Discovery of peptide biomarkers by label-free peptidomics for discrimination of horn gelatin and hide gelatin from Cervus nippon Temminck

Han, Shuying, et al. “Discovery of Peptide Biomarkers by Label-Free Peptidomics for Discrimination of Horn Gelatin and Hide Gelatin from Cervus Nippon Temminck.” Food Chemistry, Elsevier BV, Nov. 2021, p. 130347. Crossref, doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2021.130347.


Gelatin and gelatin-based derivatives have been attracting worldwide attention as health-food ingredients. Deer horn gelatin (DCG), a well-known and expensive gelatin food in Asia, has suffered adulterants by adding deer-hide gelatin (DHG) in it. However, robust and effective methods which could differentiate DCG from DHG are still unavailable. This study is committed to discover peptide biomarkers to distinguish DCG from DHG using label-free peptidomics by nanoLC-MS/MS. Multivariate statistical analysis combined with glycosylation sites analysis of peptides was applied to visualize the difference between DCG and DHG. As a result, four peptide biomarkers for distinguishing DCG and DHG were confirmed and validated by UPLC-MS/MS and MRM mode, which was also used to calculate adulteration percentage in commercial samples. The presented strategy may be also particularly helpful in the in-depth authentication of food gelatins from different tissues of the same species.