genetic information, like neuronatin deficiency, has on food intake and body mass, Ciminoet et al. used LC-MS/MS to study the peptides of pancreatic hormones in Nnat deficient and wildtype mice. Learn about this study and how this approach can be used for other studies, like hormone processing, receptor sensitivity, etc.