Sequencing Protein Mixtures with Top-down and Bottom-up Mass Spectrometry

The team at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is delighted to announce the upcoming advancement of our PEAKS AB Service using top-down, intact, and bottom-up mass spectrometry techniques with PolySeq.AI software for de novo sequencing of protein mixtures, towards sequencing polyclonal antibody with 2D-LC protein separation.

PEAKS AB Polyclonal Antibody Sequencing Service Workflow

This novel platform integrates three mass spectrometry techniques with our advanced deep learning-enabled software algorithms to resolve and accurately sequence mixtures of up to four antibodies without the requirement for custom database generation from next-generation sequencing data. The PolySeq.AI software developed at BSI will extend PEAKS AB Service and represents a significant development towards a comprehensive sequencing of polyclonal antibodies in the future. Currently, we have successfully sequenced a number of antibody mixtures and these projects have validated our mass spectrometry-based approach.


  • A complete workflow solution for accurate identification of different antibodies in a sample
  • Combines both top-down and bottom-up proteomics methods
  • Two-dimensional LC enables reliable and efficient separation of each antibody from a complex mixture
  • Powered by innovative, deep learning-enabled software algorithms
  • Characterisation of up to 4 antibodies / proteoforms in a fraction of a mixture