Software & Service for LC-MS/MS & Antibody Protein Characterization


de novo Sequencing
Database & Library Search
PTMs & Variants
Label/Label Free Quantification
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High-Throughput Proteomics
Parallelized Multi-CPU Solution
Multi-User Resource
Data Repository Setup
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Protein de novo Sequencing
PTM Profiling
QA/QC of mAb Samples
Automated Report Generation
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de novo Sequencing
LC-MS/MS Analysis
Intact Mass Analysis
Leu/Ile Differentiation
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Why Choose Us

Advanced Solutions

  • Advanced LC-MS/MS software for data analysis
  • Sensitive and accurate protein identification and quantification
  • Comprehensive antibody characterization
  • Complete and vendor neutral solution for DDA & DIA proteomics
  • Continuous research, advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology
  • Dedicated customer support

Intuitive Interface

  • Easy for beginners and experts alike to analyze search results
  • Fluid and efficient transition between studying spectra, peptides, and proteins
  • Simple configuration wizard to help prepare the best search strategies

We Know Proteomics

  • Scientists with over 30 years combined proteomics and bioinformatics experience
  • Frequent attendance and presence at industry leading events
  • Worldwide, multi-lingual communication with our customers

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