PEAKS Online 5.3 Released – Accurate and Sensitive Peptide Identification

Waterloo, Ontario – Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) today announced the release of PEAKS Online 5.3, the server edition of the popular PEAKS Studio software for proteomic mass spectrometry research. Finally, increased coverage, confidence and low false discovery rates are available to the server accessible market.

Since the release of PEAKS Studio 5.3, users have been realizing that PEAKS is more than just a standard database search tool, even more than just a de novo sequencing tool. Most users with a basic understanding of the software are noticing the significantly improved coverage provided, when compared to their other search engines. Comparisons have been made via manually sifting through the data as well as automatically through the inChorus features provided in PEAKS.

The new software is for more than just existing customers with server solutions. The new PEAKS Client (server access tool) is also available as a free download to non-users, offering access to an optional public server hosted by BSI.

As noted during the Studio release, greater confidence is achieved by utilizing PEAKS DB’s built-in result validation, offering quality assurance at a glance. Whether studying an unsequenced organism, sequencing synthetic peptides or analyzing known proteomes, PEAKS is the right tool for you.

“The PEAKS solution offers a best-in-class accuracy and sensitivity that researchers love. We know researchers will be impressed by the faster performance and easy to understand summary pane delivered by this new tool.” – Brian Munro, BSI.