Today, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI), is proud to release PEAKS Studio 12 as part of the PEAKS 12 software generation. With the latest mass spectrometry technology, BSI is dedicated to advancing research by providing proteomics solutions with deep learning and ground-breaking algorithms to support DDA and DIA data analysis for peptide and protein identification and quantification.

Ascend to new heights with PEAKS 12 and see how the solutions from BSI can advance your discovery proteomics data analysis.

PEAKS Studio 12

The next generation of PEAKS Studio is enhanced with upgraded DIA workflows, de novo sequencing and immunopeptidomic analysis.

PEAKS DIA Workflows

  • Up to 20% increase in peptide/protein identification and quantification
  • Hybrid-DIA for targeted and discovery-driven clinical proteomics with new PRM quantification

DeepNovo Peptidome Workflow

  • Gene table to bridge the gap between proteomics and genomics
  • Label-free quantification and automated QC tool
  • DeepNovo-DIA peptidome workflow

DeepNovo Workflow

  • Upgraded DeepNovo function with GPU-enabled GraphNovo algorithms [Mao et al., 2023] to enhance speed and accuracy
  • New FDR Estimation for de novo sequencing

Post-translational modification (PTM) and Mutations Analysis

  • Next level confidence: confident PTM/mutation sites identification based on amino acid level evidence

Visit PEAKS 12 for more details about these new features in PEAKS Studio and request a free trial today.

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