Valorization of bioethanol by-products to produce unspecific peroxygenase with Agrocybe aegerita: Technological and proteomic perspectives

González-Rodríguez, Sandra, et al. “Valorization of bioethanol by-products to produce unspecific peroxygenase with Agrocybe aegerita: Technological and proteomic perspectives.” New Biotechnology 76 (2023): 63-71.


Unspecific peroxygenase (UPO) presents a wide range of biotechnological applications. This study targets the use of by-products from bioethanol synthesis to produce UPO by Agrocybe aegerita. Solid-state and submerged fermentations (SSF and SmF) were evaluated, achieving the highest titers of UPO and laccase in SmF using vinasse as nutrients source. Optimized UPO production of 331 U/L was achieved in 50% (v:v) vinasse with an inoculum grown for 14 days. These conditions were scaled-up to a 4 L reactor, achieving a UPO activity of 265 U/L. Fungal proteome expression was analyzed before and after UPO activity appeared by shotgun mass spectrometry proteomics. Laccase, dye-decolorizing peroxidases (DyP), lectins and proteins involved in reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and control were detected (in addition to UPO). Interestingly, the metabolism of complex sugars and nitrogen sources had a different activity at the beginning and end of the submerged fermentation.