RAPTOR 4.5 Software Release (Protein Modeling)

Waterloo, ON, Canada- Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. announces the launch of protein modeling software, RAPTOR 4.5. This is the latest edition of the renowned protein threading algorithm, introducing a convenient project management system for stable operation of multiple sequences.

Academic and corporate professionals are noticing the advanced GUI providing a greater level of detail, particularly about alignments, which in turn provides more complete information about the sample as a whole. Right from the get-go, the improved reporting and graphics are making more users feel at ease with the research tool. In addition to the graphical enhancements, organization was a feature many users were requesting. “Project management was a clear direction we have wanted to take the software for some time, but there were other important features that always seem to have a commanding focus. Users are now going to have an easier time keeping track of high sample throughput.” Zia Rahman, RAPTOR engineer. The RAPTOR software is readily available to users for free trial licenses, complete with technical support.