PEAKS Studio 4.0: Software Launch

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is proud to announce the release of the much anticipated PEAKS Studio 4.0. The latest in de novo sequencing and protein identification software yielding accurate results fast. By automatically filtering out insufficient quality results before database searching users can get the most out of low resolution data. Further, an increase in coverage is obtained by using four search engines for protein identification, instead of just one.

A new Software Protein IDentifiER, SPIDER, has also been bundled with PEAKS Studio 4.0. This sequence tag based search tool confidently identifies peptides using the de novo sequences derived by PEAKS auto de novo sequencing. Users can find protein information even in unstudied organisms, or find sequence variation between samples. SPIDER differs from regular homology search tools in that it was designed to account for inherent de novo sequencing errors like: (I/L), (N/GG), (SAT/TAS).