An efficient heterologous Escherichia coli-based expression system for lectin production from Pleurocybella porrigens

Suzuki, Tomohiro, et al. “An Efficient Heterologous Escherichia Coli-Based Expression System for Lectin Production from Pleurocybella Porrigens.” Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, no. 3, Oxford University Press (OUP), Dec. 2020, pp. 630–33. Crossref, doi:10.1093/bbb/zbaa058.


In this study, we report a more efficient heterologous expression of lectin from Pleurocybella porrigens (PPL) using an Escherichia coli-based expression system. The yield (9.3 mg/L culture broth) of recombinant PPL (rPPL) using this expression system was increased approximately 9-fold compared to our previous study. The rPPL obtained in this study exhibited the same biochemical properties as the native PPL.