BSI Partnership with Thermo Electron Inc.

A growing Canadian company, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc, specializing in mass spectrometry software, just confirmed a partnership with the world’s largest Mass Spectrometer (instrument) manufacturers, Thermo Electron Inc., in West Palm Beach Florida, Tuesday.

VP of Business Development, Iain Rogers, was excited after presenting the recently released PEAKS Studio 4.0 software to Thermo’s head Training and Support Representatives. PEAKS Studio 4.0 uses de novo (from scratch) sequencing and protein database search techniques to identify known and unknown peptides, for drug discovery.

“The presentation was only an hour long so my words had to resonate with their corporate identity. Thermo strives to make their mass spec solution the most capable, and is looking to specialists like BSI to complete the picture. Constructive discussion centered on how to integrate PEAKS de novo sequencing and sequence tag based protein characterization tools with Thermo’s BioWorks package.”

The recent good news for the Waterloo, Ontario based company is “a pleasant addition to the bustling new office,” addressed Managing Director, Luosha Lu. “The recent release of PEAKS Online and PEAKS Q has been well received as have our latest versions of Raptor, PatternHunter and ProsepectPro. Bioinformatics Solutions is not shy to requests such as the Thermo partnership,” Rogers reports, “BSI customized its software to such major brands as Thermo Electron, long before this opportunity came into scope.”