New BSI Service Roll Out: DeepImmu Immunopeptidomics Discovery Service

The team at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI) is delighted to announce the launch of our DeepImmu Immunopeptidomics Discovery Service. The comprehensive DeepImmu platform integrates a unique method for efficient MHC immunopeptide purification and advanced mass spectrometry-based technology with our deep learning-enabled algorithms for peptide identification and quantification, sequence motif generation and immunogenicity prediction. Rigorous quality control tests are included as standard in the DeepImmu service workflow, to ensure highly accurate and reproducible results. All experimental parameters, quality control tests, and final results will be delivered in a detailed report at the completion of every DeepImmu service project.

DeepImmu Service Highlights:

  • High efficiency and reproducibility of immunopeptide purification
  • High quality mass spectrometry data acquisition
  • DeepNovo® algorithm-based sequencing for identifying neoantigens
  • DeepSelf immunogenicity prediction and validation
  • Stringent quality control tests and comprehensive reporting
  • Complete service turnaround time of 3 weeks

Learn more about our novel DeepImmu platform and how we can work together to accelerate your immunopeptidomics research and neoantigen discovery.

Register for our May 8th webinar on DeepImmu here.