PEAKS Studio 8.5 Release!

PEAKS Studio 8.5: From de novo sequencing software to industry leading solution for comprehensive protein identification and quantification.

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.(BSI) is proud to release PEAKS Studio 8.5!

PEAKS Studio 8.5 provides a better solution for accurate and sensitive proteomics quantification, while continuously providing state-of-the-art discovery functions, including de novo sequencing, database search, and PTM & sequence variant detection.

PEAKS Studio 8.5 supports more of the latest MS techniques and continues to improve proteomics data analysis. The highlighted features include:

  • Increased accuracy and sensitivity of SILAC data analysis
  • Increased accuracy of label-free quantification at both protein and peptide levels
  • Easy-to-use PTM Profile to identify and quantify PTMs
  • Rich semi-quantitative results (spectral counts, MS1 area in each sample) in PEAKS ID results
  • Supporting EThcD-types of data to improve peptide and PTM identifications


Need an easier way to analyze your proteomics data? Download a free trial version of PEAKS Studio software to see the newest features today!