RAPTOR 4.0 Release

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. is proud to announce the release of RAPTOR 4.0 for Linux, the latest edition of protein threading software. RAPTOR is an innovative software tool designed to predict protein structure from protein sequence. Armed with unique integer programming algorithm, RAPTOR is capable of discovering remote structural homology for hard sequences and giving high quality prediction. As a participant in recent CASP’s, RAPTOR has been consistently ranked in the top tier. RAPTOR 4.0 has a completely revamped GUI, which is considerably more interactive and easier for users to run sequences. The outputs are visualized vividly with consistent color scheme and users can easily understand the outputs. Users can try three different threading methods one by one in the GUI. The well designed configuration panel makes it possible for new users to set up RAPTOR in a few seconds. RAPTOR 4.0 has well designed interface and works seamlessly with Modeller. In addition, RAPTOR 4.0 can also generate ICM Pro input files. RAPTOR 4.0: Same effort, Even better output.