PEAKS 7 Released

Waterloo, ON – Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) released PEAKS Studio 7 today with notable advancements to de novo sequencing and label-free quantification for proteomics mass spectrometry. The software developer has significantly influenced how researchers identify proteins and peptides by employing both de novo sequencing and database search in one software. This release will further improve the accuracy associated with this identification method and extend it to understanding abundance ratios between samples.
Introduced is an automatic validation approach for de novo sequencing, something heavily sought after in the industry. Until now, researchers have painstakingly relied on manually validating sequencings, one amino acid at a time. Speed has also been enhanced, especially for high charge spectra. Another notable feature allows de novo sequencing on spectral pairs or triplets that are generated using CID/HCD/ETD complementary fragmentations.
The overhauled label-free quantification utility in PEAKS Q introduces a new EM based algorithm for feature detection and an optimization solution for feature matching and RT alignment. The probability system utilized in PEAKS database searching (-10lgP) scores peptide features and protein(s). A new LC/MS view provides a much improved 2D/3D heat map for improved visualization and navigation: significant details are easily presented when verifying feature detection and identification results. A complete list of new features can be found on BSI’s website.