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PEAKS Studio 7.5 - Available Now!

Integrate quantification and identification results with PEAKS 7.5! With the addition of peptide feature intensities, peptide mapping, PTM profiling, and automated multi-round search, you can get much more insight from you mass spec data. Try PEAKS 7.5 today!

User Reviews

"The increase in speed [of PEAKS Studio] is quite remarkable."
Paul Taylor, Sick Kids Hospital

User Publication Library

A collection of research conducted with the use of PEAKS from around the world.

Training Workshops

To ensure users obtain the best results from their data with PEAKS, BSI provides a live teaching environment suitable for all levels of experience.

Tutorial Webinars

Regularly scheduled web meetings (30-45 min) help cover a variety of focused topics.

PEAKS Benchmarks

See how PEAKS compares with your existing software, whether database searching or de novo sequencing.

Help Center

See our online help center to find an answer to your question quickly. PEAKS offers a variety of self-help options such as:

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