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Complete Proteomics Analysis

PEAKS can be implemented in a vast number of environments (high throughput, low throughput/specialization, automated pipelines, desktop work benches, internal servers) to address your proteomics software & services requirements. Given its dedication to seek out very sensitive results while maintaining high accuracy, there is a solution for your research.

In addition to the software being available as products, our skilled application scientists are available for consultation/support as well as to design and conduct whole experiments.

PEAKS Studio

A fully functional desktop-based proteomics workbench, PEAKS Studio offers a complete proteomics software. Users are able to perform de novo sequencing, protein identification (PEAKS DB), multi-engine protein identification (PEAKS inChorus), PEAKS PTM, Sequence Homology Searching (SPIDER) and Quantification (as an optional node).
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PEAKS CMD provides a command-line based solution for protein/peptide identification and quantification using LC-MS/MS. This enables users to batch-process LC-MS data on a dedicated resource without manual intervention.
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PEAKS Online

PEAKS Online, a server edition, means high-throughput sequencing on a shared resource. It is fully parallelized with the ability to run on any cluster or multi-CPU machine. PEAKS users get the same detail-oriented results as PEAKS Studio with the advantage of using a shared resource. The interactive tool used to send/retrieve data to/from the server is called PEAKS Client.
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