Loading Data into PEAKS – Instructions

PEAKS has worked to make loading raw unprocessed data from a wide variety of supported instruments seamless.

Once any necessary vendor/third party software has been configured, future steps will be very quick and easy. Simply follow this guide:

  1. Open PEAKS and select ‘New Project’ from the ‘File’ menu.
  2. Browse to the location of the desired file and select it.
  3. Press Open.
  4. Specify the Enzyme, Instrument, and Fragmentation with the drop down menus on the right.
  5. Press OK to have the file loaded into PEAKS.
  6. As the project loads, the file node will appear as a green outlined icon PEAKS Studio - Data Loading.
  7. Wait until the icon turns solid green PEAKS Software - Data Loaded Icon, this represents the file is completely loaded into PEAKS and is ready for processing.

For more detailed instructions on loading data into PEAKS please see the PEAKS User Manual. or check out our Virtual Lab Tech option for Technical assistance with your data.