HUPO 2020 Connect (October 19 – 22, 2020)

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. is proud to be a sponsor of the 19th annual HUPO World Congress: HUPO 2020 Connect.

Visit us at our virtual exhibit booth to learn more about our latest release of PEAKS Xpro, the new discovery proteomics X-factor!

Highlights of PEAKS Xpro:

  • Support 4D ion mobility mass spectrometry proteomics
  • Enhanced spectral library search for DIA, FAIMS DIA, SWATH, and diaPASEF 
  • Spectral library viewer and editing for PEAKS-generated and third-party libraries
  • LFQ with improved missing values imputation
  • Improved SILAC quantification

To find us, go to the Exhibit Hall from the left-side menu, and scroll to Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

Virtual Industry-Supported Seminar

High-Throughput Immunopeptidomics: Discovery and Validation
Robert Salzler, Ph.D., Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Jonathan Krieger, Ph.D., Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

Description: The use of cancer immunotherapy has become increasingly popular due to their precision and efficacy compared to other cancer treatments. To develop effective cancer immunotherapy treatments, of which the goal is the generation of adaptive immune responses and long-term immune memory, patient-specific tumour antigens need to be identified. Mass spectrometry (MS)-based workflows have been demonstrated to have great potential to identify HLA-peptide targets, an ideal target for tumour-specific antigens. 

In the first portion of our talk, Dr. Robert Salzler will present his HLA immunopeptidome mapping workflow at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Here, a proteogenomics pipeline has been developed and applied to tumour samples to generate a comprehensive patient specific immunopeptidome catalogue. This multi-omics approach consequently results in a large number of datasets which require high-throughput clinical bioinformatics to feasibly assess the data. With this in mind, a new software platform, PEAKS Online Xpro was integrated into the workflow to meet this challenge of data analysis throughput, and complexity to support large-scale clinical proteomics studies and offer a versatile solution for any study. Further, by utilising high-throughput PEAKS Online processing capabilities, this workflow has proven to generate more useful data to identify patient specific HLA-peptide targets and PTM libraries. 

To get a more in-depth look at PEAKS Online Xpro, Dr. Jonathan Krieger of Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., will be presenting a quick walkthrough of the PEAKS Online platform. Users familiar with PEAKS software will quickly recognise the similarity of the new PEAKS Online graphical user interface (GUI) to other versions of PEAKS. The new architecture of the PEAKS Online platform offers users the ability to deploy a high-throughput, scalable PEAKS Xpro data processing pipeline within their own network. As a multi-user solution, PEAKS Online was developed to facilitate teamwork and foster collaboration by providing concurrent access from multiple users and parallel processing. Furthermore, with custom workflows and automation capabilities, PEAKS Online is the ideal solution to analyse large-cohort clinical proteomics studies.

Note: This presentation was approved by the Program Committee as an independent activity held in conjunction with the HUPO Connect 2020. This presentation is not sponsored or endorsed by HUPO Connect 2020.

Conference e-Poster

P016: A new algorithm for FAIMS data analysis with accurate in-depth quantitative profiling
Zia Rahman1; Yandong Zhu1; Zheng Chen1; Jonathan R. Krieger1; Baozhen Shan1
1 Bioinformatics Solutions Inc., Waterloo, Ontario