PEAKS HUPO Industry Sponsored Seminar (December 5, 2022)

Advancing the understanding of the Human Proteome and Immunopeptidome using the latest mass spectrometry technology and PEAKS software

Breakfast seminar
Monday, December 5 | 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. EST
Convention Center, Gran Cancun 5

To advance discovery in proteomics and subfields like, immunopeptidomics, we need to harness the latest mass spectrometry technology with advanced data analysis solutions. With the accuracy, sensitivity, and speed of new mass spec instruments, it is pertinent to develop software that is robust, easy to use, high throughput, and can truly take advantage of these new technologies. At BSI, we embrace this mission and continue our efforts by developing the latest data analysis software for discovery proteomics. Here at HUPO 2022, we are proud to announce new versions of PEAKS Studio and PEAKS Online and have two PEAKS users share how they use the software for their research.

For our Industry Sponsored Seminar, we are happy to have Dr. Cristina C Clement, Assistant Professor of Research at Weill Cornell Medicine and Dr. Mayank Srivastava Scientist, Proteomics and Immunopeptidomics at Regeneron share some of their work. Lastly, we have our BSI Applications Manager, Dr. Kyle Hoffman, present our latest workflow, DeepNovo Peptidome, a deep learning-based workflow in PEAKS Online to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of peptide identification.

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Speaker 1:

Cristina C Clement, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research
Radiation/Oncology Department
Weill Cornell Medicine

Title: The proteome and immunopeptidome landscapes of dendritic cells in physiologically healthy state and under redox mediated metabolic stress

Speaker 2:

Mayank Srivastava, PhD
Scientist, Proteomics and Immunopeptidomics
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Title: Proteogenomic Identification of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) genotype-specific HLA-I restricted peptides from HBV-positive patient liver tissues

Speaker 3:

Kyle Hoffman, PhD
Applications Manager
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

Title: DeepNovo Peptidome: Deep learning-based workflow to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of peptide identification

This presentation was approved by the Scientific Program Committee as an independent activity held in conjunction with the 21st Human Proteome Organization. This presentation is not sponsored or endorsed by HUPO 2022.

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December 5-7, 2022
Cancun International Convention Center

We look forward to finally seeing everyone in person after 2 years! Visit our booth to learn more about the latest release of PEAKS Online and next generation PEAKS Studio!

As an AI-driven biotechnology and leaders in discovery proteomics, we are proud to develop advanced software solutions that support both, DDA and DIA analysis. With the new releases, researchers can achieve new levels of proteomics depth and further biological research to new heights. From immunopeptidomics and glycoproteomics to high-throughput proteomics, PEAKS now offers one of the robust solutions in the industry!