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PEAKS Studio - Desktop Edition Proteomics Software

PEAKS Studio

A fully functional desktop-based proteomics workbench, PEAKS Studio offers a complete proteomics software. Users are able to perform de novo sequencing, protein identification (PEAKS DB), multi-engine protein identification (PEAKS inChorus), PEAKS PTM, Sequence Homology Searching (SPIDER) and Quantification (as an optional node).

PEAKS Q - Quantification Tool


PEAKS Q is the preferred quantification module. Using well accepted methods for feature detection, peptide ratios are calculated using either peak intensity (for labelled methods) or peak areas (for label free method).

PEAKS Viewer - Free Desktop Edition Tool

PEAKS Viewer (Free Solution)

PEAKS Viewer is a free tool used to view and interact with PEAKS results. Users are able to view projects run by PEAKS, however, PEAKS Viewer does not allow users to process their own projects & data. PEAKS Viewer is an excellent supporting tool for sharing results.
Users can access PEAKS Viewer without registering by downloading PEAKS Studio.

PEAKS AB - Antibody Characterization Service

Professional Service

PEAKS AB - Antibody Characterization Service

Our professional service team provides primary sequences of monoclonal antibodies (including modifications) from your samples with fast turnaround and in a detailed report.

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