PEAKS GlycanFinder Release

The team at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is delighted to release PEAKS GlycanFinder, a comprehensive software for in-depth glycoproteomic analysis with glycan structural resolution. This standalone software solution utilises a glycopeptide-based approach to profile the glycoproteins from LC-MS/MS data and harnesses deep learning-enabled algorithms to resolve the ambiguity of glycosylation sites and glycan structures. PEAKS GlycanFinder integrates glycan database search and glycan de novo sequencing to facilitate the identification and quantification of N- and O-linked glycans.

PEAKS GlycanFinder Highlights

  • Both N-linked and O-linked glycans with structural resolution.
  • In-depth glycan site profiling with multiple enzyme digests.
  • Glycopeptide quantitative analysis with label free and labelling methods.
  • Glycan de novo sequencing for finding unknown glycans.
  • Graphic result views for easy validation.
  • Support of Orbitrap, timsTOF and ZenoTOF data.

Learn more about the new PEAKS GlycanFinder and how this specialised tool will push new boundaries in the field of glycoproteomics!