Protein and Peptide Clean-Up using Magnetic HILIC SPE: Reagent Compatibility

Stoychev, S., et al. Protein and Peptide Clean-Up using Magnetic HILIC SPE: Reagent Compatibility. HUPO 2018. Poster. 30/9/2018.

As proteomics moves from a “triangular” to a “rectangular” discovery approach (Geyer et al., 2017), and clinical proteomics applications reach maturity, this necessitates the requirement for robust and routine high throughput sample preparation workflows. However, efficient sample preparation remains the Achilles Heel for mass spectrometry analysis, with current methods lacking the throughput, transferability and reproducibility, required to deal with these large sample numbers in a routinized laboratory setting. To address these limitations we focus on the implementation of versatile automated magnetic bead sample preparation workflows in our proteomics and cancer discovery platforms. Magnetic beads are desirable since these are easy to handle, linearly scalable, and high throughput compatible with the relatively simple integration of a magnetic stand in a variety of liquid handling stations or by using a suitable magnetic bead handling system such as the KingFisher™ instruments. We have previously demonstrated protein and peptide clean-up workflows using magnetic HILIC for Solid Phase Extraction (HILIC SPE), and in the current work further demonstrate the compatibility of the workflows with a range of common and routine MS contaminants.