PEAKS Online 1.1 Released!

Waterloo software developers, BSI (Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.) announced their latest release of PEAKS Online. PEAKS Online is a auto de novo and protein identification software that works on a computer cluster for enhanced performance. On a cluster, PEAKS Online shares the processing of MS/MS data between multiple computers. This decreases the data analysis to a fraction of the stand-alone type computational time.

There is a big difference between the initial version and this one. The overall computation is at least 4 times faster due to changes in to both the auto de novo and protein ID algorithm’s efficiency. A taxonomy feature borrowed from PEAKS Studio has been implemented in this new version. A new user defined PTM (Post-translational modification) customization tool has also been added to the data submission window. Other small changes to the GUI have been made based on our customer input.

We are convinced that our users will be impressed with the improvements found in PEAKS Online 1.1.