PEAKS Studio 5 release – Get more from your mass spec data

(Waterloo, ON, Canada) Bioinformatics Solutions Inc released their latest proteomic tandem mass spectrometry software solution, PEAKS Studio 5, earlier today. Recognized globally for de novo sequencing (identifying peptides not found in databases) and meta protein id tool, inChorus, PEAKS Studio welcomes this latest edition to its growing product line.

Loading and processing enormous RAW files, such as in excess of 35 Gigabytes, represents BSI’s commitment to supporting instrumentation technological innovations. How many other ms/ms software can perform this task…on a laptop! No longer a secret this solution derives from the introduced project based management approach. This approach allows users to easily process multiple runs, and simultaneously compare, combine, filter the results together for straightforward interpretation.

For cases where neither a database nor protein identification yields a viable solution, there is an improved SPIDER tool, for sequence reconstruction. Not only are more accurate results produced, but in a fraction of the time… 14 times faster than before… and people thought it was fast before. SPIDER also now supports both fixed and variable PTMs. Quantitation is also introduced with this release. Provided seamlessly within PEAKS Studio 5, this available node supports ICAT, iTRAQ, SILAC, and all other label methodologies. Be sure to check out the new look of PEAKS Studio 5 at today.