Rapid Sample Preparation Workflow for Serum Sample Analysis with Different Mass Spectrometry Acquisition Strategies

Shen, Fenglin, et al. “Rapid Sample Preparation Workflow for Serum Sample Analysis with Different Mass Spectrometry Acquisition Strategies.” Analytical Chemistry, no. 3, American Chemical Society (ACS), Dec. 2020, pp. 1578–85. Crossref, doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.0c03985.


Fast, robust, and high-throughput mass spectrometry-based serum proteomic pipelines have great potential to yield information for biomarker discovery and daily clinical practice. Here, we developed a simple and rapid sample preparation (RSP) workflow by reducing the classical pretreatment time from overnight to less than 1.5 h in an ordinary system. In HeLa cell lysates and serum samples, the number of proteins and tryptic peptides generated using the RSP was comparable to that generated using conventional methods. For fast scanning of the serum proteome, the RSP-supported pipeline could complete a test in less than 2 h with 30 min of LC–MS/MS analysis. Nearly 390 proteins spanning 8 magnitudes of abundance range were identified with high reproducibility, containing over 90 cancer-associated proteins and over 50 FDA-approved biomarkers. For fast assay development, eight candidate biomarker peptides for cardiovascular disease (CVD) were quantified by MRM with high accuracy (CV% <10). After a simple highly abundant protein removal, a deep serum proteome of over 1400 proteins was reached. By analyzing the depleted serum in DIA acquisition mode, over 700 proteins were quantified. The differentially expressed proteins could help us unambiguously distinguish the serum samples from healthy people and patients with pancreatic cancer (PC). Potential biomarkers for PC were also found. The new RSP method, which is rapid and simple, meets the demands of both deep mining and fast analysis of serum proteins. We believe that it will be widely used in serum protein studies and accelerate the transformation from biomarker discovery to clinical application.

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