New Methods for Post-Translational Modification Analysis by LC-MS/MS (March 16)

The next webinar will focus on the capabilities of PEAKS PTM, New Methods for Post-Translational Modification Analysis by LC-MS/MS. Two meetings are scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 16th, and will be hosted by our Application Scientist, Dr. Wen Zhang.

1. A common practice for identification of post-translational modifications (PTMs) with PEAKS database search
• Modification analysis of monoclonal antibodies
• Phosphorylation analysis of proteomes (modified enriched peptides, modified peptides of low abundance)
• Localizing exact modification sites

2. Discovery of unspecified or hidden modifications with PEAKS PTM (integrating database searching with de novo sequencing to maximize sensitivity of PTM identification)

3. Quantitative analysis of PTMs across biological samples with PEAKS PTM Profiling
• Modified vs unmodified
• Comparison between two samples

4. New features of PTM analysis in the next version of PEAKS
• Comparison between multiple samples (by TMT, SILAC, & label-free methods)

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