Coelenterazine sulfotransferase from Renilla muelleri

Tzertzinis, George, et al. “Coelenterazine sulfotransferase from Renilla muelleri.” Plos one 17.10 (2022): e0276315.


The luciferin sulfokinase (coelenterazine sulfotransferase) of Renilla was previously reported to activate the storage form, luciferyl sulfate (coelenterazine sulfate) to luciferin (coelenterazine), the substrate for the luciferase bioluminescence reaction. The gene coding for the coelenterazine sulfotransferase has not been identified. Here we used a combined proteomic/transcriptomic approach to identify and clone the sulfotransferase cDNA. Multiple isoforms of coelenterazine sulfotransferase were identified from the anthozoan Renilla muelleri by intersecting its transcriptome with the LC-MS/MS derived peptide sequences of coelenterazine sulfotransferase purified from Renilla. Two of the isoforms were expressed in Ecoli, purified, and partially characterized. The encoded enzymes display sulfotransferase activity that is comparable to that of the native sulfotransferase isolated from Renilla reniformis that was reported in 1970. The bioluminescent assay for sensitive detection of 3’-phosphoadenosine 5’-phosphate (PAP) using the recombinant sulfotransferase is demonstrated.