BSI Receives Two US Patents for DeepNovo to Strengthen the Company’s Intellectual Property Position

Here at Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. (BSI), we are an AI-driven biotechnology company dedicated to advancing discovery proteomics through innovative industry-leading software and professional proteomics services. To advance the next frontier of proteomics, we are happy to announce today the granting of two new US patents. The patent names and numbers are entitled: “Methods and systems for de novo peptide sequencing using deep learning (US # 11,573,239)“, and “Systems and methods for de novo peptide sequencing using deep learning and spectrum pairs (US 11,644,470)“.

This adds to the growing quantity of patents and highlights BSI’s commitment to extending the deep learning revolution and our position at the forefront of discovery proteomics. The advancements in these patents arise from researchers’ desire for innovative tools to explore the deep proteome and provides unprecedented characterisation of novel peptides and proteins.

“Current research demand new ways to analyse LC-MS/MS data that are faster, more sensitive and provide a new level of accuracy,” said Baozhen Shan, Ph.D., CEO of BSI. “Our continuous mission to advance discovery proteomics comes from harnessing AI technology and collaborating with leading scientists.”

In PEAKS 11, we have integrated our DeepNovo, a deep learning model for de novo sequencing. By taking advantage of GPUs, PEAKS DeepNovo provides faster de novo sequencing that can improve amino acid level accuracy, and amino acid and peptide recall. This deep learning-enabled solution elevates the application of de novo sequencing to a new horizon and these advancements will accelerate immunopeptidomics, antibody discovery and exploring the dark proteome.