PEAKS ASMS 2021 Virtual Users Meeting

  • Dr. Baozhen Shan – PEAKS Online DIA – A deep learning-based solution to DIA with a streamlined workflow for peptide identification
  • Dr. Cristina Clement – Development of qualitative and Quantitative LC-MS/MS platforms for monitoring the endosomal processing of protein antigens and discovery of peptide (neo)epitopes
  • Dr. Andy Yue Qi – A Comprehensive Proteogenomic Platform to Identify and Quantify MHC Class I-presented Immunopeptidome
  • Dan Maloney – High-Throughput Proteomics: Overview of PEAKS Online
  • Zia Rahman – GlycanFinder 1.0 Solution for Glycoproteomics
  • Dr. Kyle Hoffman – An Immunopeptidomics Workflow Using PEAKS XPro and Web-Based Tools
  • Dr. Anthony Purcell – Exploring the Dark Immunopeptidome: Using De Novo Sequence-Assisted Searches to Understand Non-Canonical Antigen Sources in the Human Immunopeptidome

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