HOTMAQ: a multiplexed absolute quantification method for targeted proteomics

Zhong, X., et al. HOTMAQ: a multiplexed absolute quantification method for targeted proteomics, 91(3) 2112-2119

Absolute quantification in targeted proteomics is challenging due to a variety of factors, including low specificity in complex backgrounds, limited analytical throughput, and wide dynamic range. To address these problems, we developed a hybrid offset-triggered multiplex absolute quantification (HOTMAQ) strategy that combines cost-effective mass difference and isobaric tags to enable simultaneous construction of an internal standard curve in the MS1 precursor scan, real-time identification of peptides at the MS2 level, and mass offset-triggered accurate quantification of target proteins in synchronous precursor selection (SPS)-MS3 spectra. This approach increases the analytical throughput of targeted quantitative proteomics by up to 12-fold. The HOTMAQ strategy was employed to verify candidate protein biomarkers in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease with high accuracy. The greatly enhanced throughput and quantitative performance, paired with sample flexibility, makes HOTMAQ broadly applicable to targeted peptidomics, proteomics, and phosphoproteomics.