PEAKS Studio v3.1 is released!

Waterloo software developers, BSI (Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.) announced their latest de novo sequencing and protein identification software, PEAKS 3.1 today.

This is the fastest PEAKS to date. PEAKS Studio 3.1 boasts an increase in speed as high as 400% with some MS/MS data. The algorithms for both protein identification and de novo sequencing have been improved. There is also an improvement in the overall accuracy of the results.

To indirectly improve the overall speed and accuracy of PEAKS Studio, the development team has included a taxonomy search feature. The taxonomy add-on allows our users to specify the taxonomy of the organism under study. This focuses the protein ID search to a small subset of proteins, which shortens the search time.

PEAKS has matured a great deal in the 4 years since its first release and version 3.1 adds a great deal to the overall performance and stability of the product.