PEAKS performed excellently in ABRF/iPRG study for ETD MS peptide identification

Waterloo, Ontario – The iPRG group of ABRF 2011 conference hosted an independent study for researchers to benchmark their own labs’ ETD data analysis capability. Thirty-five labs worldwide submitted their peptide identification results using the same dataset provided by iPRG. Researchers using PEAKS software performed excellently and identified a considerably high quantity of peptides with a very low false discovery rate (FDR). This is just another study illustrating the exceptional capability of PEAKS software in providing a combination of high peptide identification rate and low FDR from database searching. According to Dr. Bin Ma (CTO, Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.), this is made possible by combining the reputable PEAKS de novo sequencing results in the database search analysis.

Visit this link to view the original slides presented by the iPRG: here.