PEAKS Studio 5.1 Release (Protein ID & Label Free Stability)

Waterloo, ON, Canada- Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., globally renowned for scientific software, announced the release of its latest and most advanced software solution, PEAKS Studio 5.1, for MS/MS proteomics.

The tandem mass spectrometry software provides necessary tools for various proteomic investigations, such as de novo sequencing, protein identification, quantification (label and label free methods), batch workflows and stability for files of all sizes, few megabytes through hundreds of gigabytes.

Proteomic researchers using MS/MS are generating much larger file sizes attributed to advancements in instruments. Welcoming the rich content extracted by the newest instruments, PEAKS took an early initiative to support extremely large file sizes. While successful with extremely large files, PEAKS Studio 5.1 provides advancements for more commonly sized RAW files, with increased stability.

While PEAKS de novo sequencing remains an industry standard, advancement to quantification methods, specifically the label free, are provided with PEAKS Studio 5.1. To hedge improper parameter settings, leading to ratio deviation, PEAKS provides users with straightforward visual inspection tools for analysis of raw spectra, to confirm accurate analysis. PEAKS allows researchers the flexibility to adjust parameter settings in order to gain greater accurate ratios with the aid of a 2D view of the MS/MS spectrum as well as a 3D view of the parent scan for each identified peptide. Thus actual ratios can be easily verified against corresponding raw spectra.